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Rhythm & Blues Vinyl & CDs

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BBC Sessions Volume One 1962-1965
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Badfinger At The BBC 1969-1970 (mono)
Cat: RANDB 84LP. Rel: 11 Feb 22
Maybe Tomorrow (3:02)
Drive My Car (2:38)
Just One Look (3:11)
When Will I Be Loved (3:11)
The Way You Do The Things You Do (2:41)
Respect (2:27)
Birthday (2:08)
Nobody (2:15)
Come & Get It (part 1) (2:06)
Come & Get It (part 2) (2:35)
Rock Of All Ages (part 1) (2:43)
Midnight Sun (2:48)
I Can't Take It (2:19)
Believe Me (2:57)
Come & Get It (part 3) (2:33)
Rock Of All Ages (part 2) (2:40)
 in stock $19.59
1962: Granada To The BBC (mono)
Cat: RANDB 109LP. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Some Other Guy (2:00)
Dream Baby (1:45)
Memphis, Tennessee (2:20)
Please Mr Postman (1:58)
Ask Me Why (2:13)
Besame Mucho (1:51)
A Picture Of You (2:51)
Love Me Do (2:24)
A Taste Of Honey (2:20)
PS I Love You (2:09)
Some Other Guy (2:07)
Kansas City (2:43)
Love Me Do (2:30)
Some Other Guy (0:27)
A Taste Of Honey (1:18)
Twist & Shout (0:34)
One After 909 (3:12)
Catswalk (3:16)
I Saw Her Standing There (5:47)
 in stock $21.16
From London To Paris 1964
Cat: RANDB 123LP. Rel: 29 Jun 23
From Me To You (3:32)
I Saw Her Standing There (1:04)
Twist & Shout (3:15)
Long Tall Sally (1:48)
From Me To You (1:55)
She Loves You (2:04)
This Boy (2:04)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (3:27)
Twist & Shout (2:49)
Reuters Newsreel (1:20)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (1:07)
This Boy (5:07)
All My Loving (2:58)
Money (2:14)
Twist & Shout (2:55)
Interview 14th Jan (0:48)
Interview 16th Jan (0:54)
Interview 24th Jan (7:17)
 in stock $21.16
Live In Stockholm 1964 (mono)
Cat: RANDB 134LP. Rel: 30 May 24
Introduction (0:13)
I Saw Her Standing There (2:21)
You Can't Do That (2:31)
She Loves You (2:45)
All My Loving (1:59)
Roll Over Beethoven (2:14)
Can't Buy Me Love (2:10)
I Wanna Be Your Man (2:14)
Twist & Shout (2:32)
Roll Over Beethoven (1:50)
Love Me Do (Medley) (4:02)
Can't Buy Me Love (2:12)
I Saw Her Standing There (2:50)
I Wanna Be Your Man (2:19)
She Loves You (3:03)
Review: .Just like Ronseal says on the tin, Live In Stockholm 1964 features live recordings from The Beatles' second venture to Sweden in the one year, where they would perform four shows over two days on July 28-29 at Stockholm's Johnneshov Isstadio. Broadcast on Swedish TV, the performance is known for technical issues including neither John nor Ringo's mics working, meaning you've to go with just backing vocals for 'You Can't Do That', and 'I Wanna Be Your Man', while both John and Paul would receive electric shocks from ungrounded microphones. The live collection also boasts cuts taken from their earlier 1964 visit, including the four-minute medley version of all five of their UK hit singles from 1962-1963, while marking the final time either 'Love Me Do' or 'Please Please Me' would ever be performed live on stage.
Read more
 in stock $19.59
Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 1964 (mono)
Cat: RANDB 131LP. Rel: 18 Jan 24
All My Loving (2:14)
Till There Was You (3:54)
She Loves You (1:38)
I Saw Her Standing There (1:40)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:20)
Twist & Shout (2:24)
Please Please Me (2:08)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:48)
She Loves You (2:16)
This Boy (2:38)
All My Loving (2:17)
I Saw Her Standing There (2:34)
From Me To You (2:07)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:36)
 in stock $19.59
BBC Sessions 1962-1965 (mono) (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: RANDB 132LP. Rel: 07 May 24
Rockin' (BBC Jazz club 1963) (2:47)
Overdrive (2:24)
I Need Your Loving (2:08)
Turn On Your Lovelight (2:36)
Roberta (2:21)
Every Day I Have The Blues (BBC Top Gear 1964) (2:17)
Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me (3:25)
Sappho (3:36)
River's Invitation (2:57)
Blues A La King (BBC Jazz club 1965) (2:52)
The Organiser (2:21)
Watermelon Man (3:25)
Back At The Chicken Shack (3:56)
Trouble In Mind (3:45)
The Jailbird (BBC Band Beat 1965) (2:19)
Hey Hey (BBC Jazz club 1962) (2:40)
 in stock $19.59
Complete Live Broadcasts IV 1967-1968
Cat: RANDB 096CD. Rel: 18 Jan 24
See See Rider (CD1: 1967)
A Love Like Yours
Shake Rattle & Roll
Tobacco Road
Road Runner
See See Rider
All Night Long
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Gin House Blues
When I Was Young
House Of The Rising Sun
Good Times
When I Was Young
See See Rider
All Night Long
Tobacco Road
So Long
Story Of The Animals
Hey Gyp
San Franciscan Nights
Gin House Blues
Paint It Black
I'm So Excited (CD2: 1968)
My Life, Baby
San Franciscan Nights
Paint It Black
Every Day I Have The Blues
Tobacco Road
Paint It Black
Hey Gyp
When I Was Young
House Of The Rising Sun
San Franciscan Nights
When I Was Young
River Deep, Mountain High
When I Was Young
River Deep, Mountain High
 in stock $13.24
In Concert In The Sixties
Cat: RANDB 115LP. Rel: 29 Jun 23
One Mint Julep (2:57)
What'd I Say (3:50)
Talkin' Bout You (4:14)
Let's Go Get Stoned (2:56)
I Don't Need No Doctor (3:54)
Tell The Truth (3:35)
I'm Movin' On (2:24)
Hit The Road Jack (2:38)
Unchain My Heart (3:20)
Don't Set Me Free (2:42)
I Believe To My Soul (3:18)
Busted (2:08)
Yes Indeed (2:43)
I Got A Woman (4:53)
 in stock $21.16
Cat: RANDB 091CD. Rel: 14 Apr 23
My Babe (1)
Got My Mojo Working (1)
Leave My Woman Alone
Good Understanding
Country Line Special (1)
Got My Mojo Working (2)
Hallelujah All My Blues Have Gone
Roll 'Em Pete (1)
How Long, How Long
Sadness Done Come
See See Rider (1)
Country Line Special (2)
Careless Love
On A Monday
I'm Movin' On
Night Time Is The Right Time
Harmonica Breakdown
Preaching The Blues
I'm Ready
Money's Getting Cheaper
Country Line Special (3)
My Babe (2)
Chicago Calling
See See Rider (2)
Country Line Special (4)
Hey Roberta
Roll 'Em Pete (2)
 in stock $11.38
Cat: RANDB 116LP. Rel: 13 Apr 23
My Babe (1) (1:19)
Got My Mojo Working (1) (1:13)
Leave My Woman Alone (1:20)
Good Understanding (1:08)
Country Line Special (1) (1:59)
Got My Mojo Working (2) (1:39)
Hallelujah All My Blues Have Gone (1:44)
Roll 'Em Pete (1) (2:04)
How Long, How Long (1:51)
Sadness Done Come (0:57)
See See Rider (1) (1:58)
Country Line Special (2) (1:13)
I'm Movin' On (0:55)
Mockingbird (1:50)
Night Time Is The Right Time (2:19)
Harmonica Breakdown (0:31)
Preaching The Blues (1:28)
I'm Ready (2:03)
Money's Getting Cheaper (2:30)
Country Line Special (3) (1:31)
My Babe (2) (2:13)
Chicago Calling (2:00)
See See Rider (2) (1:33)
Country Line Special (4) (0:16)
Hey Roberta (1:22)
Roll 'Em Pete (2) (1:12)
 in stock $19.59
In London '69: Live At Ronnie Scott's
Cat: RANDB 105LP. Rel: 20 Oct 22
Bitches Brew (9:51)
It's About That Time (3:59)
No Blues (9:46)
This (5:15)
I Fall In Love Too Easily (8:19)
Sanctuary (2:50)
'Round Midnight (7:50)
 in stock $19.59
BBC Jazz Club April 1965
BBC Jazz Club April 1965 (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: RANDB 142LP. Rel: 30 May 24
Big City Strut (4:22)
Trane's Mood (5:26)
I Could Write A Book (5:13)
Interplay (5:49)
She'll Be Back (4:10)
Garrison '65 (6:55)
Review: The cult Ian Carr Quintet featured post-war British jazz luminary saxophonist Don Rendell for this special album recorded at the BBC Jazz Club in April 1965. He had become a great after playing with greats like Woody Herman and Stan Kenton. For this session, he hooked up with four younger and equally adventurous jazz musicians eager to innovate and this recording captures the magic they cooked up. It marked the debut of pianist Michael Garrick within the Quintet and he profoundly influenced the group's direction and arguably reshaped the broader British jazz sound. Without exaggeration, this album marks a pivotal point in the evolution of British jazz.
Read more
 in stock $19.59
The Broadcast Album 1968-1970
Cat: RANDB 96LP. Rel: 08 Jul 22
Time Will Show The Wiser (3:01)
I Still Miss Someone (4:06)
Bird On A Wire (4:25)
If It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong (3:10)
I'll Keep It With Mine (5:43)
Sickness & Diseases (4:41)
Sloth (9:23)
Billy The Orphan Boy's Lonely Xmas (3:05)
She Moves Through The Fair (4:34)
 in stock $19.59
Rhythm & Blues At The Ricky Tick May & October 1965 (mono)
Cat: RANDB 127LP. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Let The Sunshine In (2:49)
Monkeying Around (2:41)
Eso Beso (2:34)
This Is Always (2:42)
In The Meantime (2:35)
Move It On Over (2:34)
Soul Stomp (3:10)
Humpty Dumpty (3:31)
Last Night May 1965 (1:09)
Night Train (3:26)
Yeh Yeh (2:28)
Green Back (3:18)
Let The Sunshine In (3:17)
Lil' Darlin' (2:35)
Walkin' The Dog (4:16)
Point Of No Return (2:49)
In The Meantime October 1965 (2:45)
 in stock $19.59
At The BBC 1972
At The BBC 1972 (limited LP)
Cat: RANDB 101LP. Rel: 20 Jan 23
Progressive Rock
Twilight Alehouse (5:41)
Get 'Em Out By Friday (8:04)
Watcher Of The Skies (4:34)
The Musical Box Story (8:02)
The Musical Box (7:48)
Fountain Of Salmacis (10:40)
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (8:19)
 in stock $19.59
Live At The Flamingo 1958
Cat: RANDB 092CD. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Stompin' At The Savoy
But Not For Me
Autumn In New York
Treble Gold
Sonny Sounds
Tour De Force
Design For Drums
 in stock $11.38
The Rake's Progress At The BBC
Cat: RANDB 084CD. Rel: 06 Oct 22
St Thomas
Here's That Rainy Day
Sub Cruise
The Rake
Spiritual Blues
Merlin The Wizard
Portrait Of A Young Lady
Polka Dots & Moonbeams
Blue 'N' Boogie
Round About Midnight
Calypso Sketches
Count Twelve
 in stock $11.38
Live In Amsterdam London & Stateside
Cat: RANDB 102LP. Rel: 13 Oct 22
Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (5:04)
I Can't Turn You Loose (7:33)
Combination Of The Two (5:20)
Ball & Chain (6:49)
To Love Somebody (3:21)
Maybe (3:41)
Little Girl Blue (3:43)
Raise Your Hand (3:32)
Move Over (3:54)
My Baby (4:11)
 in stock $19.59
New Directions In Jazz 1963-64
Cat: RANDB 090CD. Rel: 06 Oct 22
Night Talk
Monkey Business
Caber Dance
Lady Day
Wigmore Walk
Honky Tonk
Morning Theories
Blue Trident
Times Two & A Half
Come Rain Or Come Shine
So What
Pastorale D'hiver
Where's The Fire?
Rustic Gait
Night Talk
It Don't Mean A Thing
Times Two & A Half
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Progressive Gavotte
Rustic Gait
Times Two And & A Half
Night Talk
New Orleans
Improvisation On A Twelve Tone Scale
Honky Tonk
 in stock $12.17
Broadcasts 1964-1986
Cat: RANDB 094CD. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Speak Your Piece"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "I'm On To You Baby"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Turn On Your Lovelight"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Bight Lights, Big City"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "The 2.19"
Ensemble - "Mojo Working"
Long John Baldry/Blue Flames - "You're Breaking My Heart"
Long John Baldry/Venom Girls - "Medley"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Backwater Blues"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "St James Infirmary"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Time's Getting Tougher Than Tough"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Speak Your Piece"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Five Long Years"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Stormy Monday"
Ensemble With Eric Burdon - "(We're Gonna) Jump For Joy"
Steampacket - "Lord, Remember Me"
Steampacket - "It's All Right"
Steampacket - "How Long Will It Last"
Steampacket - "In The Midnight Hour"
Steampacket - "Going To Go Go"
Steampacket - "The Drifter"
Steampacket - "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
Steampacket - "I Didn't Want To Have To Do It"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Filthy McNasty"
Hoochie Coochie Men - "Sunset Eyes"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "She's A Woman"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Cuckoo"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Turn On Your Lovelight"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Morning Dew"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Let The Heartaches Begin"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Bad Luck Soul"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "How Sweet It Is"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Mexico"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Morning Of The Carnival"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Janine"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Better By Far"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "When The Sun Comes Shining Thru'"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "The Drifter"
Long John Baldry/Bluesology - "Call It Stormy Monday"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "I Can't Stand It"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Fool Killer"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Just Got Some"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Rock Candy"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Let's Do It Tonight"
Brian Auger & The Trinity - "Loop De Loop"
 in stock $12.17
Live In Europe 1972
Cat: RANDB 129LP. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Psych/Garage Rock
Kick Out The Jams (7:59)
Ramblin' Rose (2:55)
Motor City Is Burning (4:58)
Tonight (7:32)
Black To Comm (1:53)
Let It Rock (7:35)
I Want You (7:54)
Looking At You (9:37)
Review: .Straight out of Lincoln Park, Michigan, circa 1963, MC5 are one of those incredible rock & roll bands that people should be talking about more, still to this day. And we really, really do mean rock & roll, a genre in which they rank among the finest bands of all time, falling somewhere between proto-punk, hard rock, garage, blues and heavy bits, helping set the sonic foundations from which outfits such as AC/DC could go on to thrive and, to some extent at least, commercialise. Live In Europe presents nine tracks originally recorded for German and Finnish TV, and it offers both cover versions - which MC5 were renowned for - and originals. For collectors, it's worth noting in particular that 'Let It Rock' and 'Black To Comm' have never been been included on any release from the group, and, like much of what's here, serve as reminders of the incredible connection between the twin axe men, Wayne Kramer and Fred 'Sonic' Smith.
Read more
 in stock $19.59
TV & Radio 1970-71
Cat: RANDB 133LP. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Thunderbuck Ram (3:37)
Original Mixed Up Kid (3:08)
Whisky Women (2:58)
The Moon Upstairs (4:57)
Darkness Darkness (3:14)
At The Crossroads (2:59)
Keep A-Knockin' (2:12)
What'd I Say (2:01)
Like A Rolling Stone (9:01)
You Really Got Me (2:40)
Angel Of Eighth Avenue (4:36)
Wrong Side Of The River (4:08)
When My Mind's Gone (3:54)
Review: Rhythm & Blues follows on from the success of its Mott The Hoople at the BBC 1970 release - well worth a look (or listen) - with another retrospective compilation that makes a convincing case for us all diving headfirst into the band's full back catalogue to marvel at what's there. A collection of broadcast tracks from Top Gear, Sounds of the Seventies, and The John Peel Sunday Concert are included, and all sound gritty, growly, raw and vital. Among the highlights are versions of Like A Rolling Stone and When My Mind's Gone, which the release notes argue are "rare-as-hens-teeth", and we're not in position to argue, while the take on 'What'd I Say' feels soaked in enough spilt whisky and blues you could probably get loaded on the fumes alone. Ultimately, though, there's no point picking individual parts here. Instead, think wall-to-wall reasons why the Hoople were such a rare breed.
Read more
 in stock $19.59
Live In London 1964-1967
Cat: RANDB 128LP. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Oh, Pretty Woman (2:39)
In Dreams (3:08)
Twinkle Toes (2:40)
It's Over (3:03)
It Wasn't Very Long (2:23)
Breaking Up Is Breaking My Heart (1:59)
It's Over (2:45)
Twinkle Toes (2:33)
Where Is Tomorrow (2:49)
Oh, Pretty Woman (2:53)
Crying (1:29)
Mean Woman Blues (1:32)
Pretty Paper (2:40)
Blue Bayou (2:25)
In Dreams (3:26)
Too Soon To Know (2:29)
Lana (2:17)
There Won't Be Many Coming Home (2:36)
Oh, Pretty Woman (2:49)
 in stock $19.59
Let The Airwaves Flow Volume 8: London & Detroit On Tour '69
Cat: RANDB 87LP. Rel: 25 Feb 22
Down Home Girl (5:13)
Give Me A Drink (5:11)
Street Fighting Man (3:39)
Backstage Rehearsal (2:01)
Gimme Shelter (4:20)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (3:18)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (3:34)
Carol (1:27)
Stray Cat Blues (3:31)
Sympathy For The Devil (7:20)
Little Queenie (4:20)
Review: 1968 and 1969 were turbulent years in the history of The Rolling Stones, as well as society at large. Brian Jones left, Mick Taylor joined, and they played a bunch of small shows, made TV appearances and headlined a massive gig at Hyde Park. This new album revisits all these phases which helped make them into the greatest rock 'n' roll band on the planet. It includes tracks recorded live at the Olympia Stadium, Detroit, recordings from the Hyde Park show that was broadcast on Dutch Radio Veronica and material from Saville Theatre, London that was broadcast US TV as "Supernight of Rock'n'Roll".
Read more
 in stock $25.14
On Tour '66 Vol I
Cat: RANDB 98LP. Rel: 08 Jul 22
Not Fade Away (Honolulu July 28th 1966) (2:21)
The Last Time (3:01)
Paint It Black (2:56)
Lady Jane (3:09)
Mother's Little Helper (2:51)
Get Off My Cloud (2:52)
19th Nervous Breakdown (3:32)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (5:10)
Mercy Mercy (Sydney February 18th 1966) (2:38)
She Said Yeah (1:57)
Play With Fire (2:18)
Not Fade Away (2:12)
The Spider & The Fly (2:56)
That's How Strong My Love Is (2:12)
Get Off Of My Cloud (3:04)
19th Nervous Breakdown (3:56)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (5:04)
 in stock $19.59
Live In The USA 1972
Cat: RANDB 113LP. Rel: 20 Jan 23
Brown Sugar (3:26)
Bitch (4:32)
Gimme Shelter (4:53)
Happy (2:51)
Tumbling Dice (4:30)
Sweet Virginia (4:18)
You Can't Always Get What You Want (7:05)
All Down The Line (4:06)
Rip This Joint (2:20)
Uptight/Satisfaction (5:55)
Review: When The Rolling Stones head out on their American Tour of 1972, which has also come known as the "Stones Touring Party", or S.T.P., little did they know it would become part of rock and roll legend and very much set a benchmark for all rock bands after. It saw them play some of their first-ever gigs stateside all across the United States and Canada after previously only playing the Altamont Free Concert in December 1969. Now you can hear some of the magical moments on this live album including tunes like 'Brown Sugar' and 'Gimme Shelter.'
Read more
 in stock $19.59
On Tour 66 Vol II
Cat: RANDB 106LP. Rel: 30 Mar 23
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (2:49)
As Tears Go By (2:24)
19th Nervous Breakdown (4:11)
I Am Waiting (3:03)
Under My Thumb (3:35)
Paint It Black (2:25)
19th Nervous Breakdown (3:46)
Mercy, Mercy (2:30)
Paint It Black (2:21)
Lady Jane (1:38)
Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (1:20)
The Last Time (2:40)
She Said Yeah (3:09)
Play With Fire (3:58)
Time Is On My Side (2:33)
I'm Alright (4:24)
Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (2:26)
 in stock $21.16
Let The Airwaves Flow Volume 9: On Tour '65 Vol II
Cat: RANDB 85LP. Rel: 28 Jul 22
The Last Time (3:22)
Little Red Rooster (2:37)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (2:08)
Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going) (1:48)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (3:42)
Down The Road Apiece (2:00)
Time Is On My Side (2:47)
What A Shame (1:42)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (2:43)
Pain In My Heart (2:25)
Around & Around (2:55)
The Last Time (2:49)
Time Is On My Side (3:23)
It's All Over Now (2:44)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (1:53)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (2:14)
 in stock $19.59
Live At The BBC & Beyond 1972-73
Cat: RANDB 141LP. Rel: 30 May 24
Grey Lagoon (4:09)
Pyjamarama (2:52)
Do The Strand (3:49)
Editions Of You (3:35)
In Every Dream Home A Heartache (5:29)
Grey Lagoons (4:11)
Virginia Plain (3:17)
Do The Strand (7:52)
Editions Of You (3:46)
In Every Dream Home A Heartache (3:43)
Remake/Remodel (5:57)
Review: It was a special time in the history of Roxy Music. Having formed from a meeting of particularly proficient minds - Bryan Ferry and Graham Simpson - the outfit welcomed Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera, Paul Thompson and Bryan Eno to the fold before recording their landmark, self-titled debut. Immediately catapulting them into a glam rock league of their own, perhaps only T Rex could match them for musical ambition and pioneering spirit. Their work was so bold it would help lay foundations for punk and the post-punk that followed, and offer a very early blueprint for new wave. Live At The BBC & Beyond 1972-73 comprises two distinct halves, one recorded for Britain's world-famous public broadcaster, the other for German TV, both captured during the band's formative era. And both reinforce what we've just said. The music here is brave, forward thinking, multifaceted and, ultimately, impossible to ignore.
Read more
 in stock $19.59
On Radio & TV 1965-1970
Cat: RANDB 124LP. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Girl Don't Come (2:04)
You Can't Blame Him (2:33)
I'll Stop At Nothing (3:00)
I've Heard About Him (2:18)
Long Live Love (2:33)
You Can't Blame Him (2:20)
Love Letters (2:17)
Long Live Love (2:41)
Coconut Grove (2:16)
I'd Be Far Better Without You (2:53)
Yesterday Man (1:55)
Always Something There To Remind Me (1:58)
Route 66 (2:30)
Do You Know The Way To San Jose (2:18)
Homeward Bound (2:37)
Girl Don't Come (2:18)
Get Away (3:25)
Trains & Boats & Planes (2:15)
Day Tripper/Ticket To Ride (3:10)
 in stock $21.16
Live From Germany 1973
Cat: RANDB 137LP. Rel: 30 May 24
Vagabond Of The Western World (5:37)
Dr Who Theme/69 Rock (6:04)
Suicide (4:25)
Slow Blues (7:48)
Whiskey In The Jar (6:03)
Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm (6:59)
Whiskey In The Jar (6:44)
The Rocker (5:23)
Review: Recorded for German TV in 1973, this live session from Irish rock legends Thin Lizzy offers a curious insight into their formative years, right as they were on the cusp of achieving global stardom. Recorded with the quintessential line up of vocalist/bassist Phil Lynott, drummer Brian Downey and guitarist Eric Bell (who would depart the group later that year), the trio tear through cuts from their epic third full-length Vagabonds Of The Western World, including the title-track, 'Slow Blues' and 'The Rocker', while the two differing versions of the traditional ballad 'Whiskey In The Jar' showcase the band's effortless fusion of Irish folk, blues and hard rock, that would eventually cement their legacy. The set also boasts some fan service deep cuts such as 'Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm', originally appearing on the New Day EP bonus tracks from the band's self-titled 1971 debut album.
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Port Chester 1970
Cat: RANDB 104LP. Rel: 20 Oct 22
Progressive Rock
Every Mother's Son (4:32)
Medicated Goo (9:04)
John Barleycorn Must Die (3:30)
Pearly Queen (3:24)
Empty Pages (4:43)
Forty Thousand Headmen (7:03)
Freedom Rider (12:06)
Feelin' Good (5:40)
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Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1956-1957-1958-1959
Cat: RANDB 067CD. Rel: 02 Jul 21
CD1: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1956 (part 1)
CD2: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1956 (part 2)
CD3: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1957 (part 1)
CD4: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1957 (part 2)
CD5: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1958 (part 1)
CD6: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1958 (part 2)
CD7: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1959 (part 1)
CD8: Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1959 (part 2)
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The History Of New Orleans: Jazz Blues & Creole Roots Volume 2 1947-1953
Cat: RANDB 014CD. Rel: 09 Dec 22
Roy Brown - "Good Rockin' Tonight" (CD1: Mardi Gras In New Orleans)
The Johnson Brothers - "Mellow Woman Blues"
Larry Darnell - "For You My Love"
Chubby Newsome - "Chubby Newsome"
George Miller - "Boogie's The Thing"
Alma Mondy - "Still My Angel Child"
Little Brother Montgomery - "El Ritmo"
Paul Gayten - "Hey Little Girl"
Joe Lutcher - "Mardi Gras"
Professor Longhair - "Mardi Gras In New Orleans"
Dave Bartholomew - "Carnival Day"
Fats Domino - "The Fat Man"
Annie Laurie With Paul Gayten - "I'll Never Be Free"
Roy Brown - "Whose Hat Is That"
Larry Darnell - "Lost My Baby"
Professor Longhair - "Hey Now Baby"
Dave Bartholomew - "Country Boy"
Jewel King - "3x7=21"
Paul Gayten - "Bear Hug"
Archibald - "Stack-A-Lee"
Smiley Lewis - "Growing Old"
Smilin' Joe - "Dinah"
Professor Longhair - "Bald Head"
Dave Bartholomew - "Ah Cubanas"
Smiley Lewis - "Tee Nah Nah"
Joe Turner - "Love My Baby"
Fats Domino - "She's My Baby"
James Wayne - "Junco Partner" (CD2: Going To The River)
Clarence Garlow - "Bon Ton Roula"
Archibald - "Soon As I Go Home"
The Royal Kings - "Teachin' & Preachin'"
Fats Domino - "Goin' Home"
Lloyd Price - "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"
Dave Bartholomew - "Kiss Me Baby"
Papa Lightfoot - "Jumpin' With Jarvis"
Smiley Lewis - "The Bells Are Ringing"
Professor Longhair - "Tipitina"
James 'Sugar Boy' Crawford - "Overboard"
The Humming Four - "Mother's Love"
Guitar Slim - "The Things That I Used To Do"
Ray Charles - "Feelin' Sad"
James 'Sugar Boy' Crawford - "Jockomo"
Dave Bartholomew - "Who Drank My Beer"
Smiley Lewis - "Big Mamou"
Big Joe Turner - "Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop"
Guitar Slim - "Well I Done Got Over It"
Professor Longhair - "Who's Been Foolin' You"
Shirley & Lee - "Baby"
The Hawks - "I-Yi"
Fat Man Mathews - "Down The Line"
Jody Levens - "Mardi Gras Mambo"
Bobby Mitchell - "Rack 'Em Back"
Fats Domino - "Going To The River"
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Mighty R&B Instrumental Hits 1942-1963
Cat: RANDB 050. Rel: 02 Feb 23
Main Stem
Hamp's Boogie Woogie
Shuffle Woogie
After Hours
Blow Illinois Blow
Shuffle Boogie
Midnight Special
Back Street
Corn Bread
Long Gone
The Huckle-buck
Deacon's Hop
Blues For The Red Boy
Mad Lad
Cole Slaw
Blues After Hours
T Town Twist
Mamboo Boogie
Red Top
Fat Meat 'n' Greens
One O'clock Boogie
Page Boy Shuffle
Castle Rock
Old Time Shuffle Blues
845 Stomp
Night Train
Mellow Blues
Corn Bread
Chica Boo
Lae Freight
Layin' The Boogie
Blue Flame
Texas Hop
Block Buster Boogie
Sad Hours
Junior Jives
All Night Long
Hot Biscuits
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
Walkin' With Sid
Doby's Boogie
Solo Fight
Port Of Rico
C Blues
Roll 'em
D'natural Blues
Wild Wig
Flying Home
Beef Stew
Honky Tonk
Jivin' Around
Slow Walk
Johnny's House Party
The Hunch
Hide Away
Mashed Potatoes
You Can't Sit Down
Sweet Sixteen Bars
House Warmin'
I've Got A Woman
Ooh Poo Pah Doo
Last Night
Soul Twist
Night Train
Sack O' Woe
One Mint Julep
Walk On The Wild Side
Green Onions
Watermelon Man
Hot Cakes
Big Mr C
African Waltz
The Slide
Hold It
The Clouds
Hard Times
Manhattan Spiritual
Watermelon Man
Roller Coaster
Ram Bunk Shush
Rinky Dink
Morning After
Late Date
Nervous Boogie
In The Mood
Wiggle Wobble
Little Susie
Bongo Rock
The Happy Organ
Walkin' With Mr Lee
Red Pepper
Back At Chicken Shack
April In Paris
Water Boy
Pipe Dreams
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Soho Scene '57: Jazz Goes Mod
Cat: RANDB 093CD. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Ronnie Scott Sextet - "Pittsburgh Opener"
Dave Lee Trio - "Salt Air"
Johnny Keating All Stars - "Headin North"
Tubby Hayes/Victor Feldman Sextet - "Four"
Kenny Baker's Half Dozen - "Act One Scene One"
Derek Smith - "Chelsea Bridge"
Don Rendell Jazz Six - "Star Eyes"
Vic Ash Plus Four - "Cinders"
Dizzy Reece Quintet - "On The Scene"
Tony Kinsey Quintet - "Just Goofin"
Jimmy Deuchar Sextet - "Opus De Funk"
The Jazz Couriers - "Cheek To Cheek"
Dick Heckstall-Smith Quintet - "Sputnik"
Johnny Dankworth - "Firth Of Fourths"
Kenny Graham's Afro Cubists - "Monkey Business"
Melody Maker's All-Stars - "Top Score"
Wes Montgomery - "Finger Pickin"
Milt Jackson - "The Spirit Feel"
Carl Perkins Trio - "Too Close For Comfort"
Miles Davis - "Generique"
Horace Silver Quintet - "Safari"
Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble - "Cubano Chant"
Mose Allison - "New Ground"
Ray Charles & Milt Jackson - "Blue Funk"
Jimmy Smith Trio - "Buns A Plenty"
Lorez Alexandria - "Baltimore Oriole"
Charles Mingus - "Celia"
Art Pepper - "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To"
Barney Kessel - "On Green Dolphin Street"
Thad Jones - "Mad Thad"
Jimmy Giuffre 3 - "The Train And The River"
John Coltrane Sextet - "Blue Train"
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Soho Scene '57: Jazz Goes Mod (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Cat: RANDB 139LP. Rel: 07 May 24
Kenny Baker's Half Dozen - "Act I Scene I" (3:54)
Tubby Hayes/Victor Feldman Sextet - "Four" (7:16)
Derek Smith - "Chelsea Bridge" (3:41)
Don Rendell Jazz Six - "Star Eyes" (4:20)
Dave Lee Trio - "Salt Air" (2:36)
Ronnie Scott Sextet - "Pittsburgh Opener" (3:29)
Wes Montgomery - "Finger Pickin'" (2:33)
Carl Perkins Trio - "Too Close For Comfort" (4:27)
Miles Davis - "Generique" (2:55)
Lorez Alexandria - "Baltimore Oriole" (2:57)
Art Pepper - "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" (5:26)
Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble - "Cubano Chant" (4:01)
Review: Soho Scene 57: Jazz Goes Mod, a special new title for Record Store Day 2024 transports you back to a pivotal moment in the UK's modern jazz landscape. Echoing Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's optimistic sentiment of "most of our people have never had it so good" in 1957, the album encapsulates the resurgence of London's modernists. Despite the setbacks of 1956, the scene was rejuvenated with the emergence of the Flamingo Club and the rise of bands like the Jazz Couriers, Don Rendell, Ronnie Scott and Tubby Hayes. As the first generation of capital's Mods ascended, this compilation captures the vibrant energy and defiance against American musical dominance, marking a triumphant era for British jazz.
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Live In London Paris & Felixstowe 1965-66-67
Cat: RAND B095CD. Rel: 18 Jan 24
My Generation
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Daddy Rolling Stone
Shout & Shimmy
Man With Money
My Generation
So Sad About Us
Man With Money
Dancing In The Street
Barbara Ann
My Generation
So Sad About Us
Happy Jack
My Generation
I'm A Boy
My Generation
CC Rider
Baby Don't Do It
My Generation
Jingle Bells
You Rang
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Cowgirl In The Sand: Live 1970
Cat: RANDB 130LP. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Cowgirl In The Sand (16:00)
Cinnamon Girl (3:40)
Helpless (4:43)
Sugar Mountain (8:11)
Cowgirl In The Sand (15:34)
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