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Return To Disorder Vinyl & CDs

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The Other World EP
Cat: RTTD 023. Rel: 26 Jun 23
The Other World (6:29)
Preserve The Rave (5:59)
The Man Of The Street (feat Mike Tansella Jr) (5:17)
Hasta La Vista, Baby (5:08)
Review: DJ Plant Texture aka Bari's Donato Basile makes a Return to Disorder with four blistering cuts of jungle, electro, techno and acid. He is a versatile producer who takes no prisoners and considers no sounds off-limits. This one kicks off with the brutalist beats and casuistic synths of 'The Other World' before funky, acid-laced techno bouncer 'Preserve The Rave' takes you to the next level. 'The Man Of The Street' (feat Mike Tansella Jr) is then a deeper, more cosmic cut with thinking synths but still plenty of powerful rhythms and last of all are the dark jungle breaks of 'Hasta La Vista, Baby.' These are highly charged and guaranteed dance floor destroyers from this ever-on-point wizard.
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 in stock $12.44
Physics Of The Human Mind
Cat: RTTD 020. Rel: 14 Nov 22
Quantized Gravity (7:07)
Ferrum (4:36)
11 July (3:49)
Heliocentrism (8:02)
Review: Yet again, Helena Hauff's Return To Disorder label brings us a new talent from the world of electro production, this time in the shape of India's Investigations of a Dog. The four tracks here contain a lively, energetic feel sure to tempt the reticent onto the dancefloor, matched with a dreamy optimism that gives them an ultra pleasurable head-in-the-clouds celestial feel. 'Heliocentrism' has echoes of classic LFO's naive melodicism, '11 July' is sunny and gently bubbling in the same vein as Aphex's first 'Ambient Works' LP, and the rest is generally infectious and loveable yet employed with a touch of subtle restraint. We look forward to further Investigations
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 in stock $8.30
Top Of The Pyramid EP
Cat: RTTD 025. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Top Of The Pyramid (7:28)
Not Unique (4:43)
7 Days A Week (6:16)
Review: Luke Eargoggle joins forces with Dataintrang here for a seasonally appropriate ice-cold electro outing on Return to Disorder. It kick off with side-long opener 'Top Of The Pyramid' which is full of sidewinding synths and squealing analogue lines over corrugated bass. After that one comes the manic and high tempo electro-shocks of 'Not Unique' with snappy snares and darkened vocals. Last but not least is the most brutal assault of them all - '7 Days A Week', a melange of wild acid lines and liquid metal leads with turbulent bass and a general sense of intergalactic warfare.
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 in stock $12.72
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