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Radikal Technologies

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Radikal Technologies

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Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A Semi-Modular Paraphonic Synthesiser Module
Cat: 796113 Rel: 16 Nov 20
Synth module
Notes: A semimodular synthesizer consists of 9 essential synthesis modules whose combination provides a very powerful and straight forward starting point into the world of Eurorack synthesizers. Let's see, which modules are included in Radikal's latest brainchild: The system includes one swarm oscillator, a mixing stage with a noise source, a very powerful filtering section around the analog multimode filter plus stereo digital emulations of 12dB multimode and 24 dB ladder filters and one VCA. One LFO and one snappy envelope generator for modulation purposes plus the secret weapon of all Radikal Technologies digital modules, the SNAPSHOT INTERPOLATOR are adding extra excitement to your sonic adventures. The icing on the cake of the sound engine is a digital FX section with incredible modulated stereo delay effects including tape delay, phasing, chorus, flanging etc.!

In a modular synth system, the different sound generating and altering sections are not connected. The user has to establish all the connections that are necessary to generate sound effects and tones with patch cables. In a semimodular synth the most essential connections are hardwired. This means you can play the DELTA CEP A right out of the box. Of course you can go a step further and add your own module patching.

The DELTA CEP A has a MIDI interface, which is essential when you want to use the paraphonic mode of the Synth. The paraphonic mode let's you play chords and turns the DELTA into the perfect pad and ensemble section. The MIDI Interface has additional outputs for external modules and a special digital bus allows for controlling the SWARM OSCILLATOR RT-311 direct with notes and chords to layer additional voices in monophonic and chords mode using an external MIDI keyboard.

The SNAPSHOT INTERPOLATOR is a very unique feature in the synthesizer world. First you have the ability to store snapshots of your sound creations into the internal memory. Then you can play these snapshots sequentially for very cool sonic sequences. But that is not all. You can even create smooth transitions from one snapshot to the other for stunning sound morphing effects. Independent from the Interpolator, the snapshot memories can also be used as preset memories and are filled with sounds from our sound designers.

23 knobs, 14 buttons, 28 RGB LEDs, 14 outputs and 17 inputs - the DELTA CEP A has a great synthesis potential that can even grow by adding additional modules. The connectivity provides the freedom to use it as part of your existing Eurorack system or as an independent solo synthesizer with our special DELTA CEP A desktop case.
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Radikal Technologies EFFEXX RT-1701 Multi FX Processor Module
Radikal Technologies EFFEXX RT-1701 Multi FX Processor Module (delay / digital / distortion / effect / equaliser / filter / phase shifter / reverb synth module)
Cat: 796110 Rel: 16 Nov 20
synth module
Notes: The EFFEXX RT1701 offers two main FX processors with eight selectable FX algorithms each and three additional Pre and Post FXs, that are all simultaneously available. The eight selectable FX-algorithms are: Delay, Vintage Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Rotor cabinet emulation, Pitch Shifter and String Filter. The additional FXs are a Gain Stage with Overdrive, a post EQ/multimode filter section and a fully editable Reverbration effect. The delay times and modulation rates can be controlled with a Tap-function. Just hit the Tap-button 4 times with quarter notes of the current beat and the EFFEXX will adapt the correct tempo automatically.

For each FX program the EFFEXX stores up to eight FX setting snapshots. Snapshots can be used to recall a desired FX parameterset easily and quick. But there is much more. A built in LFO allows for creating smooth transitions between the snaphots. Furthermore, you can synchronize this LFO to an external clock signal or control the snapshot selection with a control voltage. Snapshots do not only store the settings of FX parameters. They hold a value for an external control voltage as well. With this control voltage you can control a parameter of any other module.

There is another control voltage input for the post filter frequency control. Beside EQ functions the post filter can be used as a multimode filter with lowpass, bandpass and highpass settings. Control the post filter with a an external envelope and change the color of the EFFEXX input signal with the different effects the RT1701 offers. A lot of new synthesizer sounds can be created with that setup.

The string filter creates astonishing Karplus Strong sounds. The control voltage input can be used to control the frequency of this algorithm with 1 Volt/Octave. With that feature the EFFEXX can be used as a Karplus Strong oscillator.

Share your best FX programs with other EFFEXX users by sharing audio setup files. Archieve all your programs in a DAW, an iPad or even your mobile phone.
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Radikal Technologies RT-311 Swarm Oscillator Module
Cat: 796106 Rel: 16 Nov 20
Swarm oscillator module
Notes: The RT-311 can store up to 8 memory setups with 8 snapshots each, holding all oscillator settings and memorizes them even after powering down your modular synth. One highlight of this module is the opportunity to interpolate between these parameter snaphots. Interpolation can be controlled with an external control voltage or with a built in LFO. The speed of the internal LFO can be controlled with an external control voltage as well. The interpolator has even an external output to interpolate one parameter of an attached module. Both oscillators can built swarms of oscillator clones. Up to 16 Oscillators are running simultaneously at the highest setting. The detune knob changes the pitch of all oscillator clones between ultra slow oscillator frequency beating effects and multiple frequency drones and chords. The swarm can be pitched in musical intervals, chords, clusters or fat detunes. The swarm tuning can be stored into the snapshots too. That allows for to built up to 8 different chords with different sound settings one can change while playing in a setup.

Both oscillator swarms have independent outputs. If one sets the exponential FM inputs depth to maximum, the inputs run with Volt per Octave scaling. The oscillator swarms can then be used like two independent Synth voices. The scale inputs can also get quantized to musical scales. That makes it easy to control the swarm from a step sequencer. Just select the root key with the tune knob and a pentatonic scale and turn the knobs of your sequencer for always matching tonal sequences.

Electrical and mechanical Specifications:

250 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
30 mm Depth
32 HP
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Radikal Technologies
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