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Proguard Biker Plugz Filtered Ear Protection For Motorcyclists
Cat: 502992 Rel: 11 Feb 19
Filtered ear protection for the motorcyclist or motorsport fan
Notes: ProGuard Bikerplugz - a universal fitting reusable earplug that has been specifically designed for use by motorcyclists and other motorsports. Small and discreet with a noise reducing filter at its heart the BikerPlugz will fit under your helmet without causing any undue pressure on the ear or rubbing against the lining of your helmet.

Last time you got off your motorcycle did you notice your ears ringing? Riding a motorcycle at 70 mph will generate noise inside your helmet somewhere in the region of 105dB; your recommended daily exposure to that level of noise is just 15 minutes before hearing damage could occur. That ringing is your ears saying HELP!

BikerPlugz will help reduce the noise to a safe level using it's 20dB linear filter system but will still allow the user to hear audible warnings or speech from helmet intercom systems. Your road senses are still intact and the earplug will provide an open passage to the ear canal in turn minimising the occlusion effect.

The small metal key ring earplug container offers a smart safe storage place for your BikerPlugz. Designed to be used everyday they can be washed easily with warm soapy water keeping them clear from road dirt which may effect their general performance.
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Proguard Earportz Eartips For Earphones
Cat: 433379 Rel: 15 Aug 11
4 pairs per pack, size: XS, S, M & L
Notes: The EarPortz eartips with their uniquely pre-formed ear canal shape will enhance your ability to hear much more clearly. They work simply by directing the sound from your earphones deeper into your ear, aimed directly at the ear drum. The sound becomes much more focused and every note clearly defined.

The EarPortz's soft and durable design will keep your earphones securely in place allowing you to move freely without the worry of them slipping out. The EarPortz eartips are manufactured in a soft silicone-rubber material together with their unique ear canal shape will make your earphones comfortable even after wearing for long periods of time.

The EarPortz eartips will give you the ability to hear at a lower volume setting due to their superb sound isolation, blocking annoying sounds from entering your ears and also leaking out. They allow you to hear what you want to hear without turning the volume to damagingly high levels.

The EarPortz Eartips will fit the following earphones:
Shure E3c, E4c, E5c, E3g, E4g, E500, i3c, i4c, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5, SE 110, SE 115, SE 210, SE 215, SE 310, SE 315, SE 420, SE 425, SE 530, SE 535;
Westone UM-1, UM-2, UM-3X, Westone 1, 2, 3, 4;
Future Sonics Atrio Series (all);
Ultimate Ears Super Fi 3 Studio, Super.Fi 5 Pro, Super.Fi 5 EB;
Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Pro;
Comply NR-1 CM mobile phone earset, NR-1 CS mobile phone earset, NR-1 earphones and NR-10 earphones.
Etymotic Research ER-4B, ER-4P, ER-4S, Ety-8; and
Bluetooth Earphones: HF-2, HF-3, HF-5, MC-3, MC-5.

The EarPortz eartips are also available in sizes: extra small (suitable for children or those with small ear canals), small fit, medium fit (suitable for most people) and large fit.
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Proguard Mould Your Own Custom Fit Earplugs (red)
Cat: 433364 Rel: 15 Aug 11
Customised personal earplugs
 3 in stock $19.96
Proguard PR20 Lin Ear Music Earplugs
Proguard PR20 Lin Ear Music Earplugs (hearing protection earplugs)
Cat: 471785 Rel: 17 Oct 12
Hearing protection earplugs featuring a re-useable 19 dB linear attenuation filter
Notes: The ProGuard Lin-Ear PR20 Music earplug features a re-useable 19dB linear attenuation filter that is CE approved to EN352-2:2002. The filter fits neatly into soft flexible silicon eartips (2 sizes available, standard and small) that provide comfort and durability even after long periods of use. Fitting deep into the ear canal the earplug is discreet and has no protrusion allowing the user to wear headphones or other types of headwear if required.

Specifically designed for musicians, DJ's, sound engineers, concert-goers and music enthusiasts, the Lin-Ear PR20 will enable the user to listen to loud music in perfect clarity, yet maintain the live atmosphere without risking hearing damage. The PR20's advanced membrane technology acoustic filter will provide natural undistorted sound with minimal occlusion effect, that's often associated with earplugs. The vented design of the Lin-Ear allows the trapped sound to escape through the acoustic filter as if your ear was open, leaving you with the most natural sound available.

(An occlusion is caused by sound carried to your ears through bone or cartilage conduction, normally this is unheard and escapes through the open ear but if your ear is blocked by an earplug the sound becomes trapped and a booming low frequency effect will occur causing an uncomfortable sensation.)
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Proguard Shooter Plugz Impulse Filtered Earplugs For Shooting
Cat: 560136 Rel: 26 Jan 15
Hearing protection earplugs for reducing impulsive noises created by explosions and (automatic) gunfire
Notes: Shooterplugz will give the user maximum hearing protection from high impact noise peaks associated with guns. Developed originally for military and police use, they come as standard fitted with a highly specified passive impulse filter (ANSI IPIL certified up to 166 dB). Which will allow instructions, conversations and alerts to be heard but clamping sound peaks instantly to reduce the possibility of hearing damage yet retaining the user's spatial awareness: essential in hunting and combat situations.

The filter also allows air to circulate within the ear canal for all day comfort, having undergone full environmental testing in extreme conditions. A detachable elasticated lanyard cord is also included. The filter can be simply removed and replaced to enable the eartips to be cleaned in warm soapy water for hygiene purposes. The ShooterPlugz filters can be fitted to custom moulds for extra added comfort if required.
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Proguard Silentear High Noise Reduction Earplugs (standard fit)
Cat: 720448 Rel: 11 Feb 19
High noise blocking earplugs - standard fit
Notes: With a noise blocking rating of 32dB, Silentear earplugs have one of the highest blocking capabilities of any reusable earplug made in the world, making them ideal for sleeping and general noise protection. They are made from a non-allergenic pre-moulded silicon rubber that is filled with gel to truly take up the shape of the ear canal. They are comfortable, discrete and reusable.

Proguard SilentEar Reusable Ear Plugs Features and Benefits:

- Patented structure consisting of a durable outer shell of soft,yet tough silicone rubber, filled with sound-deadening silicone gel inside gives SilentEar the highest rating of any reusable earplug in the world today (NRR 32)!
- Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic materials
- Low-profile fit makes SilentEar easily fit under helmets for motorcycling
- Low-profile fit with clear flanges lets you remain inconspicuous while wearing your SilentEar ear plugs in public. They are great for trains, buses, planes and all forms of travel
- No-stem design lets most people comfortably use SilentEar for sleeping
- Three-point flange design makes SilentEar easy to grasp and remove from the ear
- Washable with ordinary mild soap and water
- With proper care, SilentEar can last for many months of daily use, making SilentEar an economical alternative to most other ear plug choices
- Durable carry case provided with every pair of SilentEar Reusable earplugs
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 3 in stock $8.68
Proguard Sleep Plugz High Noise Blocking Earplugs
Cat: 537138 Rel: 08 Jul 14
Reusable noise filtering ear plugs designed to reduce external sound by up to 24dB
Notes: Problems sleeping due to excess noise? Neighbours, partner snoring - all these can be a distraction at night. SleepPlugz can help; with their high noise rating they will decrease the surrounding sounds to a tolerable level, helping you to drift off.

ProGuard SleepPlugz will reduce the sound level by a CE certified 24dB, eliminating or reducing sound to a non intrusive level and not totally block it. Allowing you to still hear your morning alarm call or any audible warnings but will be enough to enable you to get a decent night sleep. For example some snoring can be as loud as 90dB that's probably the same as a car horn, the SleepPlugz will reduce this down to around 65dB a much more tolerable level. Most moderate snorers are about 70-75dB, the reduction is down to 50dB, so sleep is much easier.

SleepPlugz' elegant design also offers an open air passage to the ear, minimising the occlusion effect*, whilst keeping the ear ventilated and cool for optimum comfort during the night.

Supplied with two sizes of soft, pliable eartips to suit most ears, they will slip easily into your ear without any discomfort. Just remember it may sound unnaturally quiet for the first night. After that you'll wonder why you didn't use them earlier.

*Occlusion effect occurs when using some earplugs, typically low frequencies of your own voice can be transmitted through bone conduction.
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