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Planetworks Vinyl & CDs

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The Girl At The Window (Soundtrack)
Cat: BSXCD 9152. Rel: 22 Dec 22
Main Title
Comings & Goings
Coleman Arrives
Kisses & Bullets
Amy & Barbara's Theme
The Clockwork Killer Is Back
Crafty Chris
The Tunnel
Adventure Begins
Investigating The Barn
Dating A Killer
Lain's Missing Phone
Nordhoff & Mallick
Memories Of Dad
He's Got Body Parts
Please Help Me
Discovering Susan
Fatal Shot
The Truth About Dad
Real & Imagined
Nightmare Visions
Locked In
Hello Abducted Girl
Into The Tunnel
Back To The City
End Titles
 in stock $12.20
King Kong Destroys All Monsters (Soundtrack)
Cat: BSXCD 9159. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Main Title (King Kong Escapes (1967))
North Pole Base
MechaniKong Starts Up
MechaniKong Starts Up II
Mondo Island
Kong Appears
Kong Vs Gorosaurus I
Kong Vs Gorosaurus II
Kong & Susan I
The Explorer Returns
Kong Capture Operation I
Kong Capture Operation II
Kong At The North Pole
Kong's Chance Encounter
Hypnosis Machine
Element X
King Kong Escapes I
King Kong Escapes II
Kong In The Metropolis
Kong & Susan II
Kong's Showdown
Battle At Tokoyo Tower I
Battle At Tokoyo Tower II
Susan Rescued
King Kong's Victory
Kong Heads To Tokoyo Bay
Dr Who's Last Moments
Madam Piranha's BGM II
Toho Mark/Main Title (Destroy All Monsters (1968))
Title Credits
Moonbase I
Strange Occurence On Monsterland
Moonbase II
Unmanned Underground Center
The Kilaak Aliens I
Escape From Monsterland
Unknown Metal
Monster Control Discovery
Rodan Comes Flying
Four Monsters Raid Tokoyo
Capital Missile Defence
Capitol In Ruins
Godzilla & Angilas Vs Defence Squad
Rodan Chase
The Kilaak Aliens II
Moonbase & SY-3
SY-3 Sortie
Exploration Vehicle Breaks Through
True Essence Of Kilaak
Remote Control Destroyed
Earth Monster Gathering
Big Battle At Mt Fuji I
Big Battle At Mt Fuji II
Destruction Of The Underground Dome
Chasing The Fire Dragon
 in stock $13.54
Zombie Night (Soundtrack)
Cat: DDR 685. Rel: 17 Nov 22
Zombie Night Opening
Graveyard Awakening
Night Madness/Bad Happenings
Zombie Invasion/Sitter Freak-out
Terminally Geriatric
The Dead Must Die
Don't Let Them In
Cellar Rush
Plan B
Zombies Everywhere
Under The Streets
Zombie Roads
Zombie Dawn
Zombie Night End Title
 in stock $13.28
Maya: Horror Rhapsody
Cat: STC 77115. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Maya Theme
Maya Goes On An Expedition
Terry In Jeopardy
Terry's Escape
Maya To The Rescue
Crowded City Bazaar
Tiger Hunt
Gateway To India
Tea & Crumpets
Night In Calcutta
Ferocious Animals
Sounds Of Bengal
Star Of India
Maya's Mud Bath
Kashmir Dancers
Warm Friendship
Title Music; End Title
Suite, Incorporating Music From: Son Of Frankenstein/The Mummy's Hand/Black Friday/Man Made Monster (Historic Recording)
 in stock $14.60
Dead Solid Perfect (Soundtrack) (reissue)
Cat: BSXCD 9155. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Theme From Dead Solid Perfect
In The Pond
Beverly Leaves
Of Cads & Caddies
Tournament Montage
A Whore In One
Sand Trap
In The Rough
Nine Iron
US Open
My Name Is Bad Hair
In The Hospital Room
Welcome To Bushwood/Golfus Interruptus
Deja Vu (I've Heard This Before)
Kenny & Donny Montage
Off To See Beverly
Phone To Beverly
Nice Shots
Sinking Putts
Kenny's Winning Shot
Review: Tangerine Dream were soundtrack masters who recorded a huge number of classics. Dead Solid Perfect was their 15th at the time and, rather astonishingly, their 41st album overall. It was recorded in 1989 but only dropped in 1991 as another immersive piece of prog and electronic rock featuring Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese on guitar and keyboards and Paul Haslinger also on keyboards. It is a soundtrack to Bobby Roth's film based on the novel by Dan Jenkins and features several similar pieces in which only the melodies are varied and - until now - has been a stinker to find.
Read more
 in stock $14.60
The Protector (Soundtrack)
Cat: DDR 659. Rel: 05 Aug 22
The Protector (main Title)
Hijacking The Truck
Cocktails Anyone?
Welcome To New York
Hotel Shoot Out
The Warehouse
Texan Truck Driver
Hong Kong Harbor
Massage For Two
The Temple
Lee Hing Escapes
Final Confrontation
One Up For The Good Guys
 in stock $12.20
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