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Peoples Potential Unlimited Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Peoples Potential Unlimited
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Koincidence (12" + insert)
Cat: PPU 097. Rel: 15 Jan 21
Plort (4:34)
My Own Way (6:08)
Spinach (4:10)
Koincidence (7:39)
Review: Foremost contemporary funk label Peoples Potential Unlimited have another golden 12" on their hands here thanks to the work of Barnikle Freee. He is the current designer for the label, someone who hoards software and makes expert glitch funk as well as being a multi-string bassist. As ever with this label, it is lo-fi, subtle sounds and frayed edges that define the EPs lovely aesthetic, with roughshod grooves, tumbling kicks and scatter perc all making you want to cut loose and boogie. Part dream-scape, part hazy late night session, part live set, it's all good.
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 in stock $15.31
Look Into Yourself
Cat: PPU CEE 02LP. Rel: 20 May 22
All Night (4:54)
Le Jeu (3:47)
Pantalon Brillant (3:52)
Need (3:15)
Pura Vida (2:47)
Look Into Yourself (4:02)
Moonshine (4:59)
Ubersex (5:07)
Full Of Love (3:23)
Au Revoir La Terre (1:30)
Played by: Dave Lee ZR
 in stock $18.16
She's Just That Type Of Girl
Cat: PPU 086. Rel: 25 Sep 17
She's Just That Type Of Girl (3:15)
Track 2 (3:18)
Under Pressure (4:18)
Review: Electro Wayne's mid 80s-focused Circuitry project get busy on Peoples Potential Unlimited with two starlit synth boogie originals; "She's Just That Type Of Girl" is a playful east coast funk flex with a slight freestyle touch to it. Harmonies, light touches on the keys and exceptional drum production, it's a sassy slice that will warm-up any floor. "Under Pressure" lowers the tempo but thrusts up the sensual urgency with great percussion and come-to-bed spoken word. Authentically done.
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Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock $14.27
Will You Show Up
Cat: PPU 035. Rel: 28 Mar 12
Will You Show Up (feat Marcel Evans) (3:57)
So Proud (with Mile High Pie) (4:09)
 in stock $9.33
Explain (12")
Cat: PPU 045. Rel: 27 Feb 13
In The Disco
Play It
Review: As far as the Juno Records review team care, the DC based Peoples Potential Unlimited have been on a run of 100% boogie heaters roughly since their inception in 2008. The latest transmission from Andrew Morgan's label sees a 12" presentation of disco funk holy grails from Milwaukee act Dazzle ahead of a PPU released long player Made In The Shade. Not to be confused with the Patch Adams and Leeroy Burgess fronted group of the same name, Dazzle was the work of Donald D. Smith and this 12" presents three tracks originally recorded in 1981. "Explain" is the outright jam here, heavily stacked with thick analogue leads and brisk funk riffs. All hail PPU!
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 in stock $15.31
Dancin Is Your Love
Dancin Is Your Love (1-sided 12")
Cat: PPU 081. Rel: 12 Dec 16
Dancin Is Your Love (5:26)
Review: As always, Washington DC' Peoples Potential Unlimited have resurfaced another rare-as-hens-teeth boogie number and, while we are madly in love with this label, we need to appreciate more just how important they've been to the survival of funk music in recent years. This time, it's Donald Walker's only EP to grace their catalogue, an artist who went by the name of Dohnnie on his solo projects. "Dancin Is Your Love" exudes funk from every corner, backed by a badman bassline, some freaky guitar strings, and Walker's own seductive disco tone. It's a one-track EP precisely because this tune deserves to grace a whole side of a 12". Utterly unmissable, and heavily recommended.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $13.49
Sail On
Sail On (7")
Cat: PPU 096. Rel: 18 Mar 19
Sail On (2:44)
Ground (4:19)
 in stock $8.82
Liquid Deep
Cat: PPU 083. Rel: 01 Mar 17
Liquid Deep (3:49)
Summer Love (3:09)
Review: More quality grooves from Washington DC label specializing in reissuing obscure and unknown 70s and 80s dance music. This time around is Dreamcast who are Davon Bryant in conjunction with Swedish guy Sasac aka King Al. "Liquid Deep" is sexy late night deep funk the way it was always intended and Bryant's smooth as silk vocals are just like... Wow! So with Dreamcast on the vocals and Sasac on the beat, we are hoping there's more things on the way from this trans coastal duo in 2017.
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 in stock $11.68
District Maryland Virginia: Compilation Of The Rarest Synth Funk Go Go Boogie
Expression - "Release" (part 1) (3:50)
Expression - "Release Disco" (6:00)
Mix-O-Rap - "All Party People" (4:12)
Checker Kabb - "By My Side" (instrumental) (3:37)
Jimmy Bennett & The Family - "Hold That Groove" (4:19)
 in stock $19.21
1 2 3 Stella
Cat: PPU AF 701. Rel: 08 Nov 21
1 2 3 Stella (4:12)
Tornerai (4:04)
Review: This week on Peoples Potential Unlimited we have '1 2 3 Stella' which is the debut release by Alex Fernet - an artist from Bassano del Grappa, near Venice, Italy. A breezy and neon-lit boogie down affair from the late night that gives a brazen nod to the '80s, it is complemented on the B side by the romantic late '70s easy rock vibe of 'Tornerai' which is an Italian cover version of 'In your Eyes' by Badbadnotgood featuring Charlotte Day Wilson. Fernet impressively walks the fine line between undeniably kitsch and impressively cool.
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Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock $10.13
Phantom Of The Club
Phantom Of The Club (hand-stamped 7" + insert)
Cat: PPUAF 702. Rel: 12 May 23
Phantom Of The Club (3:44)
Amiamoci Di Meno (3:38)
Played by: Giovanni Damico
Tags: Disco Funk | Nu Disco
 in stock $9.33
Prime Suspect
Prime Suspect (7" + insert)
Cat: PPU 103. Rel: 18 Jul 22
Prime Suspect (4:57)
Body Shop (5:03)
Review: A decade ago, People's Potential Unlited (PPU) delivered a much-needed reissue of an insanely obscure, private press single from Bob Fickling's little-known FLICKK project. 10 years on, the label has returned to his catalogue and picked out two more gems, both of which were originally released in 1987 on Fickling's own private press imprint West Coast. A-side 'Prime Suspect' is lo-fi, P-funk influenced, post-boogie dancefloor soul at its finest - all thudding and snapping drum machine percussion, spacey synths, killer bass and Fickling's own slick, soulful vocals. Over on the flip, 'Body Shop' is a more laidback, slow-motion affair featuring some suitably lo-fi synth sounds and a more loved-up vibe.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $11.68
Country Cowboy (reissue)
Country Cowboy (reissue) (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PPU 008TESTPRESS. Rel: 31 Jul 23
Country Cowboy (4:04)
Country Cowboy (instrumental) (5:42)
Country Cowboy (demo) (2:55)
Who's Girl Are You? (4:35)
Who's Girl Are You? (instrumental) (3:21)
Better By The Minute (3:46)
Review: Hands up, we're longtime fan boys of the Peoples Potential Unlimited label, Whatever they do - mostly heart aching lo-fi funk and soul from artists old and new - it's always class. Next up is a reissue of Glass Pyramid's Country Cowboy on a hand-stamped 12". It came originally on this label back in 2009 having been transferred from the original tapes which were recorded somewhere between 1982-1986 At Studio 7, Oklahoma City. It soon became a bit of a classic that still fetches above the odds on second hand markets. It's a gloriously feel good mix of disco and soul with instrumental grooves and belting vocals.
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 in stock $19.21
Stop It
Stop It (7")
Cat: PPU 111. Rel: 31 May 24
Stop It
Better By The Minute
Tags: Disco Funk
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Fire & Desire
Cat: PPU 067. Rel: 05 Mar 15
Fire & Desire (demo version) (2:37)
Fire & Desire (Studio version) (4:44)
Situations (4:29)
Review: DC archival masters Peoples Potential Unlimited first shone the light on Dwight Sykes and his Jahari project on the must grip Situations cassette late last year, revealing the work of a key player in Michigan's underground boogie scene. Those selectors out there without the means to play tapes in a club setting will no doubt be very thankful to PPU for this 12" that brings together some unreleased demo cuts from Jahari along with a newly remastered version of the superb title track from that cassette. So up top you get two alternate takes on "Fire & Desire" with the studio version a real funk gem, whilst "Situations" sounds all the more sweet and soulful in newly remastered form.
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 in stock $13.75
Let's Ride
Let's Ride (12'')
Cat: PPU 072. Rel: 17 Jul 15
Let's Ride (4:07)
You Must Go On (4:00)
Review: It's well known that People's Potential Unlimited boss Andrew Morgan has some serious crate digging skills. Even so, he continues to amaze with the obscurity and quality of the releases he chooses to reissue. Serious collectors have long sought out "Let's Ride" by guitarist Willie Lee Jnr under his occasional Junei alias. Originally released on 7" back in 1987, it's a killer chunk of synthesizer-heavy electrofunk blessed with some serious eyes-closed guitar solo action. Flipside "You Must Go On" - originally the A-side of the '87 release - is fantastic, too, offering a near perfect blend of sun-kissed Balearic attitude and smooth '80s soul grooves.
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 in stock $13.75
Come Inside
Cat: PPU 099. Rel: 01 Oct 21
Come Inside (4:06)
Come Inside (Bassapella) (4:07)
Come Inside (instrumental extended Fantasy World mix) (8:09)
Review: Peoples Potential Unlimited hits a rather noteworthy 99th EP with this new and debut single from King Pari. The now LA based foursome make lush bedroom sounds with all the usual proudly analogue production, frayed edges and lo-fi beats you'd expect from PPU. 'Come Inside' was written remotely and "is a reaction to some people's inability to make choices." It has an aching vocal hook front and centre, neat guitar sounds, an 808 knock off and Micro Korg action all adding the finer details. The Bassapella does what it says on the tin and an extended Fantasy World mix heads off into new territory.
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 in stock $14.80
Freaky Mind
Freaky Mind (1-sided 12")
Cat: PPU 102. Rel: 26 Oct 22
24 Track Mind (6:49)
4 Track Mind (5:17)
 in stock $11.93
Los Alamos Motel
Cat: PPU 059. Rel: 03 Apr 14
Deep House
Puzzles In Life
Videophone To Space
Cruise Till The Sun Shines
Los Alamos Motel
Review: If you've ever got a few hours to spare, check out Legowelt's discography - the Dutch analogue fetishist is astonishingly productive (and, of course Legowelt is simply one of Danny Wolfers' many pseudonyms). Here, he adds another label to the growing list with a surprise appearance on Andrew Morgan's Washington D.C-based Peoples Potential Unlimited imprint. Unsurprisingly, Wolfers explores many of his favourite themes on Puzzles in Life, merrily skipping between melodic, bubbling deep house (the excellent title track), slo-mo Detroit futurism ("Video Phone To Space"), super-slo stargazing boogie (the superb "Cruise Till The Sun Shines") and woozy, intergalactic ambience ("Los Alamos Motel"). In many ways, this is an unusual turn from PPU, but it's a calculated gamble that's more than paid off.
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 in stock $14.52
Danger Zone
Danger Zone (limited 7")
Cat: PPU 104. Rel: 09 Dec 23
Midnight Express - "Danger Zone" (3:47)
Robbie M - "I Need Good Lovin'" (5:15)
Review: DC-based label Peoples Potential Unlimited aka PPU is a real favourite for us here. It's got a signature lo-fi funk sound and deals in perfectly ageless sounds with a big heart. Robbie M has been a frequent name in the label's catalogue and is back on this new 7" next to Midnight Express. The latter kicks off with big cosmic disco synths, hip-swinging claps and great vocals. Robbie M's brilliantly boogie-fried 80s electro-funk then appears in the form of 'I Need Good Lovin'' with its seductive vocals and catchy broken beats.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $11.68
Cat: PPU 063. Rel: 15 Dec 14
Neither Here Nor Where
Art Direction
Review: Moon B's next mini-LP offering to PPU, entitled III, is a varied affair. The a side offers up the older taped track "Realms", a semi-muted yet chuggy number for the dance floor overwrought with moon-roasted synth progressions that coat the ears. "Neither Here Nor Where" is an ode to forgotten spaces and places, wrapped tightly in synth bazz and creamed pads that emanate from Moon's favorite synth, the Alpha Juno 1. Flip the record to find Moon's most "instro-spective" offerings to date. "Art Direction" bottomed out tempo conjures up images of 1984 Prince replacing Appalonia with Inga Copeland as his motorcycle passenger after a neon lit love-making session. "Moonda"'s slow fluctuation and linn drum echoes paired with sorrowful yet hopeful chords attempts to warm you in the coldest of polar vortices. "Polywarp" rounds out the affair with syruppy vacillating instrumentation paired with unforeseen wobbly bits and foreign percussive hits. -
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 in stock $17.39
Shot Out
Shot Out (12")
Cat: PPU 016. Rel: 16 Mar 10
Shot Out (vocal)
Shot Out (instrumental)
 in stock $15.31
Charlene (12")
Cat: PPU 055. Rel: 07 Dec 13
Charlene (4:43)
Midnight Mirrors (5:07)
Review: Having come to the fore with a pair of boogie slammers on the Cosmic Chronic label, Mickey De Grand IV's Psychic Mirrors outfit ascend to parent operation People's Potential Unlimited with the excellent Charlene. Allegedly recorded with the help of a ten piece live band, both the title track and "Midnight Mirrors" are evocative of the sort of modern lo-fi funk that PPU corners the market in these days. Bringing the Miami heat, "Charlene" is a veritable dancefloor bomb, with a rugged boogie bassline the sort of flirtatious element that hips can't say no to. B Side cut "Midnight Mirrors" is more of a late night number with some exquisite synth work. Props to PPU!
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 in stock $14.27
Loser (LP)
Cat: PPU 075LP. Rel: 22 Dec 15
Not Gonna Give You Up (5:07)
Loser (4:09)
Family Affair (2:45)
Into Your Love (3:21)
Do You Baby (3:37)
Blues Man (5:12)
Lady Disco (4:51)
Off The Wall (2:35)
Lady (3:30)
Touching Is My Thing (3:23)
 in stock $29.32
You Know I Love You
Cat: PPU 062. Rel: 11 Nov 14
You Know I Love You
You Know I Love You (dub)
Review: PPU may have expanded its remit to issue contemporary acts like Pender Street Steppers and, soon, Beautiful Swimmers but the label is still digging through the soul and boogie archives of forgotten US acts. The work of George Franklin Smallwood has provided a source of much inspiration for Peoples Potential Unlimited over the years with the archivally minded label issuing several singles, a DVD and a Christmas album from the local Washington DC artist. Here PPU grant Smallwood's soul gem "You Know I Love" it's first 12" release having first surfaced at some unspecified time in the early '80s and is worth investigating for the drum machine heavy dub version on the flip!
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $13.49
He's Alive
Cat: PPU 022. Rel: 20 Mar 23
He's Alive (4:33)
Standing On The Top (3:36)
What Are You Gonna Do? (3:30)
Review: DC based imprint Peoples Potential Unlimited have really cornered the market in highly collectable reissued boogie funk rarities in 2010 and end the year on a high note with the three vocal cuts lifted from Real Love, a mid 80s mini album from Michael Soward that mixes new gospel dynamics and heavy synthesiser funk. Dam Funk fans will delight in the vintage sounds spread across this dinky 45 with the dusted groove of "He's Alive" particularly impressive.
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 in stock $9.33
Heaven Sent (reissue)
Cat: PPU 101. Rel: 03 May 22
Heaven Sent (4:54)
Little Bit Of Love (3:56)
Relax Your Mind (4:19)
Review: Sultry street soul/R&B from two otherworldly underground names, intro'ing Vol. 1 of their 'Grown and Sexy Music' series. Sudi 'Space Ghost' Wachspress handles the production on these three swaying, sex-soul tidbits, while Teddy Bryant aka. Urbyne tops things off, adding melismatic croons to the affair. A-sider 'Heaven Sent' is a glistening, ecstatic exercise in digi-R&B moods, as Bryant sings of excited imaginations and loving fantasies. 'Little Bit Of Love' spices things up to a boom-bap flavour, with thoughts of neediness prevailing - of course, they just "need a little bit of your drug". 'Relax Your Mind', finally, ushers in a safe space / comedown after the high.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $14.52
PPUSOK 1 (12")
Cat: PPUSOK 1. Rel: 22 Apr 22
Doudou Bourbon (6:12)
Extra SZ (5:31)
Spleen Boy (3:36)
Dance Or Die (5:10)
Spread Love (4:39)
Review: American label Peoples Potential Unlimited has cared out its own superb niche in the world of heart aching, lo-fi funk. But here a new catalogue number seems to suggest a new series. It kicks off with French collective Spaced Out Krew and their timeless, boogie driven disco funk. The music was written during 2020 by Spleen3000 and Marius Cyrilou of Ceeofunk and right from the first note of 'Doudou Bourbon' it is pure class. There are starry-eyed melodies, rasping basslines and curious vocals that all add up to a nice cosmic disco sound.
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 in stock $15.31
On The Rocks
Cat: PPU 080. Rel: 18 Jul 17
If You Want Me (3:49)
You're Exactly (4:24)
Hypnotized (5:06)
Best Of My Love (4:27)
Mystical Lady (4:56)
Walk With Me (5:25)
Togetherness (4:37)
Baby Talk (3:50)
Sometimes (5:02)
Review: Sporty Cat sykes delivers the album he always wanted to in the 80s. Laid down the traditional Tascam way, the talented Michigan multi-instrumentalist digs deep into soul palette with equal measures of organic and electronic instrumentation. Expect heavy waves of atmospheres, rich layers of funk and consistent levels of emotion as we glide and stumbled between each touching moment; the drifting sunset ballad "The Best Of My Love", the weeping keys and fluttering slap bass of "Togetherness", the cloud surfing dream boogie of "Sometimes", the rude synth bass and sultry R&B vocals of "If You Want Me", the list goes on...
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 in stock $17.39
Ramble In The Rainbow
Cat: PPU 108. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Doors (4:48)
Go Down The Mountain (4:13)
Ramble In The Rainbow (4:03)
Nue (3:54)
Distant Look (3:07)
Review: Washington DC-based label People's Potential Unlimited is one of those that seems to have an endless supply of magical sounds that all very much fit with its MO and are all pretty unique. Often times that is down to the smart digging of the owners who unearth plenty of treasures for reissuing but this time out it is a new record from a contemporary outfit, TAMTAM. The four piece band formed in Tokyo and started making reggae and dub before moving on to jazz, soul, new age and psych-pop. They bring subtle euphoria to what they do as well as catchy grooves and nostalgic melodies as exemplified here on this mature new work that will be lapped up by fans of Khruangbin.
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Played by: Giovanni Damico
 in stock $22.83
Omae (7")
Cat: PPU 093. Rel: 14 Feb 20
Omae (4:36)
Wagamama (3:29)
Played by: Mike O'Mara
 in stock $10.13
Independent Girl
Independent Girl (limited 7")
Cat: PPU 106. Rel: 12 May 23
Independent Girl
Cheatin Hearts
Review: We cannot get enough of Washington, DC-based label Peoples Potential Unlimited. It deals in a particular brand of lo-fi funk and disco with a hit of the leftfield about it. This time out they unearth some lost recordings from Landyhill (Timex Social Club) Bay Area funk. It has the rude girl vocals of Jamie Vallo over crunchy beats, squeaking synth motifs and raw drum work. Word on the street is more demos have been found from the same era and are to be unveiled soon, but this previously unreleased jam is a great starter.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $5.70
Love Juices
Cat: PPU 110. Rel: 05 Jan 24
Laura (3:41)
Love Juices (3:55)
Round & Round (4:02)
It Only Happened Once (2:55)
Caught Up In Stress (4:04)
You Can't Stop This Feeling (3:42)
I Can't Wait No Longer Girl (3:48)
Love Addiction (4:48)
Baby Don't You Know That (3:28)
Love Or Destruction (5:06)
Review: Another one from the original dirty south in the ATL. Love Juices features nine unreleased tracks from Wilkie And The Wayy, and also includes the recording from Wilkie Hill Jr.'s sole 7" single released in 1983 on the infamous Cold Wave Records, 'It Only Happened Once'. A specially-curated compilation hunted down from various old DAT tapes and reels, this is an unmatched disco-funk heart-stopper, straight from the core of Atlanta, and far ahead of its time at that. Choice cuts include the bass-led opener, 'Laura', a deliciously sensuous ode to its namesake, and 'Caught Up In Stress', a bit-reduced future disco curveball and a miraculous exercise in future-disco soothsaying; its retrofuturistic aesthetic makes it seem as if the track were made now, but no, this is the real future-past deal.
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 in stock $27.50
That Body
That Body (12'')
Cat: PPU 029. Rel: 07 May 11
That Body
Fired Up
Review: The Peoples Potential Unlimited quest to unearth the Atlantic boogie that time forgot continues unabated - this time reviving a1983 gem from Detroit's The X Man. Wrapped in an excellently presented sleeve, the somewhat mysterious X-Man supposedly had what should have been a fruitful musical career cut short by a 30 year stint in a Motor City psychiatric hospital. This was no obstacle for PPU however, who were granted the master tapes to press up "That Body" and "Fired Up" at 45rpm on a nice fat twelve! There's an undeniable funk swagger to "That Body" which sounds like Jimmy Edgar if he was a child of the 70s - in a word, killer. The B Side proto hip-hop bump of "Fire It Up" proves to be just as infectious, driven by some loose limbed synth flourishes.
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 in stock $15.31
Infi Love
Infi Love (1-sided 12")
Cat: PPU 087. Rel: 14 Jul 17
Deep House
Infi Love (4:18)
Soon (MOA mix) (4:30)
Review: Vancouver Dj/producer Yu Su has previously impressed via occasional contributions to the Mood Hut-affiliated Libra Mix series. This is the DJ/producer's debut solo release and boasts two high-grade cuts on one single-sided People's Potential Unlimited 12". Opener "Infi Love" is typical of the hazy, dusty and spacey Vancouver deep house sound - all soft focus intergalactic chords, vintage drum machine percussion, cut-up female vocal samples and undulating analogue bass. The jazziness continues on "Soon (MOA Mix)", where wonderfully hazy trumpet samples and horizontal chords trickle down over a bossa-inspired beat. As you might expect, it's seriously evocative and atmospheric.
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 in stock $13.49
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