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Penrose US Vinyl & CDs

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Tangled Up In You
Cat: PRS 1010. Rel: 05 Jan 22
Tangled Up In You (3:39)
Soon Enough (3:58)
Review: Sitting back to back, with their silhouettes filtered through lamplight and street smoke, neo-soul duo The Altons have returned with two slow, gushing jams. Adjacent to the local jazz club's neon signage comes the blissful harmonies of Bryan Ponce and Adriana Flores on 'Tangled Up In You', a hurtful song that carries with it a tinge of psych rock. The B-side duet, 'Soon Enough', sparsely fuses traditional jazz instruments for a lovers' reunion song. For all the soft-hearted among us, don't miss this one.
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 in stock $8.50
Float (7")
Cat: PRS 1016. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Float (4:01)
Cry For Me (2:16)
Review: The Altons turn up the heat with another platter produced by the Inland Empire's own, Bosco Mann. A soulful duet at its core, 'Float' finds the group exploring new realms of pop excellence. The sophisticated arrangement and instrumentation gives the tune a cinematic feel that builds to a crescendo of psychedelic, swirling of strings - immersing the listener in a wash of Morricone-tinged euphoria. A track that wouldn't be out of place in the next 007 blockbuster. On the flip is "Cry for Me", a latin-tinged mover featuring Adriana Flores on lead vocal. Her pleading, soulful delivery gives the bouncy, hook-laden tune a seriousness that's simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking.
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 in stock $9.56
Somebody Cares
Cat: PRS 1017. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Somebody Cares (4:15)
Slow Down Girl (3:21)
 in stock $9.56
Who Made You You
Cat: PRS 1015. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Who Made You You (4:10)
Louie Louie (2:57)
 in stock $8.50
Sorry (7")
Cat: PRS 1021. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Reggae Classics/Ska
Sorry (2:19)
Prettiest Girl (2:44)
Review: Hailing from Las Vegas, Johnny Ruiz and the Escapers offer up two sides of haunting group sounds sure to scratch the itches of doo-wop and soul enthusiasts alike. Adorning the a-side is 'Sorry' a stark, creeping, dirge-like ballad with a sparse rhythm track that swings eerily underneath Johnny's sublime lead and the Escapers plaintive harmonies, creating an hypnotic vibe that will have you dropping the needle over and over again. Continuing with the dark vibes but picking up the pace a couple BPMs, 'The Prettiest Girl' brings a measure of hopefulness to the tune, evoking the earnest, lovelorn memories of youth. A must for fans of Nolan Strong and the Diablos Fortune Records output.
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 in stock $9.56
When My Heart Beats
Cat: PRS 1022. Rel: 11 Dec 23
When My Heart Beats (2:17)
Moment To Moment (3:08)
Review: On his debut 45, Junior Scaife shows us he's a vocal heavyweight, whose prowess on the mic is tantamount to the pen. Backed by house band The Penrose Scholars and co-written by producer Anthony Masino, 'When My Heart Breaks' is a bouncy stepper with feel-good vibes and groove in equal measure, serving up a Brenton Wood-esque blast of sunshine and soul. On the flip is 'Moment To Moment', a gorgeous, bluesy ballad with a vocal performance that transcends the trappings of lesser tunes, giving it a depth and seriousness that takes you by the heart and mind to a place where longing and love reign supreme.
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 in stock $9.56
The Moment
Cat: PRS 1019. Rel: 23 Feb 23
The Moment (2:33)
Love Don't Treat You Fair (3:05)
 in stock $10.38
Will I See You Again?
Cat: PRS 1007. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Will I See You Again? (3:59)
It's Our Love (3:47)
 in stock $8.50
Trade Of Hearts
Cat: PRS 1011. Rel: 05 May 22
Trade Of Hearts (2:54)
Let Me Feel Your Charm (2:41)
Review: Thee Sacred Souls will have your head in a spin and your heart bulging with their new 7" for Spain's Penrose. The group consists of Alex Garcia, Josh Lane and Sal Samano and they have been releasing music since only 2020, all of it on this label, all of it excellent. Their fourth 45rpm is another timeless one that has all the old school aesthetics and frayed edges we love with some new school vocal gold. 'Trade Of Hearts' is a dreamy and woozy number that encourages day dreaming and then lush falsettos on 'Let Me Feel Your Charm' picks up the pace with a more dynamic groove for tender dance floors.
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 in stock $8.50
The Instrumentals
The Instrumentals (limited red vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PRS 0041.
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coming soon $30.32
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Future Lover
Cat: PRS 1018. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Future Lover (3:27)
For Now (3:45)
Review: Thee Sacred Souls dropped a well-received debut album last year after a great run of singles, all of which came on the Penrose label out of Spain. They have already started with more singles post that LP and 'Future Lover' is next up. The title tune takes up the a-side with its slow-motion soul, languid guitar licks and gorgeous vocal harmonies. Fans of Leon Bridges or Khruangbin will love this one. 'For Now' then strips right back to a beautiful falsetto and star-gazing guitar that makes you ache for you don't know what, but it's a lovely feeling.
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 in stock $8.50
The Instrumentals
The Instrumentals (limited red vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PRS 004LP. Rel: 25 Mar 24
Can I Call You Rose? (3:10)
Lady Love (3:01)
Easier Said Than Done (2:55)
Overflowing (2:23)
Trade Of Hearts (2:51)
Weak For Your Love (4:20)
Future Lover (3:25)
Sorrow For Tomorrow (2:46)
For Now (3:45)
Once You Know (Then You'll Know) (3:02)
Happy & Well (3:23)
Love Comes Easy (3:13)
Review: The Daptone label, renowned for its modern yet classically soulful sound, recently hosted the outstanding debut album from Thee Sacred Souls. Produced by Daptone co-founder Gabriel Roth, the record exuded endless warmth and texture and combined 60s soul with 70s r&b with heartrending vocals and poignant rhythms. Now the whole thing has been stripped back to its instrumental core and gets served up here on a standalone limited red vinyl album. It's just as good in this format as the original and allows the skilfulness of the musicians to really shine.
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 in stock $23.93
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