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Past Inside the Present US

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Past Inside the Present US

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Overtures (cassette limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PITP C010. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Overture No 5
  2. Overture No 6
  3. Overture No 7
  4. Overture No 8
  5. Overture No 9
Review: Indianapolis-based composer, Marc Ertel (PILLARS/Dawn Chorus and The Infallible Sea), made his solo debut appearance at Post. Festival 2019, where he performed alongside with other Past Inside the Present artists on the label's showcase stage. Since that time, PITP has been anxious to share Ertel's brilliant guitar-laden drone arrangements to the masses.

On his first proper solo release with Past Inside the Present titled, "[Overtures]", Ertel delivers five compositions of immersive, angelic drone that embody an organic intensity suffused with opulent guitar articulations. Multiple layers of synth lines and guitar-work flawlessly converge, producing 36 minutes of vaporous soundscapes. [Overtures] is a solemn, yet equally rapturous paean to placidity. A brilliant and eloquent addition to PITP's growing catalogue of dronescapes and healing sounds.

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Rushing EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: PITPWLS 01. Rel: 23 Mar 20
  1. My Lights Kiss Your Thoughts Every Moment (2:13)
  2. Rushing (3:20)
  3. Stalagmites & Helictites (2:52)
  4. Sun (5:29)
  5. There Is A Space In Between (4:55)
Review: Based in Bristol, UK, experimental musician and vocalist Lucy Gooch is certainly a name to keep an eye on right now. While boasting little by way of discography, this being her debut EP which follows the self released 2018 record, 'Sun', she has all the hallmarks of an established synth-y siren. You heard it here first (possibly). Compris-ing five sumptuous tracks that are pared back but, upon closer inspection, incredibly deep and immersive, elements of Bjork and Imogen Heap are audible in the songs here. Warm notes, sensitive, ethereal vocals and a sense of real passion behind the work itself. The likes of 'Rushing' comes close to a sombre choral mood at times, 'There Is A Space In Between' could stand with the best ambient work, while 'Stalag-mites & Helictites' is a hypnotic journey into the inner mind. Or somewhere near.
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Fieldwaves (cassette limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PITPC 013. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Augur
  2. Brume
  3. Fieldwaves
  4. Tundra
  5. Gulf
Review: Low Howl is the ambient alias of Indianapolis native, Dylan Wilson. He made his debut PITP appearance on the "Healing Sounds: A Compilation for Hurricane Recovery", contributing the wistful, yet equally sanguine track "Lux" under the moniker HEAVY.

On his first proper release with Past Inside the Present titled, "Fieldwaves", Low Howl delivers five arrangements of glowing ambience that patiently swell with gentle articulations. Synth lines radiate warmly with a profound sense of stillness and quietude. The multi-textural synth layers beautifully converge together, resulting in a lush array of calm, ambient tones.
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Morvan (cassette)
Cat: PITP C007. Rel: 13 Mar 20
  1. Bruets (8:16)
  2. Gagere (14:26)
  3. Ternin (7:10)
  4. Ecorsees (7:23)
  5. Faye (7:37)
  6. Ez Pres (5:50)
  7. Ruisselle (1:00)
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The Disappearing Collective Vol I (limited transparent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: PITPV 019. Rel: 04 Mar 20
  1. A Pastime Intimate Friend (7:48)
  2. Blume (6:39)
  3. The Fullest Expansion Of Light (7:39)
  4. What We Knew As Children (5:05)
  5. An Other (16:14)
Review: There's a melancholic air running through this five-track collection of ambient overtures that is hard to escape from. Don't get us wrong, the music here - produced, recorded and mixed by Drew Sullivan - is peaceful and beautiful. But it's also destined to break hearts, encouraging refection on what has happened, and what may already have been lost to the sands of time. 'The Disappearing Collective' is, evidently, everyone who encounters this particular release. Track titles such as 'What We Knew As Children' certainly leave little to the imagination on that front. And yet each moment here feels as though made specifically for us to spend some time imagining things to. We can see a forever here, but what that forever looks like may not always be what we were hoping for.
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Outside The Dream World (cassette limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PITP 34. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Spring Mash
  2. Sur Canadian TV
  3. Instance Of Allion
  4. Outside The Dream World
  5. Sewn
  6. Synchron
  7. Night Noise
  8. Ade
  9. Spacefuck Symmetry Endpoint
  10. Shroud
Review: The aural illustration of a year of bliss, sorrow, and stasis, NYC bedroom-ambient wanderer Viul follows last spring's Bright Decline (Disques d'Honore, 2019) with thirteen new pieces weaving delicate hints of vocals, synthesizer, tape texture and field recording into his foundational guitar loops. On Outside the Dream World, his debut full-length for emerging ambient curator Past Inside the Present, Viul quickly coaxes unlikely melodies to the fore: "Sur Canadian TV" builds ominously from the residue of orchestral tune-up collage "Spring Mash," while the gauze of the title track momentarily disguises a sinewy pop arrangement before ceding to the frigid, expansive "Sewn." The record's second side hosts a study in contrasts embodied by the dense swirl of "Spacefuck Symmetry Endpoint" against the near-motionless finale "Shroud." Mastered at Black Knoll Studio by Rafael Anton Irisarri and featuring cover photography by Benoît Pioulard, Outside the Dream World is a vivid addition to PITP's growing catalogue of ambient serenity.
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Past Inside the Present US
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