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One Nation

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Cat: 698791 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Plastic LP storage rack
Notes: A beautiful revisitation of a classic 70's vintage design. A quick and inexpensive solution to store your valued vinyl. Holds up to 40 LP's.
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Cat: 668104 Rel: 04 Dec 17
How to get the best from your vinyl records & kit - 180 page hardback book featuring 400 colour illustrations
Notes: The Vinyl Manual is the 21st century companion for anyone who is bringing their vinyl music collection back to life or discovering the joys of vinyl for the first time. With chapters on turntables and audio kit, it is a step-by-step guide to getting the most from your vinyl collection and understanding the technology behind it. We explain how vinyl delivers the unique sound so loved by audio enthusiasts and its evolution over 100 years, from the 78s of the late 19th century to today's advanced electronic formats.

As well as expert insight into setting up your system correctly and guides to choosing the right hardware for your music, the Haynes experts take you behind the scenes of the vinyl industry, including the super-clubs of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We tell you the best way to build and curate your collection, from dance to rock to classical, and provide tips from the world's most respected professionals. Whether you are collecting, recording or just playing, the Vinyl Manual is the essential companion for any vinyl enthusiast.
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Cat: 680326 Rel: 28 Mar 18
Single display unit for mounting vinyl record artwork
Notes: The Twelve Inch Original is hands down the easiest product on the market for displaying vinyl records as artwork on your wall. Using minimalistic, yet charming Danish Design techniques, Twelve Inch allows the record to be the focus of the attention in any room - without any frames or visible brackets.

Easy to install:

The display system can be mounted to the wall in a matter of seconds. The screw is included in the package.

Simple to use:

Twelve Inch is super flexible and easy to use. Because of the unique design, you can to quickly change the record on display. Just insert the white disc into the record you want to display, and place it up against the black disc.
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 3 in stock $18.18
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