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Omena Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Omena
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A Change In Motion Part 1
A Change In Motion Part 1 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: OMLP 0061. Rel: 11 Jul 22
Deep House
A Change In Motion (5:40)
Tweak (feat Cimmerli) (3:55)
End Of Civilisation (5:16)
Passing By (4:56)
Square (2:35)
 in stock $14.24
A Change In Motion Part 2
A Change In Motion Part 2 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: OMLP 0062. Rel: 11 Jul 22
Deep House
Ultra Synthetic (5:39)
Something Else (feat DUANE) (4:41)
Run Mods (2:39)
Unfold (7:16)
Tides (5:47)
Review: Casino Times is a London-based project of producers Joseph Spencer & Nicholas Church; a partnership that is rooted in house & techno since 2010. The duo have released on labels like Wolf Music, Mireia and their own Casino Edits. This one's courtesy of Swdens Omena imprint, the new label run by Tooli of Local Talk fame. A Change In Motion Part 2 sees the pair enter a new phase sonically, experimenting with the more experimental side of the spectrum. There's some punchy and futuristic electro to be heard on 'Ultra Synthetic' and 'Unfold', as well as sublime downbeat offerings like 'Tides' and 'Run Mods' and some swung-off kilter beats offered up on 'Something Else' (feat DUANE).

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 in stock $14.24
Nafasam (limited 12")
Cat: OM 032. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Part Lake (3:21)
Andro Dunos (3:51)
Digambara (3:34)
Modulations (part 1) (6:25)
Modulations (part 2) (2:47)
Kizuna Encounter (4:46)
Review: Omena once again calls on the superb sounds of Golden Retriever for this adventurous new EP that very much takes you away from the here and now and deposits you somewhere warmer. 'Part Lake' opens up with the joys of a spring day - acoustic strings rippling out as sun beams down. 'Andro Dunos' slows to a crawl and has a more star-gazing feel while 'Digambara' is a gentle rhythm that casts you out to sea. Two variations of 'Modulations' allows you to get lost in some lush synth tapestries and 'Kizuna Encounter' then ends with another lovely sonic day dream that empties your mind.
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 in stock $13.71
Sunday (gatefold LP)
Cat: OMLP 001. Rel: 13 Mar 20
Deep House
Sunday (2:53)
Here We Go! (0:21)
Cheer Up, My Brother (4:57)
You Feeling Alright (5:25)
Memory Tape One (6:03)
There Is No One Else (3:04)
Sylvia (4:16)
Memory Tape Two (1:03)
Eagle's House (3:17)
My Baby (5:38)
Review: Given the hype surrounding HNNY over the last few years - fuelled, primarily, by a string of celebrated singles on Puss, Local Talk, Let's Play House and YUMMY - it's somewhat surprising that Sunday marks his first foray into the album market. Wisely, the Swedish artist embraced the opportunity for eclecticism that the format provides, filling his debut full-length with a mix of tracks variously designed for sofa-bound listening and dancing in clubs. There's a jazz-flecked beauty to the crackly downtempo grooves offered up by the title track, while the dreamy, guitar-laced head-nodder "Sylvia" recalls the best of his Balearic-influenced work. It's these luscious moments, such as the twinkling ambience of closer "My Baby", that really resonate.
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 in stock $20.57
Baltic Rim EP
Cat: OM 004. Rel: 12 May 15
Deep House
Kaiju Stomp (4:45)
Striker Eureka (Tooli Disjointed In Mallorca remix) (7:31)
Striker Eureka (5:20)
Striker Eureka (Ptaki remix) (6:40)
 in stock $10.29
Ancestors Call Part 2
Cat: OMLP 007B. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Deep House
Dancing Stars (6:32)
Ascension (5:34)
Astral Plan(T)s (7:57)
Love Sets You Free (6:29)
 in stock $13.71
Ceramics (2xLP)
Cat: OMLP 008. Rel: 20 Jun 23
Deep House
Ceramics (3:28)
Royal Purple (4:21)
Moonbather (5:42)
The Ropes (4:50)
Etude (4:59)
Bounce (5:17)
Hardships (5:11)
Escape U (4:25)
First Snow (4:35)
Nocturne (6:11)
Review: Ceramics is the second album by Saine on Omena Records, which reflects the Finnish personal journey as an artist and a human being, and expresses his feelings and thoughts through music. It showcases his versatile and emotive style, blending house, electronica and downtempo influences. Highlights include the title track 'Ceramics' opens the album with a warm and organic sound, featuring lush pads, piano chords and subtle percussion, while 'Etude' is a beatless interlude with a mesmerizing arpeggio motif and ambient textures. Elsewhere, 'Hardships' is a melancholic and introspective number, with a moody piano chord progression, deep bass and vocal samples. and the ethereal deep house groove of 'First Snow' is as understated as you like it.
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Played by: Evan Michael
 in stock $15.81
South Wind Clear Sky
Cat: OMLTD 011. Rel: 14 May 21
Deep House
Rain In A Bamboo Groove (4:03)
Maneki-Neko (5:55)
Who Has The Jazz? (5:09)
Midsommar (feat Nazin) (5:17)
Looking Like A Fool (feat Nazin) (6:14)
South Wind Clear Sky (3:39)
Review: Anton ScruScru Bogomolov is a mega hyped artist but for good reason. His slew of singles have all been noteworthy and now this new 12" overflows with more brilliant ideas. After a hugely prolific 2020 he shows no signs of slowing down here. Once again he fuses classic jazz-funk style with fresh London broken beat and wall that is good about the current jazz scene. Blurring boundaries as he goes this could be as good in a live setting as it could through a big sound system in a club. Big chords, bristling drumming, disco energy, it's all here and then some.
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 in stock $12.92
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