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It's Album Time (2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: OLS 006LP. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. It's Album Time (intro)
  2. Leisure Suit Preben
  3. Preben Goes To Acapulco
  4. Svensk Sas
  5. Strandbar
  6. Delorean Dynamite
  7. Johnny & Mary (feat Bryan Ferry)
  8. Alfonso Muskedunder
  9. Swing Star
  10. Oh Joy
  11. Inspector Norse
Review: He's taken his time, but finally Norwegian nu-disco legend Todd Terje has delivered a debut album befitting his immense talents. While there are plenty of examples of his vibrant, synth-heavy dancefloor style on It's Album Time - see "Delorean Dynamite", "Inspector Norse", "Strandbar" and the Lindstrom-ish grandiosity of "Oh Joy" - what really makes it such an essential set are the curious turns and oddball moments. Samba, jazz and easy listening get the Terje treatment on "Alfonso Muskedunder", "Leisure Suit Proben" and "Svensk Sas", while there's a welcome dose of wide-eyed Balearica on the tweaked "Swing Star" (one of a string of previously released cuts on the album). Most interesting of all, though, is "John & Mary", a woozy, Roxy Music style cover of a Robert Palmer classic featuring the effervescent Bryan Ferry.
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Cat: OLS 008. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Leisure Suit Preben (I Cube remix)
  2. Preben Goes To Acapulco (Prins Thomas remix)
Review: In some ways, the "Preben" suite of tracks from Terje's It's Album Time LP is a strange choice for remixing. That said, the two original tracks both featured plenty of live instrumentation and spiraling synth solos amongst their nu disco-meets-easy listening and library jazz-funk grooves, making them attractive to remixers. As a result, these two reworks are unsurprisingly different to the source material. Parisian veteran I:Cube does a superb job on "Leisure Suit Preben", turning the tongue-in-cheek original into a string-drenched chunk of immersive Balearic house. Terje's old pal Prins Thomas sticks closer to the original vibe of "Preben Goes To Acapulco", turning in a breezy chunk of Arp-laden jazz-funk blessed with his usual organic, bass-heavy grooves.
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Cat: OLS 007. Rel: 02 Jun 14
  1. Delorean Dynamite (disco mix)
  2. Delorean Drums
  3. Oh Joy (disco mix)
  4. Oh Joy-lude
Review: Given that it was one of the most jaw-dropping dancefloor moments on Todd Terje's recent debut album, it's perhaps little surprise to find "Delorean Dynamite" dropping as a single. The version here (the "Disco Mix", no less), is a surging, shimmering chunk of Back To The Future-inspired synth disco - all undulating Italo-style appregios, bold chords, catchy guitar hooks and rush-inducing builds. In all honesty, it sounds like another Terje anthem in waiting. The included drum track - "Delorean Drums" - is inspired, too, and re-casts the strobelight original as a carnival-friendly percussive assault. There's more grandiose, wide-eyed Scandolearic disco in the shape of "Oh Joy (Disco Mix)", which sounds like vintage Lindstrom after a fist full of happy pills. Put simply, it's stunning.
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Spiral (12")
Cat: OLS 004. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Spiral (10:28)
  2. Q (12:00)
Review: A firm favourite throughout the summer, "Spiral" is Terje at his most 'big room'. Driven by crisp synths and a dynamic chord progression, there's an overwhelming sense of progressiveness throughout that isn't dissimilar to that of Eric Prydz. "Q" continues this mainstage motif with a bold, loopy construction which builds and builds without ever being too over the top. Next level business.
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Maskindans (12")
Cat: OLS 018. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Maskindans (9:33)
  2. Maskindans (Erol Alkan rework) (7:34)
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The Big Cover Up (double 12")
Cat: OLS 013. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Firecracker (6:30)
  2. Disco Circus (8:06)
  3. Baby Do You Wanna Bump (5:31)
  4. La Fete Sauvage (8:04)
  5. Baby Do You Wanna Bump (Daniel Maloso remix) (5:31)
  6. Firecracker (Dan Tyler remix) (6:35)
  7. La Fete Sauvage (Prins Thomas remix) (7:53)
  8. Disco Circus (Oyvind Morken remix) (5:17)
Review: Todd Terje & The Olsens come correct with their first recorded material after an extended bout of them treating festival audiences to some of the Norwegian's best-loved material, not to mention some killer cover versions. Indeed it's the latter, oft-derided method of recording that forms the basis of this delightfully-presented double pack (we love a good Big Trouble In Little China reference) as Terje and the group rip through renditions of some disco standards from Martin Circus, YMO, Vangelis and more. Given Terje's lengthy range of official and under-the-counter edits, news of this new project makes perfect sense to us. In addition to these cover versions, Olsen have also commissioned some remixes with arch Terje colluder Prins Thomas involved along with Comeme artist Daniel Maloso.

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