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Nonplus UK Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Nonplus UK
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Pre Dawn
Pre Dawn (12")
Cat: NONPLUS 043. Rel: 03 Nov 17
Pre Dawn (8:16)
Indoors (7:30)
Review: For all his innovation, Burial has historically shied away from delivering full-throttle, mind-altering club bangers. Certainly, we can't remember him serving up anything as rhythmically intense as the two dystopian techno slammers showcased on this 12". Both feature many of his usual sonic trademarks - oodles of vinyl crackle, end-of-days aural textures and creepy ambient electronics - but are underpinned by bombastic 4/4 beats rather than sparse, post-dubstep rhythms. A-side "Pre-Dawn", a dense and incredibly intense affair, is the more energetic and instant of the two, though weirder and looser flipside "Indoors", which contains some pitched-up rave-era vocal samples and woozy riffs amongst its highlights, is also very impressive.
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Played by: Manos Mara (Bliq)
 in stock $11.15
Radar (12")
Cat: NONPLUS 015. Rel: 12 Sep 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Vacuum States
Review: Having announced his new Jon Convex endeavour with two slices of formidable futurism for Martyn's 3024 imprint, Damon Kirkham returns to the familiarity of Non Plus with a double clutch of equally essential productions. Fans of cult TV might recognise the snatch of Badalamenti strings that announce "Radar" in such ominous fashion, though it's they way this element is weaved amidst ever groaning insect like bass and murderous strains of dystopian acid that truly impresses. And of course the brittle click clack of drums that always threatens to smash to pieces. In contrast, "Vacuum States" offers a more optimistic slant on the sci fi electro poise, gradually letting loose a succession of kaleidoscopic synth flutters over the stripped down kick thrust and glooping bass.
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 in stock $3.72
Sensitive Compartmented Information EP
Cat: NONPLUS 036. Rel: 29 Sep 16
Papoose Lake (6:59)
Groom Lake (6:27)
SDI (7:01)
Sandia Livermoore Lab (6:28)
Review: In more recent years, Madrid's Eduardo De La Calle has brought us some muscly, steely-eyed techno through his own Analog Solutions imprint, but the artist's reach spans back to the early noughts and to labels such as Hard Fandango and Thump Electroniks, when his particular strain of techno had already been overshadowed by the foreboding minimal wave. However, fine connoisseurs such as Boddika can smell out a real talent and this is why the Nonplus man has decided to release a second EP from the enigmatic producer. Much to the traditional Boddika taste, "Papoose Lake" is a watery piece of atmospheric techno with a driving rhythm; the same can be said about "Groom Lake" even when considering its more molecular approach. Over on the B-side, "SDI" breaks out the jungle loops amid a stop-start technoid rhythm of industrial proportions, and "Sandia Livermore Lab" heads directly to the big room with its effective 4/4 loop and range of organised sonics. BOOM.
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 in stock $11.15
Wayfinder (12")
Cat: NONPLUS 032. Rel: 14 Oct 15
Overpass (9:23)
Wayfinder (6:51)
Dromolaxia (7:03)
Review: Boddika's Nonplus continues to impress us with its ever evolving direction and surprising array of recruits that still remain in harmony with its modus operandi. After equally surprising yet undoubtedly great releases by Shlomi Aber and Eduardo de la Calle, Berghain and Infrastructure NYC regular Ed Davenport aka Inland steps up; and delivers the goods as always. "Overpass" is a full frontal peak time weapon that reflects his experience playing in the worlds best techno club and brilliantly executed in all its nine minute glory. The title track is more suited for the pre peak time moments; a hypnotic slow burner but still retaining some intensity. Finally "Dromolaxia" is a sturdy and slowly evolving stomper with some real sinister dub chords lurking in the background. Tip.
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 in stock $11.15
Resolution 653
Cat: NONPLUSCD 003. Rel: 05 Apr 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Sun Rec
Aggro Acid
Love Arp
Talkin' Mono
Rift Zone
Delta Zone (Advance)
Memory Implant
Review: Alex Green and Damon Kirkham's debut album has been a long time coming. It follows an action-packed decade that's seen them morph from drum & bass punishers to dubstep fusionists and, more recently, bass music experimentalists. With such experience behind them, it's perhaps no surprise that Resolution 653 is an eclectic set. What's more surprising is the expansiveness of their approach. Within the album's 13 tracks lies glass-clear electronic futurism, brain-warping acid tracks, murky dusbtep, slo-mo 4/4 sweetness, hard edged electro bounce, off-kilter IDM and, naturally, 140 BPM bass bangers. As a summary of where British bass music's at in 2011, it's unsurpassed.
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 in stock $2.40
Exomemory EP
Cat: NONPLUS 035. Rel: 01 Jul 16
Founders (7:43)
Posthuman (7:29)
Engineer Of Souls (5:15)
 in stock $9.02
Threads EP
Cat: NONPLUS 048. Rel: 23 May 19
The Survivors (5:28)
Radiation (6:07)
Inquiry (5:49)
After The Fallout (2:51)
Amphibian (6:56)
 in stock $9.29
Blink (12")
Cat: NONPLUS 044. Rel: 11 Jan 18
Blink (9:35)
Blink (Tunnel mix) (6:31)
Played by: DJ 3000, Ney Faustini
 in stock $9.02
Harmonic Rain
Cat: NONPLUS 045. Rel: 14 Feb 18
Harmonic Rain (6:37)
Not Today (5:39)
Why Not (5:57)
Trying To Unpatch (5:38)
Played by: Tripeo, Philippe Petit
 in stock $9.02
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