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Mood Mosaic Italy Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Mood Mosaic Italy
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The Mood Mosaic 18: The Shape Of Things
The Mood Mosaic 18: The Shape Of Things (limited gatefold 2xLP + poster)
Cat: MMR 0921LP. Rel: 14 Sep 21
Many Dibango - "Ceddo" (5:09)
Gabor Szabo - "Somewhere I Belong" (3:44)
Hareton Salvanini - "Growing" (4:14)
Pete Jolly - "Plummer Park" (4:27)
Don Ellis - "Theme From The French Connection" (3:48)
Jana Koubkova - "Nijana" (6:14)
Rosebud - "Main Theme (More)" (4:04)
Mehrpouya - "Soul Raga" (4:07)
Venus Gang - "Love To Fly" (4:05)
Bernard Estardy - "Gang Train" (3:35)
A Band Called O - "Caosting" (4:59)
Irp 3 - "Tema De Soninha" (2:08)
Maxine Sellers - "Some Kind Of Fever (Pray For Rain)" (3:25)
Herbie Mann - "Cajun Moon" (feat Cissy Houston) (6:17)
Peter Green - "Slabo Day" (4:59)
 in stock $31.49
The Mood Mosaic Vol 21: Take It Easy
The Mood Mosaic Vol 21: Take It Easy (limited gatefold 2xLP + poster)
Cat: MMR 1224LP. Rel: 13 May 24
Yellow - "The Ghetto (Getto/Yellow In Kyoto)" (8:05)
Quincy Jones & Ray Brown Orchestra - "Fat Cat Strut" (6:07)
Miguel Angel Fuster - "Polvo Lunar" (8:50)
Michel Sardaby - "Welcome New Warmth" (4:14)
David Alexrod - "Mucho Chupar" (3:09)
Brute Force & His Drum - "Weird & Wonder" (2:55)
Johnny Frigo - "Thank You" (5:18)
John Sangster - "Hair" (2:49)
Boris Gardiner - "Ghetto Funk" (3:06)
Fred Wesley - "Blow Your Head" (4:44)
The Motherhood - "Back In The Dark" (2:34)
Leo Acosta - "Rencorosa" (3:22)
The Bridge - "Alles Klar" (3:29)
Review: Volume 21 in Mood Mosaic's eponymous funk and soul 'moods' series brings serious retrograde heaters onto yet another steamy double LP. Classics from the likes of Yellow, Quincy Jones, Miguel Angel Fuster, Michael Sardaby, David Axelrod, Brute Force, Johnny Frigo, John Sangster, Boris Gardiner, Fred Wesley, The Motherhood, Leo Acosta and The Bridge adorn this waxen beauty, making for a multifaceted foray into an alternate palm-leaved fantasy world.
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 in stock $33.08
The Mood Mosaic 20
The Mood Mosaic 20 (limited unmixed CD)
Cat: MMR 1123CD. Rel: 25 Jan 23
Kimiko Kasai - "Use Me"
Eric & The Vikings - "Get Off The Street Y'All"
Junior Mance - "Don't Cha Hear Me Calling To Ya"
Leroy Winegar - "Damn! Somebody Stole My Pants"
Hammer - "Tuane"
Mystic Moods - "Honey Trippin'"
Estelle Levitt - "All I Dream"
Jimmie & Vella Cameron - "Chica Boom"
Little Feat - "Spanish Moon"
The Young Rascals - "It's Love"
John Fitch - "Romantic Attitude"
Nino Tempo & April Stevens - "Land Of 1000 Dances"
Vincent Geminiani - "Insidieusement Les Elfes"
Piet Van Meren - "Cool Echo"
Experience - "Pink Movement"
Syd Dale - "Disco Tek"
Les McCann - "Shamading"
Johnny Harris - "Stepping Stones"
 in stock $14.56
The Mood Mosaic 11 - Feelin Funky
Cat: MMR 51023CDD. Rel: 08 Dec 23
African Music Machine - "Black Water Gold"
Chico & Buddy - "Can You Dig It"
Brother Jack MC Duff - "Can't Get Satisfied"
All The People - "Cramp You Style"
Gi G - "Daddy Love" (part 2)
Meters - "Doodle-Oop"
Tony Camillo's Bazuka - "Dynamite"
Brother Soul - "Feelin' Funky"
Donny Thompson - "Foxy Lady"
Ike Turner - "Funky Mule"
Bill Cosby- - "Funky North Philly"
Wilmer & The Dudes - "Get It" (instrumental)
The 20th Century - "Hot Pants" (part 1 & part 2)
The Electric Express - "It's The Real Thing" (part 1)
The Rimshots - "Soul Train" (part 1)
Soul Toranodoes - "Go For Yourself"
Swingin' Soul Machine - "Spooky's Day Off"
The Watts - "Spreadin' Honey"
The Maskmans & The Agents - "Stand Up" (part 1)
Timmie Rodgers - "Super Soul Brother"
Review: The long-running Mood Mosaic compilation series was born out of a desire to chronicle "cult tracks" from the "funk superheroes of the 1970s". This eleventh volume was first released in 2007 and here gets a much-needed reissue. There's plenty to get the blood pumping across the two discs, from the fiery Afro-funk fuzziness of African Music Machine's 'Black Water Gold' and the clap-along, Hammond-heavy party vibes of Brother Jack McDuff's 'Can't Get Satisfied', to the Blaxploitation brilliance of Bill Cosby's 'Funky North Philly' (yes, that Bill Cosby), the celebratory excellence of The Electric Express's 'The Real Thing (Part 1)' and the harmonica-heavy swamp funk of 'Spooky's Day Off' by Swingin' Soul Machine.
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 in stock $15.35
The Mood Mosaic 15
The Mood Mosaic 15 (limited 2xLP + poster)
Cat: MMR 51523. Rel: 08 Mar 24
Air - "Mr Man" (3:05)
War - "The Bird & The Squirrel" (2:20)
The Peddlers - "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" (4:05)
The Albert - "One Life" (3:10)
Hildegard Knef - "Holiday Time" (4:38)
Frits Kaate & Jeanette Corde - "Easy Evi" (3:16)
Rolf Kuhn - "Playmate" (2:33)
Linda Hoyle - "Hymn To Valerie Solanas" (4:05)
Wanda Robinson - "A Possiblity (Back Home)" (5:38)
Harvey Mandel - "The Snake" (3:01)
Freddie Cole - "Brother Where Are You" (4:45)
JJ Barnes - "You Owe It Yourself" (8:29)
Patti Drew - "Beggar For The Blues" (5:48)
Carrie Riley & The Fascinations - "Supercool" (2:59)
Memphis Black - "Why Don't You Play The Organ, Man" (2:40)
Joe Thomas - "Every Brother Ain't A Brother" (11:47)
Sam Baker - "Do Right Man" (2:51)
Sal Davis - "Makini" (2:07)
Willie Wright - "Right On For The Darkness" (3:23)
Review: Deep funk and psychedelic soul heads take heed - Italian label Mood Mosaic created an essential compilation series which has been enjoying a run of represses for anyone late to the party. Originally released in 2017, now you can get your hands on this expertly curated collection which flies under the banner of Supercool! Covering niche outfits like the original, 1970s Air, Carrie Riley And The Fascinations and Wess And The Airedales, this is a smouldering selection which will set the smoothest of moods and offer up lesser-known jams to diggers, beat-makers and lounge lizards alike.
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 in stock $32.81
The Mood Mosaic Vol 5: Supervixens A 70's Modal Collection
Cat: MMR 50523. Rel: 23 May 23
William Goldstein - "Midnight Rapsody" (5:55)
Marta Acuna - "Dance, Dance, Dance" (6:08)
Touchdown - "Ease Your Mind" (5:50)
Mona Rae - "Do Me" (5:41)
Roundtree - "Get On Up" (6:37)
Hiroshima - "Lion Dance" (5:38)
Black Devil - "Follow Me" (5:03)
Tony Valor - "Ma Mo Ah" (5:01)
Sylvia - "The Lollipop Man" (4:49)
Chain Reaction - "Dance Freak" (7:25)
Super Jay - "Super Jay Love Theme" (6:32)
Review: First released way back in 1997, The Mood Mosaic compilations found good traction not merely for their compiling of many lesser-known dark/Italo disco artists into singular compilations, but also for their use of implicitly sexual imagery on their front covers - a business-minded pairing, to say the least. This reissue harks back to the comp's enduring legacy, with lackadaisical classics including Marta Acuna's 'Dance, Dance, Dance', Touchdown's 'Ease Your Mind' and Black Devil's 'Follow Me' all appearing in quick succession.
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 in stock $34.15
The Mood Mosaic Vol 19: Free Form
Cat: MMR 12022LP. Rel: 25 Jul 22
The Soul Scratchers - "Funky Chimes" (part 1 & 2) (5:09)
Alan Tew - "The Build Up (Gentle In The Night)" (6:03)
The Mystic Moods - "Cosmic Sea" (2:53)
Placebo - "Balek" (4:18)
Etta James - "You Give Me What I Want" (3:48)
The Counts - "What's Up Front That - Counts" (7:37)
The Free Pop Electronic Concept - "Chewing Gum Delirium" (8:52)
JC Heavy - "Mr Deal" (3:36)
Niebiesko Czarni - "Kulawy Wojtek" (3:36)
The Dave Myers Effect - "Silent Screame" (2:49)
The Funk Revolution - "Izzy Come, Izzy Go" (4:29)
Key & Cleary - "A Man" (3:54)
The Neapolitans - "Hakusha" (3:32)
Review: Mood Mosaic's cult series reaches a 19th impressive volume here across four more sides of vinyl. This one draws totters the best of funk and soul, pop, jazz and hip hop and could well be the best in the series yet. It is a varied affair with tunes from the likes of indie greats Placebo, jazz vocal heroine Etta James and the always good value The Funk Revolution. It makes for a diverse listen with plenty of highlights. The vinyl pressing also includes a poster.
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 in stock $33.08
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