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Monotone US

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Cat: MON 003. Rel: 08 Aug 02
  1. Sedona (5:40)
  2. Sedona (acappella) (1:14)
  3. Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk (6:11)
  4. Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk (acappella) (0:47)
  5. Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk (Scratch Sequence) (0:36)
  6. Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk (scratches) (0:23)
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Cat: MON 006. Rel: 01 Aug 06
  1. Clarity (Hydraulix remix)
  2. Dark Mind (Boris Divider remix)
  3. Transfusion (Dexorcist remix)
  4. Sleeping With The Enemy (Alpha 606 remix)
Review: Monotone does not let up and comes with this mega remix EP featuring 4 remixes from hot electro artists. These are remixes of classic Exzakt tracks and each remix gives a new perspective while keeping true to the originals. First to start things off, Miami's Hydraulix take "Clarity" to a new ground with a hard steady beat and a nice break down topped off with a vocal not found in the original. Second is Madrid's Boris Divider reworking "Dark Mind". With a lighter more minimal approach its a nice addition to the overall hard remix 12". On the flip Dexorcist hailing from London brings a new sound to one of Exzakt's most famous tracks "Transfusion" which is the original version of "Musik Is The Drug". Again this one is a dancefloor killer and will not disappoint. Finally we end up back in Miami with Alpha 606, but these guys bring a whole new meaning to Miami electro when live conga percussion grace the track. Great edits and a deep take on the Exzakt Classic "Sleeping With The Enemy". A very diverse remix 12" yet the sound on each track will keep the attention of any breaks and electro DJ or listener around the globe.
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Cat: MONO 011. Rel: 19 Dec 07
  1. Speaker Breaka
  2. City Of Bass
  3. No Disco (featuring Christina Demayo)
  4. No Disco (Debonaire's Electra Bass mix)
Review: Monotone brings you a gathering of reworked cuts taken from Exzakt's 'Alpha_Omega' album as well as unreleased material. Updated feel delivers a relentless electrocore anthem based upon crunchy beats, nasty pads, wild scratch parts & top notch industrial strings.
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Played by: Exzakt
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Electrology (214 remix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MON 018. Rel: 28 Jan 19
  1. Madrid Nights (7:11)
  2. Escape (214 remix) (5:16)
  3. Me & My 808 (5:50)
  4. Love Hate (5:47)
Review: Larry McCormick's Exzakt alias strides into its 20th year of operations with ever more urgency, as the recently reanimated Monotone label continues to mark out the important place he holds in the global electro scene. In terms of original productions, "Madrid Nights" opens the record up with a tight, whip-cracking peak time joint executed in the deadly Exzakt style. "Me & My 808" takes things in a darker, almost gothic direction, and "Love Hate" keeps the pressure up with a style that borders on breaks. Meanwhile 214 drops some serious heat on his remix of "Escape", a crafty, many-sided die that wins whichever side you land on.
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Cat: MON 010. Rel: 10 May 07
  1. We Own The Algorithms
  2. Scratch Alrogithms
  3. Merciless Killing Machines
  4. Inside The Kill Box
Review: Ghosts In The Machine are the attackers on this Monotone release with some in your face electrocore madness. On the a-side appears the much anticipated and overdue release of "We Own The Algorithms" where we find solid drum programming and a powerful vocoder chorus. The b-side features two more bombs starting with "Merciless Killing Machines" which is a GITM favourite at live shows, finally put down on wax for official release. Last and certainly not least is "Inside The Kill Box" and you could say the best comes last with this unique electro killer. Ghosts In The Machine drops their sophomore EP and shows they are a force to be reckoned with.
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Bounce (12")
Cat: MON 007. Rel: 04 Oct 06
  1. Bounce
  2. Bounce Spare Parts
  3. Basstown
  4. Nympho
Review: Monotones seventh outing features Miami's premier electro bass duo Hydraulix and their latest 12" "Bounce". Once again the label comes with the heat and possibly Hydraulix's best 12" to date. Side A brings the title track Bounce with distorted kick drums and solid snares that ride you to the break with high energy. A perfect blend of Miami bass and distorted electro crunchiness. A2 gives you the juicy parts as a DJ tool. Side B jumps off with Basstown which is a more straight 808 and vocoder number with Hydraulix's signature crisp beats. This cut is a perfect bridge of electro breaks and electro bass. "Nympho" ends this 12" off but don't consider this a inside cut filler because once again heavy 808 beats and the moans and groans give you a hint of the reason for the track title.
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Cat: MON 008. Rel: 01 Nov 06
  1. I Control Your Body
  2. Flesh Has Made You Great
  3. Bang (version 2.0)
  4. I Control Your Body (Jackal & Hyde vs Ryan Black electrocore mix)
Review: The masters of electrocore are back with their first EP since 2004. The wait was well worth it as Jackal & Hyde comes with a fresh new sound that is in your face. "I Control Your Body" is a 4 track EP that shows why Scott Weiser and Todd Walker are at the top of their game, with their signature sound that we have grown to trust. The title track "I Control Your Body" is an instant classic, while "Flesh Has Made You Great" is a mastery of synth lines, riding bass, hard beats, and haunting vocals. The b-side features a new twist on one of the duo's best selling tracks "Go Bang". This will be rocking the clubs all over again just like it did when it first came out years ago. Ending the 12" is a remix of "I Control Your Body", which could be considered an entirely different track as it has variations on all the beats and patterns. Overall, plenty of variety to chose from and besides, you can never go wrong with Jackal & Hyde.
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Genesis (mini LP)
Cat: MON 016. Rel: 23 Jul 18
  1. Show The Way
  2. One Step Ahead
  3. Move Because I Said So
  4. Creator
  5. Eyes On Me
  6. Magic City
Review: Larry McCormick has been doing his thing for a long time under different aliases and in multiple groups, but these days he's focusing on his own name and following a strong turn on Shipwrec last year he's emerged on US label Monotone with a mini LP stuffed to the gills with razor sharp electro. "Show The Way" is driving, dynamic and devilishly noirish, like all good electro should be. "One Step Ahead" is a lighter affair with bold lead lines that cut through any mix, while "Move Because I Said So" experiments with jagged rhythm variations for the adventurous DJ to get creative with. "Creator" is a shimmering melodic workout, while "Eyes On Me" sports melancholic overtones before "Magic City" rounds the record off on a harsher tone for the edgier dancefloor.
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Monotone US
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