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Moblack Italy Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Moblack Italy
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Ode Ireti
Ode Ireti (12")
Cat: MBRV 026. Rel: 20 Sep 23
Ode Ireti (5:42)
Ode Ireti (Amapiano edit) (3:30)
Ode Ireti (Nitefreak remix) (6:27)
Ode Ireti (Deroos remix) (6:07)
Review: MoBlack continues to champion the best Afro house with this latest drop from &friends, El Jay and Oluwadamvic. 'Ode Ireti' appears here in four different versions, leading in with the original mix which comes bathed in sultry piano and an understated rhythmic roll perfect for sundown moments. The 'Amapiano Edit' unsurprisingly refigures the groove for all your log drum needs, and then Nitefreak jumps in on the flip for a smouldering deep house version and then Deroos brings his own tracky energy and moody chords to the table to complete a highly workable track served four ways.
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Tags: Afro House
 in stock $14.28
Moblack Sampler Vol 7
Cat: MBRV 022. Rel: 03 May 23
Deep House
Emmanuel Jal - "Rahama" (Armonica remix vocal) (6:39)
Zakes Bantwini - "Amanga" (feat Nana Atta - Europe edit) (7:43)
Mowgan - "O Pa Mi Titi Deabe" (feat Jah Baba - Armonica remix) (7:08)
Yass & FNX Omar - "Fema" (6:15)
Review: Four cruel and bewitching dances are conjured on this split EP from MoBlack Records, the chart-topping Afro house label whose music has found itself on the well-used USBs of the likes of Dixon, Black Coffee and Ame. Immediately, one can hear the incipient threads of kwaito and amapiano on this shared vinyl slab, as traditional verbed-out Afro-style vocals hear neat processing along modern EDM production. Expository dreamers like 'Rahamah' segue calmly into headier and doomier cuts like 'Amanga' and 'O Pa Mi Titi Deabe'. All are replete with rare African call-and-response vocal samples lifted from evidently obscure sources.
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 in stock $15.05
Moblack Sampler Vol 6
Cat: MBRV 019. Rel: 22 Feb 22
Deep House
KingSfiso - "Ilanga" (feat Mbuso Khoza - Manoo remix) (9:35)
Sound's Good Inc - "Masen'hamba" (David Morales Red Zone mix) (6:07)
FNX Omar - "Ghomari" (feat Said Rifai) (6:36)
Re You & Soheil - "Mapawani" (main version) (7:33)
Review: After kicking off the year with the stellar MoBlack Gold Vol. 2 VA, Mimmo Falcone's label does it again with a crucial cluster of spiritually charged, Afro-rooted house jams from on-point producers. This 12" kicks off with Manoo's remix of KingSfiso, creating a delicate, melancholic trip out of 'Ilanga' with Mbuso Khoza's vocals front and centre. David Moralez gets seriously deep into the groove with his Red Zone mix of Sound's Good Inc's 'Masen'hamba'. FNX Omar offer up a brooding cut driven by organic tones on 'Ghomari', and Re You & Soheil bring a more electronic palette to bear on their own Afro-house throwdown, 'Mapawani'.
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 in stock $12.98
Moblack Sampler Vol 2
Cat: MBRV 002. Rel: 01 Nov 17
Deep House
Mabiisi - "Baakoya" (Armonica remix) (7:40)
Stones & Bones - "Amahloni" (feat Toshi - Manoo remix) (8:47)
Moon Rocket & MoBlack - "Gafara" (Afro main mix) (6:53)
Jackson Brainwave - "Hear The Drum" (7:52)
 in stock $12.98
Moblack Sampler Vol 8
Cat: MBRV 031. Rel: 27 Mar 24
Deep House
Moon Rocket, Mattei & Omich - "Find Your Way" (feat Bel-Ami) (8:35)
Spellband - "Take Me There" (feat Jade Lovedale) (6:12)
Mabiisi - "Pagba" (Cosmo & Kramer remix) (7:14)
Sobek - "True Anomaly" (8:28)
Review: Moblack is back with mo' great beats from its ongoing Sampler series. The eighth volume is another doozy that covers all shades of house Moon Rocket, Mattei & Omich open up with 'Find Your Way' (feat Bel-Ami). It's a dreamy sound with lush vocals and shimmering percussion and melodies. Spellband then offer up some soulful sound and soft, cuddly house drums while Cosmo & Kramer remix Mabiisi with a raw percussive edge over rubbery and rolling beats. Sobek closes out with some cosmic turbulence and percolating percussive funk on 'True Anomaly.'
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 in stock $15.31
Moblack Gold Vol VII
Cat: MBRV 027. Rel: 18 Oct 23
Deep House
Jamek Ortega & Juno - "Ojos Verdes" (5:31)
Blanka Mazimela - "Thula" (feat Khonaye) (7:20)
Ankhoi - "Hallelujah" (6:10)
Adrian Roman - "Infinito" (7:18)
 in stock $14.28
Moblack Gold Vol X
Cat: MBRV 030. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Deep House
Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki, Samm - "Don't Care Anymore"
Fahlberg - "Wytal"
CLARAA - "Kukaya" (feat Ashimba - Fka Mash remix)
Re.You - "Wabi Sabi"
Review: The MoBlack label continues its Gold Series here with a tentth instalment that features four more house cuts in various styles. Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki and Samm kick things off with the deeply emotive chords and rolling beats of 'Don't Care Anymore' then Fahlberg's 'Wytal' kees the feel good grooves coming with more cultured deep house. CLARAA's 'Kukaya' (feat Ashimba - Fka Mash remix) is an Afro heavy sound with rousing and spiritual vocals and hefty kick drums then Re.You shuts down with 'Wabi Sabi', another Afro cut but this time with a little funk in the beats and playfulness in the big horns.
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est. release 26 Apr 24 $14.28
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Moblack Gold Vol VIII
Cat: MBRV 028. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Deep House
Enzo Siffredi, MoBlack - "Shikiria" (feat Mariam Zawose - Day mix) (3:58)
Roberto Palmero - "Fatiha" (5:49)
Safar - "Scandalosa" (feat LeCloarec) (7:25)
Badbox - "Zurna" (7:13)
 in stock $14.28
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