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Meng Qi

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Meng Qi Crackle Box Noise Synthesiser (noise synthesiser/touch instrument)
Cat: 700035 Rel: 24 Aug 18
Portable, easy-to-use noise synthesiser with 6 touch surfaces
Notes: The Crackle Box from Menq Qi is a touch synthesizer in a small footprint (90x80mm), based on a circuit designed by Michel Waisvisz of STEIM.

It's a standalone instrument powered by a nine volt battery. It features an onboard speaker and six touch pads so it can be played anywhere - take it with you and make music in any place! Thanks to a 1/8 audio jack output it is possible to record the produced sounds.

A LED flashes with the sound and gives you a visual feedback.

Crackle Box is a funny touch instrument - easy to play and to carry around! It will surprise you by its crazy sounds and the pleasant feel while playing with it.
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 2 in stock $39.57
Cat: 680754 Rel: 29 May 18
Physical modelling synth voice module - 8HP
Notes: DU-KRPLS is a physical modelling synthesizer voice that simulates the sound of string instruments. It is based on Karplus Strong algorithms. Small errors in the code were added to create results reminiscent of circuit bending. Compared to the Karp, this module is even more glitchy and unpredictable.
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quote 680754
Cat: 680752 Rel: 07 Jun 18
Collection of real time functions integrated with hand gestures & trigger input - 8HP
Notes: Hand is a gestural controller based on a piezo mic build in the elevated front panel.

When you tap the front panel, the audio is converted into CV and allows you to control a collection of real time functions including an LFO or envelope, a clock source and a trigger delay. It's possible to switch between LFO and envelope mode when holding the Rec button for 4 seconds.

Slew smoothes the slopes and the Rec button allows you to record the gestures for 2.22 seconds max.
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Cat: 680750 Rel: 07 Jun 18
Tactile patching interface
Notes: Lines takes another approach of control than expressive CV generation; it's a tactile patching interface. Your patch is now linked to your muscle memory, as swift as your movements.

The diagonal layout ensures ultimate versatility with easy hand shapes; +5V normalled to input 1/3, -5V normalled to input 2/4.

Spread and divide an input signal by routing it to multiple outputs.

Bi-colour LED's display signals of each output.
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Meng Qi