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Mahogani Us

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Collection (mixed CD)
Cat: M 18CD/MAHOCD 18. Rel: 22 Jun 06
Deep House
  1. Forevernevermore
  2. Shades Of Jae
  4. The Fourth Track
  5. Answer Machine
  6. I Can't Kick This Feelin When It Hits
  7. Black Mahogany
  8. Shine
  9. Stone Oden Joe
  10. Sunday Morning
  11. Liberty
  12. Meanwhile Back At Home
  13. Roberta Jean Machine
  14. PBC
  15. Wednesday Nite People
  16. Givin U Something
  17. People
  18. Back At Bakers
  19. Misled
  20. Sunshine
  21. Don't U Want My Love
  22. I Need U So Much
  23. Track 23
  24. Sweet Lovin
  25. Joy II
  26. I'm Doin Fine
  27. Over U
  28. On My Way Home
  29. I Found Your Heart Beat
  30. Uncle
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TBC (2xLP)
Cat: TBC. Rel: 26 Oct 18
Deep House
Played by: STEREO 12“
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Not Gonna Let Remixes (limited 12")
Cat: MM 38. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Deep House
  1. Not Gonna Let (Charles Webster mix) (5:29)
  2. Not Gonna Let (5:36)
  3. Not Gonna Let (Dez Andres mix) (8:36)
  4. Peace (1:56)
Review: Three years on from his last solo outing, former Innerzone Orchestra member Paul Randolph returns to action with a very special 12" on Moodymann's Mahogani Music imprint. In its original form, "Not Gonna Let" is something of a deep and soulful treat: a head-nodding, dancefloor-friendly modern soul gem full of twinkling piano lines and heart-aching vocals. It's accompanied by two fine remixes. The first, from Charles Webster, begins as a deep, ambient soul cut, before slowly flowering into a shuffling deep house treat. Dez Andres, on the other hand, emphasizes the track's organic instrumentation further, delivering a superb rework that sits somewhere between deep house, hip-hop and modern boogie.
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 in stock $9.79
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


Mahogani Us
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