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Liquicity Holland

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Escapism 1 (unmixed CD)
Cat: LIQUICITYCOMP 002. Rel: 18 Feb 14
Drum And Bass
  1. Bachelors Of Science - "Beat Still Own The Rhythm"
  2. Champion - "Crystallise"
  3. Maduk - "Change"
  4. Dan Dakota - "Telecaster"
  5. Fliwo - "Stories"
  6. Macca & Loz Contreras - "Remember Me" (feat Hannah Eve)
  7. Rameses B - "Once Upon A Time"
  8. Zoe Phillips - "Road Signs" (Hugh Hardie remix)
  9. Champion - "Love Letter" (Keeno remix)
  10. Bcee - "The Falls"
  11. Maduk - "Avalon" (VIP)
  12. Dan Dakota - "Keep Quiet"
  13. Madface - "Dawning"
  14. DPB - "Thinking About"
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Galaxy Of Dreams 3 (unmixed CD)
Cat: LIQUICITYCOMP 011. Rel: 27 Apr 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Voicians - "Remember"
  2. Maduk & Dennis Pedersen - "Miles Apart" (feat Ella Noel & Rino )
  3. Fox Stevenson - "Something"
  4. Raise Spirit - "The Temple"
  5. Flite & Boxplot - "Sunroad" (feat Audioscribe )
  6. Rameses B - "Twilight Zone" (feat Laura Brehm)
  7. Champion - "Breathe" (feat Veela )
  8. Lexurus - "Out Of Love" (feat Leah Rye )
  9. Blooom - "Rush" (feat Kaii )
  10. Andromedik - "Your Eyes"
  11. Aruna - "While We're Young" (feat FKA)
  12. Polygon - "Moment In Time"
  13. Itro - "Promises"
  14. Ekko & Sidetrack - "Long Road" (feat Reija Lee)
  15. Dossa & Locuzzed - "Slap!"
  16. Nexus &Tight - "All I Need"
  17. Edlan - "Saving You"
Review: Given that four years have passed since the last volume in the series, it could be argued that Liquidity's latest Galaxy of Dreams compilation is long overdue. Like its' predecessors, the collection delivers an action-packed set of all new and exclusive liquid D&B cuts. Of course, there are surprising diversions - check the melodious D&B/hip-hop fusion of "Miles Apart" by Maduk and Dennis Pedersen featuring Ella Noel and rapper Rino, and the hybrid neurofunk/liquid roller "Rush" by Blooom [Sic] - but for the most part it's an attractive and colourful affair, rich in tracks that put soulful vocals, kaleidoscopic synth lines, bold trance style melodies and EDM-esque riffs front and centre. Liquidity fans will love it.
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Escapism 4 (unmixed CD)
Cat: LIQUICITYCOMP 009. Rel: 17 Nov 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Flite - "Between Sky 7 Sea"
  2. Feint - "Take It In" (feat Koven - Hybrid Minds remix)
  3. Blue Marble - "Feel Good"
  4. Monrroe - "Dawning" (Technimatic remix)
  5. Edlan - "Horizon"
  6. Dualistic - "Station Six"
  7. Monrroe - "Winters Touch"
  8. Humanature & Tarz - "Connection"
  9. Bachelors Of Science - "Beats Still Own The Rhythm" (Pola & Bryson remix)
  10. Silence Groove - "Autumn Plains"
  11. Nelver - "Save Yourself"
  12. Nymfo - "Apple Tree"
  13. Shiny Radio - "A Million Colours"
  14. Rameses B - "Stranded"
  15. Actraiser - "Glow Worm"
  16. Phaction - "Echo"
Review: When it comes to horizontally minded, soul-soothing drum and bass, few labels are quite as accomplished as Holland's Liquidity. For proof, check this fourth volume in their consistently fine Escapism compilation series. From the moment it begins with the extended ambient build-up and drifting vocal samples of Flite's "Between Sky & Sea", you know you're in for a treat. As you'd expect, the emphasis is on rich musicality throughout, with vocal cuts from the likes of Feint and Monrow being joined by sparkling liquid funk workouts from Edlan, Dualistic, Silence Groove and Blue Marble, whose anthem-like "Feel Good" is arguably the compilation's standout moment.
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Cat: LIQUICITYCOMP 010. Rel: 15 Dec 17
Drum And Bass
  1. Fox Stevenson - "Knowhow"
  2. Dualistic - "Thunder" (feat Menn)
  3. L Plus - "Battleground"
  4. Chinensis - "Emerald Waters" (Zazu remix)
  5. Hybrid Minds - "Inside" (feat Emily Jones)
  6. Smooth - "My Feeling"
  7. FD - "Ambra" (Calibre remix)
  8. Blue Marble - "Sanity" (feat Josh Roa)
  9. Indivision - "Interceptor" (feat Boxplot)
  10. Muzzy - "Lost Forever"
  11. Camo & Krooked - "Dissolve Me" (feat Klei)
  12. Dossa & Locuzzed - "Stoned Love"
  13. Memro - "Altitude" (Maduk remix)
  14. Vandera - "Red Ink"
  15. Feint - "Take It In" (feat Koven - Hybrid Minds remix)
  16. Mohican Sun - "Fixation"
  17. NCT - "Move On"
  18. Flite - "The Cure"
  19. Modest Intentions - "Broken Element"
  20. Feint - "Arrowhead"
  21. Avizura - "When Seasons Change"
  22. LAOS - "I'm Alive (Helsinki II)"
  23. Hybrid Minds - "Lost" (Pola & Bryson remix)
  24. Boxplot - "Effloresce"
  25. Voicians - "Riddle"
  26. Fliwo - "Switch"
  27. Modest Intentions - "Youniverse"
  28. Nelver - "City Lights"
  29. Toronto Is Broken - "Trying To Find Home" (feat Jodie Carnall)
  30. Command Strange - "This Night"
  31. T & Sugah - "Walk Her Way" (feat Amanda)
  32. Bert H & High N Sick - "Hourglass"
  33. Macca & Loz Contreras - "Far From Home" (feat Hannah Eve)
Review: With 2017 drawing to a close, festival organizers turned record label Liquicity deliver their round of the year's best drum & bass tracks. While their style naturally tends towards the "liquid D&B" end of the spectrum, this collection is far more wide-ranging in tone than you might expect. So while there are of course plenty of melodious, head-in-the-clouds moments from Hybrid Minds, FD (brilliantly remixed by Calibre), Kamo & Crooked, Faint and Mohican Sun, the non-stop 33-track mix also boasts a swathe of soaring vocal anthems, synth-heavy smashers, EDM-influenced radio hits and even a dash of punchy jungle revivalism (Smooth's soulful and evocative "My Feeling").
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