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Limited Network US Vinyl & CDs

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Dynamic Allocation
Dynamic Allocation (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LN 009. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Dynamic Allocation (5:00)
Cache Memory (4:45)
Accumulator (5:02)
Data Hierarchy (4:57)
Review: Fresh off his amazing remixes of classic Juan Atkins material, Santiago Salazar is quickly becoming one of thee names in techno on the west coast of America. His latest 12" 'Dynamic Allocation EP', has found its way to have a home on the top-notch Detroit label, Limited Network. The unique title track perfectly blurs the lines between techno and electro brilliantly while 'Cache Memory' succeeds in a classy retro way. For the second side, 'Accumulator' kicks things up a notch with some hi-tech electro business for the dancefloor. Things close out in great fashion on 'Data Hierarchy' which is one of our favorites on this release. Looking for a different take on Detroit styled techno? You found it here in spades.
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 in stock $17.47
Immortal Funk
Cat: LN 008. Rel: 03 Oct 23
Immortal Funk (5:28)
Karma (5:12)
Network Not Found (5:36)
Review: Limited Network's Max Watts has cooked up an EP here that has been written with a very specific use in mind - party rocking and DJ battle deployment. it is fair to say these timeless cuts tap into universal feel-good vibes with opener 'Immortal Funk' a perfectly acrobatic and supple wedge of techno funk. 'Karma' has icy drum machine sounds and 80s electro-funk overtones with bright digital synths and a killer bassline all ensuring you cannot help but move. 'Network Not Found' gets more weird and textured for the afters - the writing acid lines and gurgling dub undercurrents kept down only by a sneaking and cosmic lead synth.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock $21.16
Small Axe EP
Small Axe EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LN 07. Rel: 25 Jul 23
Max Watts - "Small Axe" (4:45)
Max Watts - "Dimensions" (4:27)
Max Watts - "Cherry" (4:06)
Max Watts - "Car Show" (6:03)
Sugarbeats & Structural Claps - "Cauchy" (Edged Out) (3:59)
Review: The new Small Axe EP on Limited Network is "dedicated to the Small Axe band based in Nashville, TN." It's a five-track with four of them by Max Watts, who has a rueful and synth drenched sound on voyaging deep techno opener 'Small Axe'. 'Dimensions' is a slow and heavy house beatdown, then 'Cherry' brings chugging deep house funk and 'Car Show' is a loopy, ramshackle Moodymann-style bit of house voodoo. Sugarbeats & Structural Claps close out with busted loops and off-grid hits of 'Cauchy' (Edged Out).
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 in stock $21.16
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