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Lf Rmx Germany

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LFRMX 009 (transparent vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 009. Rel: 05 Sep 18
  1. 99Letters - "Lazer Beam" (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (5:51)
  2. Austen/Scott - "Space Taxi" (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (5:51)
 in stock $10.62
Cat: LFRMX 003. Rel: 21 Sep 17
  1. Bump Your Head (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (5:34)
  2. Bump Your Head (Len Faki Hardspace Tool) (5:01)
Played by: DJ 3000, Jody Barr
 in stock $10.62
LFRMX 006 (limited transparent vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 006. Rel: 07 Mar 18
  1. Alex Danilov - "Inside" (Len Faki Deepspace mix) (5:55)
  2. Alex Danilov - "Inside" (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (6:17)
  3. Developer - "Lost Moments" (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (6:00)
Played by: Developer
 in stock $10.62
Black Patterns (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 001. Rel: 28 Jun 17
  1. Black Patterns (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (5:45)
  2. Black Patterns (Len Faki Hardspace Tool) (5:45)
 in stock $10.62
LFRMX 005 (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 005. Rel: 24 Jan 18
  1. Philipp Gorbachev - "5th New Century" (Hardspace mix) (5:36)
  2. Philipp Gorbachev - "Lazer" (Hardspace mix) (4:47)
  3. Nocow - "K$$$$" (Hardspace mix) (6:49)
 in stock $10.62
LFRMX 010 (transparent vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 010.
  1. Mr G - "Guidance" (Len Faki Hardspace mix - reprise)
  2. LEX - "Never Give Up" (Len Faki Hardspace mix)
  3. Randomer & Cadans - "Anchor" (Len Faki Hardspace mix)
  4. Ribe - "Outlines" (Len Faki Hardspace mix)
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coming soon $10.88
LFRMX 008 (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 008. Rel: 11 Jul 18
  1. Firedance (The Sunrise) (Hardspace mix) (8:29)
  2. Firedance (The Night) (Hardspace mix) (6:57)
 in stock $10.62
LFRMX 004 (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: LFRMX 004. Rel: 22 Nov 17
  1. GBBVT1337152 (Len Faki Hardspace mix) (6:55)
  2. UK74R1409047 (Len Faki Deepspace mix) (4:35)
Review: Len Faki's LF RMX is a musical platform and a non-profit project at the same time. where he will release edits and remixes of tracks that were originally intended for his DJ sets. In Strassenkinder e.V. he's found an organization dedicated to helping children who live on the streets - and his new edits label found the right partner. The project was founded in 2000 and since then became a facility for Berlin kids in need. For the label's fourth edition he taps Finnish bleep techno hero Aleksi Perala, who in turn gets Faki's respectful edit skills onto them. Starting of with the cerebral and reduced A side cut "GBBVT1337152" (Len Faki Hardspace mix) which is really hypnotic in a Sahko or early Sleeparchive style. On the flip, we have a more energised and high octane stomper in the form of "UK74R1409047" (Len Faki Deepspace mix) which you could really imagine the man playing at one of his acclaimed residencies at Berlin's Berghain.
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 in stock $10.62
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Lf Rmx Germany
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