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Circuses & Bread
Cat: LTM 2510. Rel: 05 Dec 07
  1. Pauline
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Dance II
  4. Hilary
  5. Street Fight
  6. Royal Infirmary
  7. Black Horses
  8. Dance I
  9. Blind Elevator Girl (Osaka)
  10. All That Love & Maths Can Do
  11. I Get Along Without You Very Well
  12. Verbier (For Patti)
  13. The Aftermath
  14. A Silence
  15. Cocktail
  16. Telephone Call
  17. Mirror A
  18. Mirror B
Review: LTM presents 'Circuses And Bread' the new album from The Durutti Column. An expanded release of VINI Reilly's 1983 release features ten bonus tracks, including the rare Japanese single For Noriko/Love Fading, comp. album tracks
Verbiers and The Aftermath, and 4 previously unreleased tracks from the cancelled 1983 album "Short Stories For Pauline". The bonus cuts also include the rarely heard 1983 single 'I Get Along Without You Very Well'(a Hoagy Carmichael cover).
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 in stock $21.95
B9: Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983
B9: Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983 (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: LTMLP 2486. Rel: 09 Jan 14
  1. Kid Montana - "Cabs Ambush"
  2. Tristes Tropiques - "Untitled #1"
  3. Prothese - "Tumeurs"
  4. Rel Rex - "Program"
  5. Digital Dance - "Human Zoo"
  6. Polyphonic Size - "Kyoto"
  7. Satin Wall - "Dans Les Profondeurs"
  8. Tristes Tropiques - "Untitled #2"
  9. Pseudo Code - "Around Midnight"
  10. Slim Jack - "So Sah Gelleck Tissah"
  11. The Names - "Spectators Of Life"
  12. Siglo XX - "Individuality"
  13. Marine - "Life In Reverse"
  14. The Neon Judgement - "Factory Walk"
  15. Nausea - "Vocal Expression"
  16. Isolation Ward - "Lamina Christus"
  17. Front 242 - "Principles" (instrumental)
  18. Allez Allez - "Allez Allez"
  19. Berntholer - "Emotions"
  20. Jung - "The Real Thing"
Review: LTM Recordings offer up an expanded edition of B9: Belgian Cold Wave, the compilation of early Belgian cold wave and primitive electronics originally issued by the iconic Sandwich Records label back in 1981. This deluxe double vinyl pressing expands on that original edition with ten further tracks by Belgian acts that give a more conclusive overview of the country's contribution to the European cold wave moment that swept the continent in the late '70s and early '80s. So along with tracks by Digital Dance, Polyphonic Size, Pseudo Code and Prothese (Daniel 'Front 242' Bressanutti's first recording project) this new edition takes in the works of The Names, Marine, Front 242, The Neon Judgement, Siglo XX, Allez Allez, Berntholer, Nausea, Jung and Isolation Ward. Presented in a gatefold sleeve with new artwork from Victor Vasarely, B9: Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983 also includes detailed sleeve noted and periodical images and will prove all too tempting for those seeking a particularly Belgian focus on Cold Wave.
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 in stock $21.66
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