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Cat: KF 004. Rel: 09 Sep 13
  1. Kick & Flutter
  2. When The Rain Meets The Stones
  3. Kick & Flutter (Soft Rocks Naked remix)
Review: Kinfolk head to Philly for Kinfolk004, welcoming committed vinyl rummager and top notch DJ Billy Werner into the fold. This two track 12" is the apparent end product of that rare occurrence where budding producer sends label unsigned tracks that are actually decent. "Kick & Flutter" is a blinky blue sunrise of a tune, innocent, euphoric and, dare we say, totally Balearic... not retro but timeless. "Where the sea meets the Stones" treads a similar line but with a more incessant acidic undertone. Both perfect for chasing sunrises and sunsets... As is traditional you get a Soft Rocks remix to boot... murmured voices, gentle pulses and psychedelic repetition. Did any of the original make it in there? Just relax and enjoy it...

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The Mirage
The Mirage (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KF 011. Rel: 22 Jan 18
  1. The Mirage
  2. Suni Aki
  3. The Mirage (Soft Rocks remix)
Review: "
After his initial release on World Unknown records way back in 2011 - a tunethat featured on Andrew Weatherall's Ministry Of Sound 'Masterpiece' 2012 compilation - Kalidasa has also released music via Magic Feet and Tusk Wax.

This latest release sees him ploughing along a similar musical line.

'The Mirage' and 'Sun Aki' are both tracks for those who like to chug-along to the more refined, no frills tunes that do exactly what they say on the tin. Both are perfect spaced out and otherworldly grooves for strobe filled and lazer infused dark basements.

Soft Rocks throw around some magical dust on the flip for their 'Sun goes up, Sun goes down' remix which sees them turn 'The Mirage' into a 9 minute time lapse venturing from an early morning ambient start through to a pulsating electronic drive through the stars.


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Sunset Over Santorini
Sunset Over Santorini (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KF 010. Rel: 22 Jan 18
  1. Sunset Over Santorini
  2. Sunset Over Santorini (Nad remix)
Review: "Kinfolk returns after a long hiatus with an outstanding release from the mighty Mind Fair donning their newly invented 'Sundown Drive' hats.

'Sunset over Santorini' is a sonic brew of percussion, guitars, jazz-funk keys and heavenly vox that's all kept together with a driving shuffle that brings to mind the more experimental Leftfield disco sounds of 70's NYC and beyond.

On The flip Dan 'Nad' Tyler delivers a wacked-out remix monster that takes it deep into a Norwegian via Homerton disco-dub-not disco-dub vortex of truly epic proportions that will twist your body, mind & soul as it ventures in and out of the groove laden original.

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Cat: KF 008. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Do That Dance
  2. The Thirteenth Roll In A Bakers Dozen
  3. 10 Dollars
  4. 10 Dollars (Soft Rocks 'Tactical Assault' remix)
Review: New Yorker Elliot Taub graces this 8th Kinfolk release with 3 trax of varying intesity. 'Do That Dance' is an uptempo melodic bass and synth heavy dancefloor jam. 'Thirteenth Roll in A Bakers Dozen' takes a slower spaced out route. '10 Dollars' conitnues in the same mode but this time with guitar and a super heavy synth line pushing the driving force along and finally Soft Rocks grab a hold of '10 Dollars' and turn it into a John Carpenter-esque electro groover.
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