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Karat France

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En Ruines (12")
Cat: KARAT 58. Rel: 10 May 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. En Ruines (7:09)
  2. En Ruines (Toba remix) (6:12)
  3. En Ruines (Jef K & Mikael Weill remix) (6:39)
  4. En Ruines (Metaboman remix) (5:36)
 in stock $9.73
EP (12")
Cat: KARAT 59. Rel: 17 Sep 18
  1. Sugar Cane (6:00)
  2. The Void (4:38)
  3. Sad Days (5:40)
  4. Noar (6:17)
Review: There's plenty to set the pulse racing on the latest EP from long-serving electro producer Automat, whose recent outing on Brokntoys is also well worth a listen. Opener "Sugar Cane" eases us in gently, with the French producer opting for a slow and sanguine deep electro flavour, before the chunky and pleasingly spacey analogue deep house/electro fusion of "The Void" begins to get the blood pumping. Peak-time pressure arrives on B-side opener "Sad Days", where wild acid lines and rubbery machine bass drive a ghetto-tech style electro rhythm forwards at a frenetic pace, while closer "Noar" is a post-apocalyptic slab of clandestine, industrial electro darkness.
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 in stock $10.00
 in stock $8.41
Cat: KARAT 32. Rel: 01 Nov 07
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Sonja Moonear - "99 Erikas"
  2. Ark - "Chantier"
  3. Noze - "2002"
  4. Vita - "Carefully Hiding" (feat Erika)
Review: Here comes the Katapult various artists 'Vol 3 Sampler 2', extracted from the compilation released last February. This record contains
4 well-worked and inspired tracks. First Sonja Moonear who tells us the story of a bloody sinking ship, the famous 'Erika'. Sonja is part
of Junction sm with Dandy Jack, here she delivers a dark theme but without heaviness, a serious groove! Then Ark, true to his non-
conformism, executes a rare house piece, that can be related to Herbert's 'Big Times', something between abstraction and jazzy house.
A masterpiece! Noze are the band that shakes the crowd all around the planet with their crazy live-acts, here we have their purest
electronic track with no vocals, deep instrumental with fat funky keys at the end. Then Vita aka Mikael Stavostrand, well known from
the house scene to the more experimental one, delights us in a sweet but tempered beautiful vocal track. Enjoy.
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 in stock $12.10
Cat: KARAT 54. Rel: 20 May 14
Deep House
  1. Cougar
  2. Do You Like My Soothing Voice
  3. I’m Gonna Show You (feat Mz Sunday Luv)
 in stock $8.16
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Karat France
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