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Confirmation Bias EP
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Confirmation Bias EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JKH 001. Rel: 29 Aug 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Half Life
  2. Wormhole
  3. Confirmation Bias
  4. Once Again We Meet At Last
Review: Jack's House Recordingslaunched by long serving island resident DJ and producer Clara Da Costa, is a new label born out of Ibiza, which also boasts a successful weekly prime time live radio show that focuses mainly on exclusives and vinyl releases, broadcasted on the award winning Ibiza Sonica. Jack's House also hosts parties at the worlds most famous club, Space for Carl Cox. This first release comes from the talented and well respected, Alex Arnout from Dogmatik Records. Alex has had numerous releases over the years on many other respected labels such as One Records and the Fuse imprint. He is also known for launching, nurturing and finding good talent. This 4 track EP fully demonstrates Alex's versatility in the studio by offering 4 distinctive quality productions which can only be described as true house, and underground house music, made with integrity.
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Jacks Tracks VA Vol 02
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Jacks Tracks VA Vol 02 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JKH 008. Rel: 25 Dec 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Alex Arnout - "Hypersomnia"
  2. Tuccillo - "Another Day"
  3. Terry Francis - "Jua"
  4. Kilian Vega - "Ardour"
Review: The second series of Jacks Tracks VA Vol 2 presents 4 distinctively different tracks from both established and upcoming talent. First up on the A side is Alex Arnout from Dogmatik Records with Hypersomnia, which is a tough rolling number with haunting subtle keys laid over the top. Then A2, the talented Tuccillo from Unblock with his track Another Day brings a deep skippy house vibe with some cool vocal snippets over the top driven by its baseline. On the B side are more Tech House flavours and Fabric resident legend Terry Francis presents Jua which is a timeless House number previously unreleased , now signed and ready for an official vinyl release. Last but not least, young new talent Kilian Vega with Ardour, a groovy infectious rolling underground house vibe. In short, an EP with 4 strong individual tracks from sincere and dedicated music makers.

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Played by: Clara Da Costa
Head Trip EP
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Head Trip EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JKH 003. Rel: 22 May 17
Deep House
  1. Head Trip
  2. Down The Street
  3. You Are My Groove
Review: The Two Diggers project has been steadily increasing in productivity since first emerging in 2015, and now it makes the move to Jack's House Recordings with this no-nonsense three-tracker. "Head Trip" keeps things simple but utterly effective with a crisp beat, subby bassline and catchy lead arpeggio, while "Down The Street" takes a groovier, albeit equally stripped back, approach. "You Are My Groove" spreads itself across the B-side with a brighter disposition that lets warm and soulful samples slip in between the classic house rhythms. If you're looking for straight-up jams that will do the business on the floor, look no further.
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Jacks Tracks VA Vol 01
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Jacks Tracks VA Vol 01 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JKH 007. Rel: 20 Nov 17
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Two Diggers - "Trick Me"
  2. James Dexter - "Cables"
  3. 2VILAS - "Verve"
  4. Miffy & Miller - "Vertiver"
Review: Celebrating a year since the birth of Jack's House recordings is the perfect time to introduce JACKS TRACKS VA series. Volume 1 includes tracks from established and new talent with Two Diggers from France with previous release Head Trip on the label plus releases on Djebali, Organic and more, 2VILAS (Wax Igsud) from Ibiza also with releases on Organic and Isla Records , James Dexter (Inermu) from the UK with releases also on Cyclic, Dessous and Poker Flat. Last but by no means least, Miffy & Miller (Real Gang) also from the UK with a previous release on In Haus Wax. A 4 track EP of solid underground house tracks from dedicated talented music makers.

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