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Interscope US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Interscope US
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A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: DRYHB 0029122011. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The 1975 (1:30)
Give Yourself A Try (3:17)
How To Draw/Petrichor (5:46)
Love It If We Made It (4:12)
Be My Mistake (4:08)
Sincerity Is Scary (3:46)
I Like America & America Likes Me (3:26)
The Man Who Married A Robot/Love Theme (3:24)
Inside Your Mind (3:39)
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) (4:07)
Surrounded By Heads & Bodies (3:51)
Mine (4:04)
I Couldn't Be More In Love (3:48)
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) (5:11)
 in stock $48.32
Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2xLP + insert)
Cat: INTE 493544. Rel: 06 Feb 03
Hip Hop/R&B
What Up Gangsta
Patiently Waiting (feat Eminem)
Many Men (Wish Death)
In Da Club
High All The Time
If I Can't
Blood Hound (feat Young Buck Of G Unit)
Back Down
Like My Style (feat Tony Yayo Of G Unit)
Poor Lil Rich
21 Questions (feat Nate Dogg)
Don't Push Me (feat Lloyd Banks Of G Unit & Eminem)
Gotta Make It To Heaven
 in stock $37.28
Free 6lack
Cat: B 002630801. Rel: 24 Mar 17
Hip Hop/R&B
Never Know (4:04)
Rules (3:31)
PRBLMS (4:05)
Free (4:21)
Learn Ya (3:36)
MTFU (3:25)
Luving U (1:55)
Gettin' Old (1:38)
Worst Luck (1:33)
Ex Calling (1:36)
Alone/EA6 (4:14)
 in stock $36.51
Good Riddance (Deluxe Edition)
Good Riddance (Deluxe Edition) (limited gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455 297716. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Best (3:54)
I Know It Won't Work (4:04)
Full Machine (4:16)
Where Do We Go Now? (4:01)
I Should Hate You (4:17)
Will You Cry? (3:45)
Amelie (4:17)
Difficult (4:20)
This Is What The Drugs Are For (4:05)
Fault Line (4:24)
The Blue (5:00)
Right Now (5:42)
Block Me Out (4:08)
Unsteady (4:10)
405 (3:00)
Two People (4:07)
 in stock $46.22
Fountain Baby
Fountain Baby (gatefold silver vinyl LP)
Cat: ISCB 003731401. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Hip Hop/R&B
All My Love (0:57)
Angels In Tibet (2:13)
Co-Star (2:32)
Princess Going Digital (3:17)
Big Steppa (2:51)
Reckless & Sweet (2:55)
Wasted Eyes (2:06)
Counterfeit (2:35)
Disguise (2:54)
Sex, Violence, Suicide (2:30)
Sociopathic Dance Queen (1:39)
Aquamarine Luvs Ecstasy (2:17)
Water From Wine (4:33)
Come Home To God (2:34)
Review: Ghanaian singer-songwriter Amaarae presents a unique style with her second album Fountain Baby - mixing up R&B, Jersey bounce, amapiano, dancehall and more for a bedevilled, high-pitched modern weirdo opus. All tempered by its angelic pop production, which bolsters its stark vocal aura, Amaarae is rightfully deserving of the praise for this experiment. Its staunch queer identity goes hand-in-hand with its sonic playfulness, a synergy which we also hear in the lyrics throughout, be that via its girlbossy shattering of binaries ('Princess Going Digital'), or the obliteration of hegemony in basic party spaces ('Sociopathic Dance Queen').
Read more
 in stock $43.07
1991 EP
1991 EP (12")
Cat: INT 1700201. Rel: 05 Jul 12
Hip Hop/R&B
212 (feat Lazy Jay)
Van Vogue
 in stock $16.55
1991 EP (B-STOCK)
Cat: INT 1700201 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
212 (feat Lazy Jay)
Van Vogue
 in stock $12.08
A Mary Christmas (Anniversary Edition)
A Mary Christmas (Anniversary Edition) (gatefold translucent green vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455 928054. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Little Drummer Boy (4:06)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4:35)
My Favorite Things (3:45)
This Christmas (3:11)
The Christmas Song (3:50)
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (2:29)
When You Wish Upon A Star (feat Chris Botti - duet with Barbra Streisand) (3:37)
Mary, Did You Know (3:47)
Do You Hear What I Hear? (duet with Jessie J) (4:20)
Petit Papa Noel (3:58)
The First Noel (duet with The Clark Sisters) (4:20)
Noche De Paz (Silent Night) (duet with Marc Anthony) (3:27)
Winter Wonderland (2:48)
Silent Night (4:11)
O Holy Night (3:54)
Do You Hear What I Hear? (Solo) (4:20)
 in stock $40.96
The Record
The Record (limited gatefold beige & pink swirl vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: IMT 5506742. Rel: 25 May 23
Without You Without Them (3:01)
$20 (1:44)
Emily I'm Sorry (3:32)
True Blue (4:57)
Cool About It (2:59)
Not Strong Enough (4:05)
Revolution 0 (4:17)
Leonard Cohen (1:37)
Satanist (4:54)
We're In Love (4:43)
Anti-Curse (3:28)
Letter To An Old Poet (2:46)
 in stock $65.41
Born Sinner
Cat: JCDVB 003768301. Rel: 14 Jun 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Kerney Sermon (skit)
Land Of The Snakes
Power Trip (feat Miguel)
Mo Money (interlude) (1:29)
Trouble (4:13)
Runaway (5:15)
She Knows (feat Amber Coffman) (4:59)
Rich N****z (skit) (0:22)
Where's Jermaine? (feat Kendrick Lemar) (4:22)
Forbidden Fruit (5:04)
Chaining Day (4:37)
Ain't That Some S*** (interlude) (2:35)
Crooked Smile (feat TLC) (4:36)
Let Nas Down (4:39)
Born Sinner (feat @Fauntleroy) (3:32)
 in stock $37.29
Cat: INT 2095001. Rel: 16 Jun 14
Cruel World
Shades Of Cool
Brooklyn Baby
West Coast
Sad Girl
Pretty When You Cry
Money Power Glory
****** My Way Up To The Top
Old Money
The Other Woman
 in stock $43.34
The Slim Shady LP
Cat: INTE 90287. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
Public Service Announcement
My Name Is
Guilty Conscience
Brain Damage
If I Had
97' Bonnie & Clyde
Role Model
My Fault
Ken Kaniff
Cum On Everybody
Rock Bottom
Just Don't Give A...
Ads The World
I'm Shady
Bad Meets Evil
Still Don't Give A...
 in stock $37.29
The Marshall Mathers LP
Cat: 0694906291. Rel: 15 Sep 08
Hip Hop/R&B
Public Service Announcement 2000
Kill You
Stan (feat Dido)
Paul (skit)
Who Knew
Steve Berman
The Way I Am
The Real Slim Shady
Remember Me? (feat RBX & Sticky Fingaz)
I'm Back
Marshall Mathers
Ken Kaniff (skit)
Drug Ballad
Amityville (feat Bizarre from D 12)
B**** Please II (feat Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit & Nate Dogg)
Under The Influence (feat D 12)
 in stock $42.02
I Care So Much That I Dont Care At All
I Care So Much That I Dont Care At All (translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: ISCB 0037900011. Rel: 01 Sep 23
Oh Are You Bipolar One Or Two? (3:26)
As If (3:11)
17250 (2:31)
Pardee Urgent Care (2:19)
The Car (3:00)
I Care So Much That I Dont Care At All (1:42)
All I Do Is Try My Best (2:50)
I'm Nothing Thats All I Am (2:57)
The Prom (2:11)
Tiziana (3:12)
Ive Made Worse Mistakes (2:31)
The Good The Bad The Olga (2:17)
2005 Barbie Doll (3:09)
 in stock $36.76
Halcyon Days
Cat: INT 1766001. Rel: 09 Nov 12
Don't Say A Word
My Blood
Anything Could Happen
Only You
Figure 8
Hanging On
I Know You Care
Dead In The Water
I Need Your Love (feat Calvin Harris - bonus track)
Lights (single version - bonus track)
 in stock $35.98
Higher Than Heaven
Higher Than Heaven (limited eco vinyl LP + insert + autographed print (indie exclusive))
Cat: I 4880800. Rel: 25 May 23
Midnight Dreams (3:13)
Cure For Love (2:57)
By The End Of The Night (3:07)
Like A Saviour (3:42)
Love Goes On (3:48)
Easy Love (feat Big Sean) (3:35)
Higher Than Heaven (3:29)
Let It Die (2:47)
Waiting For It (3:19)
Just For You (3:05)
How Long (3:39)
 in stock $54.63
Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 602547 198518. Rel: 16 Feb 15
Smoke & Mirrors
I'm So Sorry
I Bet My Life
It Comes Back To You
Hopeless Opus
The Fall
Battle Cry
Who We Are
 in stock $52.52
Smoke & Mirrors (Deluxe Edition)
Smoke & Mirrors (Deluxe Edition) (gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: INT 2419201. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Shots (3:53)
Gold (3:36)
Smoke & Mirrors (4:19)
I'm So Sorry (3:50)
I Bet My Life (3:15)
Polaroid (3:51)
Friction (3:22)
It Comes Back To You (3:32)
Dream (4:16)
Trouble (3:13)
Summer (3:38)
Hopeless Opus (4:02)
The Fall (5:59)
Thief (3:47)
The Unknown (3:22)
Second Chances (3:36)
Release (2:28)
Warriors (2:50)
Battle Cry (4:32)
Monster (4:08)
Who We Are (4:12)
 in stock $43.34
4 Your Eyez Only
4 Your Eyez Only (gatefold LP)
Cat: 060255 7387766. Rel: 11 Jul 23
Hip Hop/R&B
For Whom The Bell Tolls (2:05)
Immortal (3:22)
Deja Vu (4:19)
Vile Mentality (3:15)
She's Mine (part 1) (3:29)
Change (5:27)
Neighbors (3:36)
Foldin Clothes (5:17)
She's Mine (part 2) (4:39)
4 Your Eyez Only (8:40)
 in stock $40.19
The Forever Story
Cat: 486091 9. Rel: 22 Dec 22
Hip Hop/R&B
Galaxy (2:35)
Raydar (1:39)
Dance Now (feat Kenny Mason) (3:52)
Crack Sandwich (4:56)
Can't Punk Me (feat EarthGang) (3:20)
Surround Sound (feat 21 Savage & Baby Tate) (4:17)
Kody Blu 31 (3:23)
Bruddanem (feat Lil Durk) (3:59)
Sistanem (6:02)
Can't Make U Change (feat Ari Lennox) (4:48)
Stars (Yasiin Bey & BadBadNotGood) (4:24)
Just In Time (feat Lil Wayne & Kenny Mason) (3:25)
Money (4:27)
Better Days (feat Johnta Austin) (4:12)
Lauder Too (feat Rayvn Lenae & Eryn Allen Kane) (3:55)
Review: JID's newest album The Forever Story is big on guests with the likes of heavyweight names Yasiin Bey, Lil Wayne, and more all featuring. The Grammy-nominated rapper from Atlanta is one of the best of the current crop with a diehard fan base and this 15 track record will only add to that. It's a storytelling work with some next-level wordplay and lyricism all delivered over chopped up samples and head-nodding, compelling beat work. As long as the new cuts, previously released tracks 'Dance Now' and 'Surround Sound' also feature.
Read more
 in stock $44.65
Red Moon In Venus
Red Moon In Venus (limited red vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: B 003662001. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Hip Hop/R&B
In My Garden (0:25)
I Wish You Roses (3:36)
Worth The Wait (feat Omar Apollo) (2:31)
Love Between (2:30)
All Mine (3:28)
Fantasy (feat Don Toliver) (3:01)
Amanecer (2:10)
Hasta Cuando (2:11)
Endlessly (2:36)
Moral Conscience (3:33)
Not Too Late (interlude) (2:35)
Blue (3:12)
Deserve Me (feat Summer Walker) (4:22)
Moonlight (3:12)
Happy Now (3:56)
Review: Kali Uchis returns with her third studio album, Red Moon In Venus, locking in a fresh continuation of the Colombian-American singer and songwriter's vision in r&b. Described by Uchis as a "timeless, burning expression of desire, heartbreak, faith, and honesty," the album reflects "the divine femininity of the moon and Venus," drawing on astrology and lunar-cyclical blood rites as core themes. Omar Apollo, Don Toliver and Summer Walker feature, while is the lead single 'I Wish You Roses' is the undeniable standout - a visually spectacular slow jam about killing cruelty and depression with kindness.
Read more
 in stock $43.86
Sonder (Alternative Cover)
Sonder (Alternative Cover) (limited LP + insert)
Cat: 602448084378. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Any Love (2:14)
Something To Someone (3:16)
Kiss Me (3:47)
Dreamer (3:01)
Innocence & Sadness (4:06)
Divide (3:24)
Homeward (3:36)
One Life (3:57)
Better Days (3:17)
Already Gone (2:39)
Blossom (2:36)
 in stock $34.66
The Fame
The Fame (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: B 001150801. Rel: 29 Oct 08
Just Dance (feat Colby O'Donis)
Poker Face
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
The Fame
Money Honey
Starstruck (feat Space Cowboy & Flo Rida)
Boys Boys Boys
Paper Gangsta
Brown Eyes
I Like It Rough
 in stock $39.66
Born This Way: The Tenth Anniversary
Cat: ISCB 003433204. Rel: 02 Sep 21
Marry The Night (4:47)
Born This Way (4:24)
Goverment Hooker (4:20)
Judas (4:15)
Americano (4:11)
Hair (5:14)
Scheibe (3:51)
Bloody Mary (4:15)
Bad Kids (3:57)
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) (4:20)
Heavy Metal Lover (4:08)
Electric Chapel (4:19)
You & I (5:23)
The Edge Of Glory (5:18)
Kylie Minogue - "Marry The Night" (4:35)
Big Freedia - "Judas" (4:12)
The Highwomen - "Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)" (3:39)
Ben Platt - "You & I" (4:48)
Years & Years - "The Edge Of Glory" (4:04)
Orville Peck - "Born This Way" (The Country Road version) (4:22)
 in stock $31.50
Matangi (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ISCB00 19325011. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
Only 1 U
Come Walk With Me
Exodus (feat The Weeknd)
Bad Girls
Boom Skit
Double Bubble Trouble
Bring The Noize
Know It Ain't Right
Sexodus (feat The Weeknd)
 in stock $32.75
Aim (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 602557 164015. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Borders (4:19)
Go Off (3:06)
Bird Song (with Blaqstarr) (2:57)
Jump In (2:24)
Freedun (feat Zayn) (4:39)
Foreign Friend (feat Dexta Daps) (4:24)
Finally (2:59)
AMP (All My People) (3:21)
Ali R U OK? (3:30)
Visa (2:51)
Fly Pirate (2:27)
Survivor (2:59)
Bird Song (with Diplo) (3:27)
The New International Sound (part 2 - feat Gener8ion) (3:29)
Swords (2:23)
Talk (2:23)
Platforms (2:39)
 in stock $42.02
Antipop (reissue)
Antipop (reissue) (180 gram audiophile 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: B 002685401. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Intro (0:17)
Electric Uncle Sam (2:54)
Natural Joe (4:13)
Laquer Head (3:57)
The Antipop (5:27)
Eclectic Electric (8:25)
Greet The Sacred Cow (5:09)
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool (4:57)
Dirty Drowning Man (4:48)
Ballad Of Bodacious (3:28)
Power Mad (3:42)
The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky (5:36)
Coattails Of A Dead Man (10:01)
 in stock $44.65
Tales From The Punchbowl (reissue)
Tales From The Punchbowl (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: B 002685501. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Professor Nutbutter's House Of Treats (7:13)
Mrs Blaileen (3:20)
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver (4:25)
Southbound Pachyderm (6:23)
Space Farm (1:45)
Year Of The Parrot (5:48)
Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From) (3:00)
Glass Sandwich (4:04)
Del Davis Tree Farm (3:24)
De Anza Jig (2:25)
On The Tweek Again (4:41)
Over The Electric Grapevine (6:18)
Captain Shiner (1:14)
 in stock $45.44
Rhinoplasty (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl double 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: B 002908901. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Scissor Man (5:02)
The Family & The Fishing Net (6:26)
Silly Putty (4:19)
Amos Moses (3:08)
Behind My Camel (2:44)
Too Many Puppies (3:02)
The Thing That Should Not Be (6:38)
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (3:52)
Tommy The Cat (live) (8:56)
Bob's Party Time Lounge (live) (7:34)
 in stock $44.65
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese (Deluxe)
Cat: B 001823301. Rel: 26 Jul 13
Seas Of Cheese
Here Comes The Bastards
Sgt Baker
American Life
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
Is It Luck?
Grandad's Little Ditty
Tommy The Cat
Sathington Waltz
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Fish On (Fisherman Chronicles Chapter II)
Los Bastardos
 in stock $38.09
Snow Angel
Snow Angel (gatefold bottle green clear vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602455 903310. Rel: 04 Oct 23
Talk Too Much (3:17)
I Hate Boston (2:53)
Poison Poison (3:12)
Gemini Moon (2:40)
Snow Angel (3:39)
So What Now (2:51)
The Wedding Song (3:02)
Pretty Girls (2:26)
Tummy Hurts (2:48)
I Wish (3:42)
Willow (2:42)
23 (3:20)
 in stock $35.72
Honey (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: B 002935901. Rel: 23 Apr 19
Missing U (4:56)
Human Being (3:43)
Because It's In The Music (4:30)
Baby Forgive Me (4:19)
Send To Robin Immediately (3:56)
Honey (4:53)
Between The Lines (4:03)
Beach 2K20 (5:28)
Ever Again (4:22)
 in stock $34.14
Multitude (limited white vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 602445 147557.
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coming soon $52.52
(No payment required now - pay when released)
Moulin Rouge (Soundtrack)
Cat: B 002671901. Rel: 06 Oct 17
David Bowie - "Nature Boy" (3:20)
Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink - "Lady Marmalade" (4:26)
Fatboy Slim - "Because We Can" (3:38)
Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Natalie Mendoza, Lara Mulcahy, Caroline O'Connor - "Sparkling Diamonds" (2:43)
Valeria - "Rhythm Of The Night" (3:52)
Ewan McGregor, Alessandro Safina - "Your Song" (3:34)
Bono, Gavin Friday, Maurice Seezer - "Children Of The Revolution" (3:02)
Nicole Kidman - "One Day I'll Fly Away" (3:07)
Beck - "Diamond Dogs" (4:33)
Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, Jamie Allen - "Elephant Love" (Medley) (4:14)
Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor - "Come What May" (4:47)
Jose Feliciano, Ewan McGregor, Jacek Koman - "El Tango De Roxanne" (4:42)
Rufus Wainwright - "Complainte De La Butte" (3:06)
John Leguizamo, Nicole Kidman, Alka Yagnik - "Hindi Sad Diamonds" (3:28)
David Bowie, Massive Attack - "Nature Boy" (3:57)
 in stock $35.72
Fever To Tell (remastered)
Fever To Tell (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert + newspaper)
Cat: B 002727001. Rel: 07 Dec 17
Rich (3:31)
Date With The Night (2:34)
Man (1:49)
Tick (1:48)
Black Tongue (2:58)
Pin (2:00)
Cold Light (2:15)
No No No (5:14)
Maps (3:28)
Y Control (4:07)
Modern Romance (3:20)
Poor Song (3:00)
 in stock $30.99
Clarity (Deluxe)
Clarity (Deluxe) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ISCB 0018814011. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Electro House
Hourglass (feat LIZ)
Shave It Up
Spectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
Lost At Sea (feat Ryan Tedder)
Clarity (feat Foxes)
Lucky Date & Zedd - "Fall Into The Sky" (feat Ellie Goulding)
Follow You Down (feat Bright Lights)
Stay The Night (feat Hayley Williams Of Paramore)
Push Play (feat Miriam Bryant)
Empire Of The Sun & Zedd - "Alive"
Skrillex & The Doors - "Breakn' A Sweat" (Zedd remix)
 in stock $44.65
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