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 in stock $9.62
Evolve (12")
Cat: HUSH 01/64534. Rel: 21 Nov 11
  1. Evolve
  2. Submerge
Review: A welcome return to the techno game for DVS1 who opens proceedings on his own newly minted Hush imprint in superlative fashion, laying down a double dose of creeping, minimalist Detroit machine funkers. "Evolve" is an prime experiment in mind altering rhythmic sensations, steadily drawing out wave after wave of devious analogue flourishes amidst paranoia inducing skittering percussion and perennially menacing bass throbs. Always undulating but never exploding, "Evolve" is a near perfect example of DVS1's craft. It is complemented by the aptly titled "Submerge" with the liquefied chords providing some expansive beauty amidst the tightly wound groove and tropical rainstorm of percussion.
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Distress EP
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 in stock $9.62
Cat: HUSH 03. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Distress
  2. Traverse
  3. Balance
  4. Marching On
Review: There was a gap of some three years between the first and second release from DVS1 on his own HUSH label, with Zak Khutoretsky seemingly focusing on building his profile via remixes for Nina Kraviz, Terrence Dixon and D'Marc Cantu and as a curator of HUSH sublabel Mistress Recordings. However it seems Khutoretsky has also been busy in the studio as a third HUSH release arrives just a few months on from Lost Myself. DVS1 fans will be all over Distress which brandishes four more excursions in precision tooled machine funk with "Traverse" and "Marching On" particularly alien in their execution.
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Lost Myself
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 in stock $9.35
Cat: HUSH 02. Rel: 24 Mar 14
  1. Lost Myself
  2. SOS
Review: DVS1's Hush imprint has been so quiet since the US techno producer christened it with a 12" of his own tracks back in 2011 we thought it had shut up shop, much like his solo productions, which have taken a back seat to remixes in the same timeframe. Thankfully, Lost Myself sees the producer reinvigorate the label with two brand new productions, which show just how much his lean, minimal approach has been missed. "Lost Myself" is little more than a taut arpeggiated synth line, held together with the barest of rhythms and some impressive sound design, while "SOS" takes things into more heady territory, with a swirling mass of metallic tones and ambient textures surrounding his sharpened percussive tones.
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Hush 20
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 in stock $20.62
Hush 20 (double 12" + 10" repress)
Cat: HUSH 04. Rel: 16 Oct 17
  1. Decreasing (5:39)
  2. Lower (6:09)
  3. Watchtower (6:46)
  4. Rise (6:33)
  5. Coding (6:14)
  6. The Chase (7:08)
  7. It's All About (6:01)
  8. Nineteenninetysix (6:17)
Review: On this expansive release, Zak "DVS1" Khutoretsky is not messing around. Over the course of two 12" records and a 10", the Minneapolis-raised producer delivers no less than eight late night techno workouts. With such a plethora of fine cuts to choose from, picking highlights is tricky. We're particularly enjoying the chiming, early morning roller that is "Decreasing", the Hoover bass-propelled madness of "Watchtower" and the bounding, rave-influenced stomp of "Coding", though the acid-fired wildness of "Rise" is also impressive. Arguably best of all, though, is "It's All About", an atmospheric, stripped-back techno shuffler full of delay-laden vocal samples and repetitive, dubbed-out electronic riffs.
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