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Holuzam Portugal

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Cat: ZAM 002. Rel: 13 Aug 18
  1. Taipei Disco (11:16)
  2. Taipei Disco (live) (8:38)
  3. Red Mambo (Impromptu) (6:53)
Review: Conceived and composed in China between 89 and 93, brothers Antonio and Manuela Duarte created this beguiling collection in the midst of culture flux. The stories behind both versions of "Taipei Disco" and "Red Mambo" are well worth seeking out; the former is inspired the late 80s Guangzhou underground nightlife while the later is rich fusion of Chinese, Portuguese and African elements with influence from many decorated Capeverdian musicians. Spacy, charming and delicate in places, almost 30 years later these still sound like they're from tomorrow.
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 in stock $13.06
Belzebu (remastered) (LP + CD + inserts)
Cat: ZAM 001. Rel: 13 Aug 18
  1. Rotas/Opera/Tenet (19:33)
  2. Arepo/Sator (14:23)
  3. Belzebu 0
Review: Belzeblu was the second album released by Portugese duo, Telectu. Jorge Lima Barreto and Vitor Rua are not cited often enough when the discussion turns to avant-garde electronics, but this wonderfully timed reissue from Portugal's Holuzam should help to shed more light on these two talented producers from the early 80s. Miles ahead of everyone else back then - most peeps were focused on a neo-romantic tip - their music arguably sounds more relevant today than it did back then, particularly for their characteristically off-kilter use of synths and aqueous sounds. As can be heard on the opening "Rotas/Opera/Tenet", the synths sprawl out and find a life of their own in the absence of beats, while "Arepo/Sator" is on some proto-house flex like the sounds of pioneers like Manuel Gottsching of Ash Ra Temple - a real beauty of a track that should not be overlooked. As a final dose of synths, "Belzeblu 0" toys with bleeps and what appear to be modular patterns sent into total chaos. We think this is excellent and, as such, comes heavily recommended.
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 in stock $23.15
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


Holuzam Portugal
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