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Hertz-schrittmacher/kernkrach Germany

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Microcosmos (limited hand-numbered grey marbled vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: HERTZ 048. Rel: 06 Dec 17
  1. Cluster (3:22)
  2. Systeme (3:32)
  3. Pulsar (4:12)
  4. Binary (3:38)
  5. Projectile (4:38)
  6. Welt (4:17)
  7. Second Sun (3:11)
  8. Hangover (3:34)
  9. Visitor (3:42)
  10. Microcosmos (2:21)
  11. Temperature Is Rising (3:46)
  12. Lifetime (3:25)
  13. Forever (2:39)
 in stock $22.95
Auf Und Davon (limited hand-numbered heavyweight coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: HERTZ 049. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Kein Sex In Moskau (4:11)
  2. Dauerschleife (3:19)
  3. Hochhausdach (5:01)
  4. Ohne Grund (3:01)
  5. Maschinenmann (3:25)
  6. Traum Oder Wirklichkeit (3:11)
  7. Abgerolltes Klopapier (2:20)
  8. Synthetik (3:45)
  9. In Der Fremde (2:57)
  10. Spiel Mit Mir (3:29)
  11. Auf Und Davon (3:38)
 in stock $23.22
Druschba (limted hand-numbered heavyweight marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: HERTZ 035. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Genug Ist Genug
  2. Pervitin 2.1
  3. Kontrolle Ist Besser!
  4. 15:43
  5. Irgendwie Depriviert
  6. Leichter Hang Zum Defatismus
  7. Nichts Ist Fur Die Ewigkeit
  8. Tick Tick Tick
  9. Form Folgt Funktion
  10. Song 047
  11. Rest
  12. Plastination
 in stock $15.92
Draussen (hand-numbered 180 gram coloured vinyl LP + 6 photographs)
Cat: HERTZ 040. Rel: 12 Aug 14
  1. Uberall Schon
  2. Betrug
  3. Bedeutung
  4. Vertragen
  5. Die Grosse Ruhe
  6. Meisterstucke
  7. Das Ganze
  8. Das Urteil
  9. Keine Farben
  10. Wahrheit
  11. Die Einzige Welt
Review: There's not much information out there about Soundlego, but their music more than speaks for itself as touches of Italo, coldwave and electro get distilled down into bright and brash constructs brimming with playful creativity. At times it gets feisty and downright bonkers (see the rollercoaster ride of Philly strings and liquid funk "Die Grosse Ruhe"), and in other places a more house influenced focus comes into play (as on the eminently bouncy "Meisterstucke"). Through the myriad styles touched upon by Soundlego, there is undoubtedly something to inspire any electronic music-attuned head on Draussen.
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 in stock $15.92
Zeichen Der Zeit (numbered 7" + inserts limited to 200 copies)
Cat: HERTZ 2000. Rel: 15 Jan 18
  1. Zeichen Der Zeit (UFO Hawaii mix) (3:31)
  2. Zeichen Der Zeit (Fred Und Luna mix) (3:21)
Review: Achim Dauerfisch, Achim Treu, Doc Troid, Kunstler Treu are all part of the oddball crew known as UFO Hawaii, an outfit specialising in all things to the left of field, and that means anything from post-punk to exotica, and beyond! Here, they appear as remixers, predictably remixing their own tune, the wacky "Zeichen Der Zeit", into a zesty little coldwave monster for the Neo-romantics and B-side diggers alike! The second remix comes from Fred und Luna, a fictional duet invented by outsider Rainer Buchmuller, who quickly drops his own vocal love on Hawaii's already bizarre original cut. As you'd expect, the results are fabulous, and surely give hope to all those thinking that post-punk is dead.
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 in stock $10.96
Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1


Hertz-schrittmacher/kernkrach Germany
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