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Cat: HURTXCD 133. Rel: 19 Mar 15
  1. Share The Night - "World Premiere" (original club 12" mix)
  2. Lukk - "On The One" (feat Felicia Collins - original club vocal 12" mix)
  3. The Affair - "Please Don't Break My Heart" (feat Alyson - original club vocal 12" mix)
  4. Monyaka - "Go Deh Yaka (Go To The Top)" (original club 12" mix)
  5. Africali - "Ayiko Bia" (original club instrumental 12" mix)
  6. Main Attraction - "(Don't Be) Lost For Words" (original club vocal 12" mix)
  7. Hot Streak - "Body Work" (original club vocal 12" mix)
  8. Sleeque - "One For The Dub" (original club 12" mix)
  9. MSQII - "Too Much" (feat Jeffrey Cheatham - original club 12" mix)
  10. Shot - "Main Thing" (feat Kim Marsh - original club vocal 12" mix)
  11. Paradise Girls - "Holding Back" (original Paul Simpson dubmental 12" mix)
  12. Cultural Vibe - "Ma Foom Bey" (original Love Chant club 12" mix)
  13. Serious Intention - "You Don't Know" (original limited edition special 12" remix)
  14. Cultural Vibe - "Power" (feat Glenn 'Sweety G' Toby - original power dub 1 12" Mix)
  15. In-Sync - "Sometimes Love" (feat Jerry Edwards - original Ozone club 12" mix)
  16. The Paul Simpson Connection - "Treat Her Sweeter" (original club 12" mix)
  17. Adeva - "In & Out Of My Life" (original S-Man Supreme club 12" mix)
  18. Extortion - "How Do You See Me Now?" (feat Dihan Brookes - original club 12"remix)
  19. Lord KCB - "I’m Housin' It" (original dub 12" mix)
  20. Hardhouse - "Voices In My House" (original club 12" mix)
  21. Pandella - "This Way, That Way" (original Komis dub 12" mix)
  22. Kelli Sae - "It’s Too Late" (original Cool dub 12" mix)
  23. Hardhouse - "Check This Out" (original club 12" mix)
  24. Cassio - "I Like You" (original club 12" mix)
  25. Gayland - "Get By" (original instrumental club 12" mix)
  26. Alexander Hope - "Saturdays" (original Saturday Nite club 12" mix)
  27. Keisha Jenkins - "Goin' Through The Motions" (original Motion club 12" mix)
  28. Cassio - "Baby Love" (original Chord club 12" mix)
  29. Moods Of Madness - "Flute Song" (original club 12" mix)
  30. Toni Martin - "Deeper" (original Blaze deep club 12" mix)
  31. Cassio - "I Never Thought I'd See You Again" (original 48K club 12" mix)
  32. De'Lacy - "Hideaway" (original Deep Dish club 12" remix)
  33. Blas D'Moure - "Lover" (original club vocal 12" mix)
  34. De'Lacy - "That Look" (original Hani’s club look 12" mix)
Played by: Luke Solomon
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Cat: HURTXCD 138. Rel: 11 Sep 15
  1. Queen Yahna - "Ain't It Time" (original club 12" mix)
  2. Sons Of Darkness - "Black Ice" (original 7" mix)
  3. Wild Honey - "I've Been Working" (original 7" mix)
  4. Eddie Owen - "Shake Off The Dream" (original 7" mix)
  5. Florence Miller - "The Groove I'm In" (original 7" mix)
  6. Ella Hamilton - "Here's To You" (original club 12" mix)
  7. Scott Davis & The Movements - "NY Applejack" (original album version)
  8. Otis Turner - "Who's Gonna" (original album version)
  9. Florence Miller - "I'm Coming Back To Life Again" (original 7" mix)
  10. Henry Brooks - "The Greatest Debt To My Mother" (original 7" mix)
  11. Sentimental Souls - "It's Party Time With Getting In The Groove Part 2" (original 7" mix)
  12. Smokie Brook - "Long Time Ago (But I Wish Today Was Yesterday)" (original 7" mix)
  13. Scott Davis & The Movements - "Freaktime" (original club 12" mix)
  14. Florence Miller - "I Believe In Love" (original 7" mix)
  15. Otis Turner & The Mighty Kingpins - "Do The Funky Donkey" (original 7" mix)
  16. Foster Jackson Group - "Feel The Spirit" (original club 12" mix)
  17. Wayne Forde & Stereo - "Dance To The Music Freakout" (original club 12" mix)
  18. Margie Lomax - "God's Greatest Gift To Man Is Woman" (original club 12" mix)
  19. Sherod - "School'n (Put Your Mind To The Message)" (original club 12" mix)
  20. Family - "Family Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  21. Troy Rainey - "Tricky Tee Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  22. Spoonin G - "Spoonin Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  23. Margo's Kool Out Crew - "Death Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  24. Lavaba & E Mallison - "A Game Of Life" (original club 12" mix)
  25. Sweet G - "Boogie Feelin' Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  26. Scoopy - "Scoopy Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  27. Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew - "Willie Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  28. Fly Guy - "Fly Guy Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  29. Mistafide - "Equidity Funk" (original club 12" mix)
  30. Shift - "Roller Rink Funk" (original club 12" mix)
  31. Brisko The Kidd - "Big Foot Boogie" (original club 12" mix)
  32. Super Coper & Clarence Breakers - "This Is The Way You Do The Breakdance" (original club 12" mix)
  33. MC Rock Lovely - "One Time Two Time Blow Your Mind" (original club 12" mix)
  34. Stack - "Win Jesse Win" (original club 12" mix)
  35. Naomi Peterson - "Sweet Naomi Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  36. CC Crew - "CC Crew Rap" (original club 12" mix)
  37. Fresh Female - "Roller Rooster Rap Dance" (original club 12" mix)
  38. The Imperial Three - "It's Rough" (original club 12" mix)
  39. Two Hype - "Hip Shaker" (original club 12" mix)
  40. Little Starski - "Gangster Rock" (original club 12" mix)
  41. Mr Fox - "Smooth Talk" (original club 12" mix)
  42. Little Scotty - "Shout At The Disco" (original club 12" mix)
Review: Patrick Adams and Peter Brown's P&P Records imprint has long been regarded as one of the disco-era's finest labels. While the soul and disco side of the label's output has been celebrated plenty of times, less attention has been paid to their funk and rap credentials. Here, Bill Brewster - whose recent trawl through P&P's soul and disco catalogue was rather good - aims to put the record straight over three action-packed discs. Due to the nature of the material, there are few well-known cuts - Spoonie G's early rap bomb "Spoonie Rap" excepted - but plenty of thrilling obscurities, from the Jimi Hendrix-goes-funk madness of Wild Honey's "I've Been Working", and the extended dancefloor workout that is Scott Davis & The Movements' "Freaktime", to stripped-back pioneering rap bombs from Fly Guy, Little Starski and Sweet G.
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45s Rare & Unreleased 7 Inch Collection (10x7" box + 20 page booklet)
Cat: HURTBOX 008. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Chairmen Of The Board - "What's The Use" (previously unreleased acetate)
  2. Chairmen Of The Board - "Where There Is Faith, There Is Hope" (previously unreleased acetate)
  3. Barrino Brothers - "Trapped In A Love" (previously unreleased acetate)
  4. Barrino Brothers - "Something About You" (previously unreleased acetate)
  5. Eloise Laws - "You're Mine Baby Doll" (previously unreleased test pressing)
  6. Eloise Laws - "Don't Burn The Bridge" (previously unreleased test pressing)
  7. Honey Cone - "If I Can't Fly" (previously unreleased test pressing/unreleased version)
  8. Honey Cone - "Come Back" (previously unreleased acetate)
  9. Eloise Laws - "The Easiest Way To Fall" (previously unreleased acetate)
  10. Eloise Laws - "I Think You Need Love" (previously unreleased test pressing)
  11. Satisfaction Unlimited - "Why" (previously unreleased test pressing/unreleased singel version)
  12. The Jones Girls - "Don't Be Sorry Be Careful" (previously unreleased test pressing)
  13. 100 Proof Aged - "Since You've Been Gone" (previously unreleased acetate/unreleased long version)
  14. Barrino - "I Want To Give You All The Love You've Been Giving Me" (previously unreleased acetate)
  15. Chairmen Of The Board - "Give Me Just A Little More Time" (previously unreleased Tom Moulton remix)
  16. Chairmen Of The Board - "Give Me Just A Little More Time" (previously unreleased Tom Moulton instrumental remix)
  17. Chairmen Of The Board - "You've Got Me Dangling On A String" (previously unreleased Tom Moulton remix)
  18. Chairmen Of The Board - "You've Got Me Dangling On A String" (previously unreleased Tom Moulton instrumental remix)
  19. Freda Payne - "Unhooked Generation" (previously unreleased Tom Moulton remix)
  20. Freda Payne - "Unhooked Generation" (previously unreleased Tom Moulton instrumental remix)
Review: Following their recent 45s box set, Motown's most influential and successful songwriting team return to Harmless and sign off some of the rarest cuts they've ever written. Taken from old acetates and tapes, none of these have ever been released publically on vinyl before... Including the Tom Moulton remixes. Complete with a detailed booklet, it's collections like these that got us all into vinyl collecting in the first place. A unique history lesson, this really is a fantastic piece of work.
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Cat: DRCCDX 011. Rel: 27 Jan 14
  1. Masquerade & Pinocchio - "Wooden Wooden Puppet"
  2. I'm Attached To You
  3. Cat Tails
  5. Don't Leave Me Hanging
  6. The Land Of Miracles
  7. Open The Secret Door
  8. Wooden Wooden Puppet/I'm Attached To You/Cat Tails/LOVE/RSVP (Francois K edits)
  9. Don't Leave Me Hanging/The Land Of Miracles/Open The Secret Door (Francois K edits)
  10. Boris Midney & Black Russian - "A Child Is Born"
  11. Now Is The Time
  12. Pushkin's Theme
  13. Every Kind Of People
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 in stock $9.34
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