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Probe Edits 2
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Cat: GVR 1220. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. You Are My Melody (Beaten Space Probe edit)
  2. Wired For Games (Beaten Space Probe edit)
  3. Do It To My Mind (Beaten Space Probe edit)
  4. Music Is My Way Of Life (Beaten Space Probe edit)
Review: Tokyo's premiere crate digger Shota Tanaka dons his Beaten Space Probe guise for more specialist edits on the Glenview label. These four cuts originate from the soulful and funky end of the 70's/80's RnB spectrum and are primed for early doors exposure; a deep tweak of Change's "You Are My Melody" sets the tone sharing A Side space with the funkadelic twist of C Brand's "Wired For Games". Flip it over and Tanaka enters last dance mode with a sultry take on the already smooth "Do It To My Mind" from Johnny Bristol whilst saving the best till last with a sublime take on the epic dance floor groover that is Patti LaBelle's "Music Is My Way Of Life".
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Music Under New York
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Cat: GVRLP 001. Rel: 06 Nov 17
  1. Quincy Jones - "Razzamatazz" (feat Patti Austin - Onur Engin edit)
  2. Eddie Palmieri - "Spirit of Love" (Onur Engin edit)
  3. Gloria Gaynor - "I Kinda Like Me" (Onur Engin edit)
  4. Starvue - "Body Fusion" (Onur Engin Edit)
  5. Seawind - "Free" (Onur Engin edit)
  6. Don Costa - "Charley" (Onur Engin edit)
  7. Dee Felice Trio - "Nightingale" (Onur Engin edit)
  8. Stanley Turrentine - "The Man With The Sad Face" (Onur Engin edit)
  9. Bill Conti - "Reflections" (Onur Engin edit)
  10. Gary McFarland Orchestra - "Night Images" (feat Bill Evans -Onur Engin edit)
So Many Ways
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 in stock $28.87
So Many Ways (2xLP)
Cat: GVRLP 004. Rel: 25 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Let Me Fly Away (with Dragon)
  2. Stand Up (with Pete Simpson)
  3. A Little Faith (with Peter Oakden)
  4. Can't Deny (with Souled & Yannah Valdevit)
  5. Futuristic Interlude
  6. Yes You Can
  7. Seaside Interlude
  8. Summer Vacation (with Yannah Valdevit)
  9. When I'm Seeing You (with Vicky Flint)
  10. That Dream
  11. Outro
Review: It's happening quickly for Russian producer Lay Far, whose breakthrough year in 2012 saw him sidle up to labels such as 4Lux, and now he rounds off an even stronger 2013 with his debut album for Chicago stable Glenview. His is a well-rounded vision of deep house that draws on the soulful roots of the genre while embracing the charms of modern methods for a sound that hits on a whole lot of levels. From the sassy roll of "Yes You Can" to the nasty bass and swing of "Let Me Fly Away" there's a lot of meat to these productions, but it's not all funky flexing as R&B-tinted "Stand Up For Love" ably demonstrates.
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So Many Ways
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 in stock $21.44
Cat: GVRCD 004. Rel: 25 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Intro
  2. Let Me Fly Away (with Dragon)
  3. Stand Up (with Pete Simpson)
  4. A Little Faith (with Peter Oakden)
  5. Can't Deny (with Souled & Yannah Valdevit)
  6. Futuristic Interlude
  7. Yes You Can
  8. Seaside Interlude
  9. Summer Vacation (with Yannah Valdevit)
  10. We Are The Drum
  11. When I'm Seeing You (with Vicky Flint)
  12. That Dream
  13. A Piece Of Devotion
  14. So Many Years (with Sarah Winton)
  15. Outro
Sweet Dissona EP
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 in stock $11.82
Cat: GVR 1214. Rel: 08 Apr 13
Deep House
  1. Nuts (feat AT On K)
  2. One Gram
  3. Clouds Of Money
  4. Sweet Dissona
Review: With nothing but a cheeky bootleg to their name before now, The Peanuts step up to Glenview, always a trusty stable for fresh talent in the house scene with an impressive back catalogue for just a year in service. There's a smorgasbord of different vibes to reach for on this record, from the slow grind of "Nuts" with its monged-out cosmic undertones, to the immersive funk of "One Gram". "Clouds Of Money" manages to strike a balance between the two, packing in the swing while keeping the tempo simmering, and "Sweet Dissona" heads into a more soulful state while keeping a peppier rhythm behind the vocals and chords.
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Clouds Of Money Remixes
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 in stock $11.82
Cat: GVR 1222. Rel: 22 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Clouds Of Money (Volta Cab Revival mix)
  2. Clouds Of Money (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra mix)
  3. Clouds Of Money (Boogie Nite remix)
  4. Nuts (Rayko Cosmic remix)
Apes In The Orange Groove
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coming soon $11.82
Cat: GVR 12309. Rel: 06 Nov 17
  1. Apes In The Orange Groove (original mix)
  2. Apes In The Orange Groove (Secret Circuit remix)
Review: Now firmly part of the Glenview family, the brother Lipsky return with their first offering of 2014 in the shape of the wonderfully titled Apes In The Orange Groove 12". In original form, the title track finds Sergey and Sasha offering up a quintessential slice of timeless euphorica, as heady waves of analogue synths and textures are complemented by Amazon flute attitude and tropical bird call. This timeless fusion of classic house and spell-binding Balearica is well complemented by the acid tickled revue from West Coast sonic mystic Secret Circuit that brings some dancefloor weight to proceedings. Go ape!
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Crystal Lake
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 in stock $28.87
Crystal Lake (limited 2xLP + CD mixed by Sleazy McQueen)
Cat: GVRLP 005. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Get Away, Get Away
  2. Space Coast Theme
  3. Meet Me In the West End
  4. Feeling Warm
  5. El Mensaje
  6. Please Release Me
  7. Space Coast vs Quentin Quatro - "Love Games" (part 2)
  8. Space Coast Theme
  9. Homeboy - "Hula Hoop" (Sleazy McQueen remix)
  10. Get Away Get Away
  11. BG Baarregaard, The Sound
  12. Meet Me In The West End
  13. Coffee Way
  14. Please Release Me
  15. Anti Social Boogie
  16. El Mensaje
  17. Volta Cab - "I Feel Good In My Skin" (feat Frank H Carter III - Ray Mang & Severino remix)
  18. Beard In Dust - "Revolution In Mordor"
  19. Feeling Warm
  20. Love Games (pt 2)
Review: Following well received outings on the likes of Compost, Paper and Virgin, Sleazy McQueen and Jorge Collazo's Space Coast project go deep with their debut album. As extensive as it is cosmic, as polished as it is deep, as sexy as it is soulful, each one of these cuts represents the duo at their very best. Highlights include the sensual big room subversions of "El Mensaje", the loopy, breathy beach-stomper "Please Release Me" and the awesome twinkles and sonic shimmers of "Space Coast Theme"... But to be honest, each and every cut is a highlight in itself. Debut albums don't get more discerning than this.
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Smoke EP
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 in stock $12.37
Smoke EP (coloured 12" repress)
Cat: GVR 1228. Rel: 02 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. Smoke (7:26)
  2. Smoke (bonus beats) (4:07)
  3. A Soft Drink (10:58)
Review: We should perhaps rename the Glenview label Glennview for their latest release in honour of the fact they've scored a debut from famed Chicago producer Glenn Underground. When you have a record from the Strictly Jaz Unit founder in your mitts, you know you are holding quality and that's certainly the case with the richly rewarding Smoke 12". From the moment you touch start on your 1210, this record breathes deep house authenticity with the title track a luscious exercise in melodic and soulful deepness that goes in on the Rhodes! An accompanying "Beats" version of "Smoke" offers a masterclass in stripped down rhythms from Mr Glenn Crocker whilst the B Side is dedicated to "The Soft Drink" which is both sensual and has a killer broken rhythm track that would prick the ears of Dego or Theo Parrish.
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