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Future Times Us

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Fusion (Broadcast mix) (1-sided 12")
Cat: FT 028. Rel: 29 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Fusion (Broadcast mix) (6:18)
Review: Future Times' occasional, single-sided 12" singles usually hit the spot, and this effort from the little-known Will DiMaggio is no different. Boasting the kind of spiraling jazz-funk synthesizer work that makes you want to close your eyes and succumb to the vibe, "Fusion (Broadcast Mix)" sounds like the kind of record that should be played at six in the morning, just as the sun is beginning to peep over the horizon. DiMaggio's magical synthesizer work takes centre stage, naturally, but is complimented perfectly by some rubbery slap bass, unfussy drum machine rhythms and just the right amount of blissful chords.
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Cat: 615976 Rel: 07 Jun 16
High quality red 100% cotton t-shirt with yelow Twin Pineapples print
Notes: Future Times Twin Pineapples design by Max D
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FT 048A
FT 048A (12")
Cat: FT 048A. Rel: 29 Mar 19
Deep House
  1. Slide
  2. Madness
  3. Tinted Mirror
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Cat: FT 041. Rel: 27 Mar 17
  1. Boost The Whip (I-95 mix) (7:01)
Review: Bumping ghetto house with a strong twang of mid 90s rawness, POI hits hard once again with this grainy roller. Drenched in dense pads, cries and chimes but arranged with more than enough space and pace for the industrial strength b-boy breakbeats to cut through, this can crossover into any set from any direction. Highly limited, too.
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Cat: FT 043. Rel: 18 Oct 17
  1. Olimpiadas Pizza Hut (4:06)
  2. Avenida Maluca (1:00)
  3. Andre Gomes Tour De Force (4:10)
  4. Boulevard Internacional (feat Will DiMaggio) (4:39)
  5. Patota Pedreira (1:45)
  6. Bruno Penna Funk (3:53)
  7. Nene Gets Hilario (0:59)
  8. Fazenda Sacrificio (Most Recent mix) (4:44)
  9. Unemployment Grand Prix (4:15)
Review: The latest loved-up blast of electronic colour from the Future Times camp comes from Repententes 2008, the anything-goes alias of producer Gabriel Guerra. This debut album no doubt fits neatly in the kaleidoscopic, synth-heavy FT catalogue, while at the same time offering a range of tracks united by the quirkiness of their approach. Listen carefully and you'll hear the influence of 1980s video game soundtracks, Brazilian jazz-fusion, hook-driven electronic pop and new age Japanese ambient music played at the wrong speed. It's incredibly difficult to pin down - Guerra is not one to settle on one style, groove or idea for too long - but also hugely enjoyable. It may take a few listens to really sink in, but it's more than worth the effort.
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Future Times Us
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