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Fuse London Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Fuse London
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Vibrations EP
Cat: FUSE 056. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Minimal/Tech House
Vibrations (6:55)
Infinite Function (7:25)
Original Sin (8:12)
Vibrations (Malin Genie remix) (5:06)
Review: Fuse is one of those labels and parties that has a very distinctive sound and hardcore following for it. Spearheaded by Enzo Siracusa and now a real institution of the underground, here it looks to Admnti for three fresh new sounds. 'Vibrations' is kinetic future music that twists together wiry synths and tight tech drums into something irresistible. 'Infinite Function' is another brilliantly infectious mix of tech and dub that makes for high-speed groove-thrills and 'Original Sin' then takes a more spaced-out approach with warped acid lines. Malin Genie remixes the opener with a cool sense of deep house smoothness.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $16.36
Works On Sunday EP
Cat: FUSE 018 . Rel: 08 Jul 15
Minimal/Tech House
Mind Blank (8:43)
Works On Sunday (vinyl only) (7:47)
Works On Sunday (Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito remix) (6:44)
Review: Moscow Records boss Archie Hamilton appears this time on Enzo Siragusa's Fuse London imprint with these slices of rolling, Latin-infused tech-house for the beach party. This is the kind of stuff that lovers of Mindshake and Rawthentic will be all over. First up "Mind Blank" brings the tough yet sultry attitude that you could imagine playing peak time at Amnesia. "Works On Sunday" takes the tempo down a notch or two for something more suited to the afterhours, but just as sexy. There's also a remix of this on the flip by none other than label boss Siragusa with Seb Zito keeping the afterhours vibe intact but with a druggier, minimal take on things.
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 in stock $16.36
Kemickal Affairs
Cat: FUSE 057. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Deep House
Zero's Delight (7:01)
State Of Peace (7:34)
Kemickal Affairs (7:23)
Morning Krew (5:52)
Review: LOCKLEAD's Kemickal Affairs EP delivers four tracks designed to ignite dancefloors with an electrifying blend of house vibes. Side-1 kicks off with 'Zero's Delight,' a spirited and slightly jackin' house anthem that sets a fun and sexy tone. Following up is 'State Of Peace,' delving into a more techy and minimal groove, perfect for those seeking a deeper, more introspective vibe. Flipping to Side-2, the title track 'Kemickal Affairs' takes the listener on a journey through a deeper groove, reminiscent of 90s era house sounds but infused with a contemporary energy. Closing out the EP is 'Morning Krew,' characterized by its pumping bassline and seamless fusion of house and tech elements. With its dynamic range and infectious rhythms, Kemickal Affairs is destined to work well on any club floor.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $15.56
Nerimennie EP
Cat: FUSEX 003. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Minimal/Tech House
Find Me
Watch Me
Review: The unstoppable Fuse continues its X series with a meeting between Italian veteran Alex Neri and next generation Florence-rooted hero Mennie. The sound is big, bold and 90s on this EP, with 'Reality' setting the tone perfectly with its trance-informed arps, sensual rhythm section and 'outer space' speech samples. 'Find Me' has a slightly more intricate techno make up to its synth work, while 'Rockets' shrugs off the grandiose synths for a tougher rhythm track sprinkled with acid. 'Watch Me' completes the picture with a rawer, nastier workout that maintains that old-stool flavour the duo have laid down on this deadly release.
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 in stock $15.30
Five 3
Five 3 (12")
Cat: FUSE5P 3. Rel: 26 Oct 16
Minimal/Tech House
Rich Nxt - "Badass" (6:55)
Odd & Rossko - "Jabba The Hut" (8:06)
Archie Hamilton - "Cirrus" (6:44)
Sam Bellis - "Solstrole" (7:12)
Review: The FUSE London crew are back everyone, look out! Bringing the sound of their legendary daytime raves to us again and getting straight down to business on Enzo Siragusa's third edition of 5 are label mainstays Rich NxT (with the rolling and adrenalised "Badass") and the always impressive OdD aka Damian Daley & Danny Dixon joined by newcomer Rossko (making his production debut) on the rolling hypnotism of "Jabba The Hut". On the flip is Moscow Records boss Archie Hamilton (another mainstay of the label) with the woozy and tripped out after hours deepness of "Cirrus" and the Deep End Soundsystem affiliated Sam Bellis with the gutsy acid driven "Solstrole".
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 in stock $16.36
Life In Pieces
Cat: FUSELP 05. Rel: 05 May 21
Minimal/Tech House
Ever So (feat Robert Owens) (6:25)
Come To Me (6:01)
Space Music (7:01)
All The Reasons Why (6:12)
Our Time (feat Alix Alvarez) (7:11)
Waddabout Chu (feat TOS) (6:27)
I've Been Here All Along (feat Tiffany Pontes) (9:38)
Close Your Eyes (feat Kiki & Mavi) (4:54)
 in stock $19.79
Fusic Volume 2
Cat: FUSE 007. Rel: 27 Mar 13
Minimal/Tech House
Enzo Siragusa & Liefko - "In My Head"
Seb Zito - "Sunday Morning"
Rich Nxt - "Flux Two"
 in stock $16.36
Nectar (12")
Cat: FUSE 058. Rel: 14 May 24
Minimal/Tech House
Nectar (6:53)
Lemerci (6:28)
First School (6:34)
Rodage (6:55)
Review: This EP marks a coming together of two electronic music institutions as the ever-consistent Traumer lands on the always innovative FUSE. The sound designs here are next level as you would expect of this producer, and that's true right from the off. 'Nectar' is a fleshy, liquid, unbalanced dub tech cut to start with and 'Lemerci' then dials into a more heady and back-room-deep house with balmy pads circling around the beats. There is a more astral edge to the cosmic tech of 'First School' and 'Rodage' rounds out with nice bubbly and rubbery drums and effective claps that get those hips swinging.
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 in stock $15.30
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