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Full Pupp Norway

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Auto (CD)
Cat: FPCD 013. Rel: 09 May 17
  1. Don't Be A Stranger (2:00)
  2. Nine Chains To The Moon (2:00)
  3. WALL-Y (2:00)
  4. 0x60 (2:00)
  5. Media Vision (2:00)
  6. Vim's Theme (2:00)
  7. New Slam (2:00)
  8. Alles City Beat (2:00)
  9. *Pretty Space* (2:00)
  10. Welcome Onboard (2:00)
Review: Even "CHMMR" Brenden's debut album has been a long time coming. The Norwegian put out his first 12" on Lunar Flicks way back in 2010 and made the transfer to Prins Thomas's Full Pupp imprint three years later. The influence of Brenden's label boss is evident throughout the ten tracks, with the producer blending his own inspirations - South African disco (check the brilliant "Alles City Beat"), dusty deep house (the warm and luscious "New Slam") and weirdo mid '80s oddities ("Pretty Space") - with the sort of sonic traits regularly found in Norwegian electronic music (heavy dub disco basslines, new age synthesizer motifs, Scandolearic melodies, nods to krautrock and Italo-disco etc.). It's a blend that guarantees a string of fine moments, not to mention a hugely entertaining album.
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 in stock $12.89
How Long (12")
Cat: FP 061. Rel: 16 May 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. How Long (6:53)
  2. Perler For Svin (6:19)
  3. How Long (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (7:10)
  4. Perler For Svin (Prins Thomas Rett I Fletta Versjon) (5:52)
 in stock $9.68
Echo To Echo (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FPLP 012. Rel: 17 Feb 16
  1. Big Red (6:25)
  2. Energi (4:07)
  3. Homecooking (1:59)
  4. Rise Above (4:59)
  5. No Release (6:43)
  6. Metroid Boogie (4:27)
  7. Synths Of Jupiter (7:07)
  8. Echo To Echo (1:49)
  9. A Man Called Anthony (4:17)
  10. Fun & Games (4:47)
  11. Zap The Cat (3:55)
Review: It would be fair to say that Magnus Sheehan has taken his time over Echo To Echo, his long-promised debut album for Full Pupp. Since debuting back in 2006 with the brilliant "Kosmetisk", the Oslo-based producer has delivered sporadic singles that hint at greatness. Echo To Echo is, thankfully, a largely impressive affair, with his trademark spacey, colourful synthesizers taking pride of place throughout. Stylistically, it's perhaps a little more varied than you might expect, frequently veering off his familiar Scandolearic nu-disco course to take in elements of dreamy deep house, tactile techno, IDM, electronica and an obviously icy take on new-wave. Throughout, it remains melodious and evocative, as with much of the best Norwegian electronic music.
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Played by: Marathon Edits
 in stock $18.83
Cat: FPCD 004. Rel: 26 Mar 10
  1. Orkenvandring
  2. Uggebugg
  3. Slangemusikk
  4. Sauerkraut
  5. Wendy Not Walter
  6. Nattonsket
  7. Attiatte
 in stock $12.89
  1. Skateboard - "Sequence" (Prins Thomas edit)
  2. Oyvind Morken - "En Navneles Jaevel"
  3. Prins Thomas - "Alpha Tanga Lama"
  4. Jarle Brathen - "Track 4" (Omar V remix)
Review: Way back in 2005, Prins Thomas called upon Todd Terje to launch his own Full Pupp label, an offshoot of Bear Entertainment and since then the label has provided a constant stream of Norwegian disco from the likes of Diskjokke, Blackbelt Andersen, Marius Vareid and of course Prins Thomas. To celebrate a decade of releasing records the Nordic outpost deliver a four-part vinyl sampler series (and separate CD version) with focus on talents from Norway. And first up on this third sampler is a Prins Thomas edit of Sex Tags Mania character Skatebard and his bubbly, xylophone paddled "Sequence". Recent label debutant Oyvind Morken delivers a croaky-Tropicana-themed "En Navneles Jaevel", while Prins Thomas provides his own track with the jolly bassline that is "Alpha Tanga Lama". Jarle Brathen returns to the series after appearing on the first sampler, this time in remix form with Omar V's Italo disco version of "Track 4" that in parts whispers New Order's "Blue Monday" into your ear.
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 in stock $16.73
Telemark (12")
Cat: FPMV 2. Rel: 27 Jun 12
  1. Telemark (12 edit)
  2. Telemark (Klubb version)
  3. Il Tempo Gigante
  4. Villa Farris (Prins Thomas version)
 in stock $8.90
Cat: FPCD 003X. Rel: 22 Oct 09
  1. 1001 Natt
  2. Haraball
  3. Kjappfot
  4. Kahluha Madness
  5. Norlys
  6. Boogie Bus
  7. Magadrag
  8. Afterski
  9. U-Saving
  10. Bange Anelser
  11. Over Og Ut
 in stock $16.73
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Full Pupp Norway
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