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Fsol Digital

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Cat: LPTOT 68. Rel: 19 Sep 14
  1. Point Of Departure
  2. Source Of Uncertainty
  3. Image Of The Past
  4. Beings Of Light
  5. In Solitude We Are Least Alone
  6. Viewed From Below The Surface
  7. Somatosensory
  8. Multiples
  9. Dying While Being Held
  10. Machines Of The Subconscious
  11. Dark & Lonely Waters
  12. The Dust Settles
  13. Moments Of Isolation
Review: To say that The Future Sound Of London are legendary would be an understatement. Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain continue to stupefy and amaze with this fifth chapter in the Environments series, this time allegedly exploring the space and dimensions after death. That might sound a little gloomy, but the music itself is actually surprisingly funky and upbeat. The opener itself, "Point Of Departure", is a gorgeous slap-bass beat track backed with some stupendous female vocal chops. There's a bit of everything across the thirteen tracks, such as the eerie soundscapes of "Beings Of Light", or the break-ridden lo-fi jam that is "Somatosensory". These guys have never stopped and they still mean business. Recommended.
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 in stock $13.00
Cat: CDTOT 71. Rel: 20 Oct 16
  1. Axis Of Rotation
  2. Solid Earth
  3. Anacro Rhythm
  4. Some Degree Of Sanctuary
  5. Opal Light
  6. Something Approaching Happiness
  7. Dark Seed
  8. Tunnel North 5
  9. Hollow Earth
  10. I Dream In Viral Blue
  11. This Place
  12. Aint Gonna Lie
  13. Next Town
  14. Amplification Of Intelligence
  15. The Day The Poles Shifted
  16. Somewhere Near
  17. Halodule
  18. Gradual But Not Continuous
  19. Magnox
  20. Emissions Of Light
  21. Harbour
  22. Bright Skies
  23. Strange Allure
 in stock $9.81
Cat: FSOLDLP 6. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Ignition Of The Sun (5:08)
  2. Oblique Towers (4:57)
  3. Wave Length (2:44)
  4. Garden Of Syn (1:04)
  5. Rutt Era (2:32)
  6. Dilation Of Time (5:06)
  7. Return Beyond The Inner Voice (1:11)
  8. Moons In Dissidence (2:24)
  9. Rivers Of Occasion (4:21)
  10. Sirens From A Distance (2:51)
  11. Opalis Amar Xam (5:04)
  12. Pathway To I (2:33)
  13. Lifecycle (4:07)
  14. Bridge Between Tal (2:48)
  15. Liquid Light Voids (2:13)
 in stock $13.78
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Fsol Digital
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