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Fruits Vinyl & CDs

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Man With A Mission
Cat: FTR 047. Rel: 21 Sep 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
Big Youth - "Man With A Mission" (3:52)
The 18th Parallel - "Missionary" (dub) (3:45)
Review: Big Youth is self-described as a "contemporary Christian, a man of God, martial artist and system engineer as well as a DJ and producer. Here he lays down some classic and heartwarming reggae sounds with The 18th Parallel serving up the dub. 'Man With A Mission' is a fleshy rhythm with great horns and yearning vocals that are buttery smooth and silky soft. The flip side is a smart studio dub with more room for the fills, echoing his and molten chords to resonate. A timeless and fruity 7" for sure.
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 in stock $10.59
Eastern Ska
Cat: FTR 025. Rel: 01 Jul 20
Reggae Classics/Ska
Eastern Ska (3:02)
Western Ska (3:50)
 in stock $13.25
Cosmic Quest
Cat: FTR 052. Rel: 04 May 23
Reggae Classics/Ska
Cosmic Quest (3:39)
Hope For Longer Days (4:01)
Eclipse (3:13)
Tina (3:21)
Birds Of Spring (3:59)
Astrobike (3:39)
Walk On By (4:07)
By The Rivers (3:33)
Road To Love (4:04)
The Thrill (4:08)
Dusk Till Dawn (4:37)
$21.18 SAVE 30%
 in stock $14.82
Sputnik (7")
Cat: FTR 059. Rel: 13 Mar 24
Reggae Classics/Ska
Sputnik (4:01)
Sun Storm (0:09)
Review: A rocksteady and ska band from Geneva, Switzerland? Yes, you read that right! Since they started releasing a little over a half-decade ago, the ensemble Cosmic Shuffling have been busy with two (soon to be three) and roughly ten singles worth of material. Their latest 7" lands back on the Fruits label where their previous has made them surge in popularity. 'Sputnik', the title track has a big horn section with a ska overtone while the B-side instrumental 'Sun Storm', really stands out from the crowd with the more reggae sound. This is a dynamite little 45 that is versatile and useful for any eclectic DJ.
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 in stock $12.70
Poor M Collins
Cat: FTR 058. Rel: 13 Mar 24
Reggae Classics/Ska
Poor M Collins (3:55)
Memories Of Plans Bochet (4:06)
 in stock $12.18
Cat: FTR 055. Rel: 13 Oct 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Babylon A Quake (4:09)
Dub Quake (4:01)
Gwaan & Low Me (extended) (5:44)
I Man Beam (3:52)
I & I Dub (4:04)
Old John Crow (3:38)
Dub Crow (3:55)
Nil Rome (3:22)
Annihilation Dub (3:23)
Row Fisherman (3:29)
Fisherdub (3:29)
 in stock $24.89
From Then 'Til Now
From Then 'Til Now (LP + booklet)
Cat: FTR 060. Rel: 02 May 24
1000 Light Years (3:56)
In The Shadow (4:41)
Whitewater (4:31)
Memories Of Old (4:13)
Rose Hall's Birds (4:09)
Squirrel Inna Barrel (4:30)
Under The Cotton Tree (4:47)
45 Charles Street (4:31)
Everlasting Love (5:21)
Review: From Then 'Til Now marks Roots Architects' debut full-length album, a monumental project bringing together over 50 of Jamaica's most iconic session musicians. Spanning from the birth of reggae in the late 1960s to the present day, the album is a celebration of the unsung heroes of reggae music: the rhythm builders or Roots Architects. Conceived by Swiss keyboardist and producer Mathias Liengme, the album is the culmination of years of dedication to honoring Jamaica's musical legacy. Liengme's journey began in 2013 with "The Inspirators" project, leading to his immersion in Kingston's studio scene and the eventual formation of Roots Architects. Recorded in Kingston studios over February and March 2017, the album features a stellar lineup of veteran musicians aged 60 to 85, including legends like Robbie Lyn, Fil Callender, and Dalton Browne. Together, these Roots Architects revive the spirit of reggae, creating nine instrumental tracks that pay homage to their enduring legacy and timeless artistry.
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 in stock $24.36
Memories Of Old
Cat: FTR 056. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
Memories Of Old (4:14)
Memories Of Old (version) (4:09)
Review: This new 7" finds Fruits Records serving up the first new taster single from a forthcoming new album by Root Architects. It features assistance from the great Ernest Ranglin and Tyrone Downie and in original form 'Memories Of Old' is a laid back reggae roller with some superb acoustic guitar bringing hints of Spanish sunshine to the percolating, fat-bottomed bass. The melodies are conversational and interact perfectly with the organ chords, while on the flip the version is more heady and paired back as well as being doused in reverb.
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 in stock $12.70
Call On Jah
Call On Jah (white vinyl 7")
Cat: FTR 012. Rel: 24 Apr 18
Samory I - "Call On Jah" (3:42)
Roberto Sanchez & Najavibes - "Call On Dub" (3:53)
 in stock $14.30
Chant Nyahbingeh
Cat: FTR 041. Rel: 15 Feb 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
Sylvan White - "Chant Nyahbingeh" (3:58)
The 18th Parallel - "Dub Nyahbingeh" (3:58)
 in stock $10.07
End Of The Day
Cat: FTR 053. Rel: 20 Jun 23
Roots/Lovers Rock
End Of The Day (3:39)
Dub Of The Day (4:11)
Review: The next tasty drop from the Fruits label, now well over 50 releases deep, is a pan-European affair featuring Bristol singer Joe Yorke and Swiss reggae band The 18th Parallel. The original on the A-side is a deliciously authentic and super sweet bit of rootsy lover's rock. 'End Of The Day' has lazy-as-you-like guitar riffs over loose drums with a falsetto from Yorke soaring high up in the sky on a warm summer's day. On the flip side comes the traditional dub version which is more empty and sparse to allow the reverb room to make its mark while the original vocal is also allowed plenty of space to bleed into.
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Played by: Tom Drew
 in stock $12.70
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