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Fraternity/Und Brother US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Fraternity/Und Brother US
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Yum Yum (Eat Em Up)
Cat: FMG 101. Rel: 28 Oct 19
The Beat Box Boys - "Yum Yum (Eat 'Em Up)" (3:05)
Teen Rock - "Set Me Free" (UB 7" dub edit) (4:28)
Review: This 7" double-header delves into the vast vaults of Bobby Orlando, a prolific New York producer whose muscular mutations of electro, Italo-disco, freestyle and Hi-NRG were popular in gay clubs around the globe. He specialized in "concept groups" - made-up acts fronted by session singers who were hired in to front the tracks he produced. Two of these concept acts are showcased here. On the A-side you'll find "Yum Yum (Eat 'Em Up)" by The Beat Box Boys, a stripped-back and slightly silly - but undeniably fun - electro workout from 1985. On the B-side you'll find an edited version of the Latin Rascals dub of fine 1985 freestyle cut "Set Me Free", which was credited to Teen Rock and bears some similarities to Orlando's early productions for the Pet Shop Boys.
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 in stock $13.85
Train Song
Cat: F 5411. Rel: 25 Feb 16
Train Song (part one) (2:56)
Mister Boogie (part two) (3:32)
 in stock $13.08
Cosmic Blast (reissue)
Cat: FMG 124. Rel: 02 Feb 21
Cosmic Blast (UB 7" vocal edit) (4:24)
The Pure (UB 7" dub edit) (2:50)
Review: Cosmic Blast was one of three records that Ronnie Green aka Captain Rock recorded for Taharqa and Tunde-ra Aleem's Harlem-based Nia Records. The early electro sounds are steeped in cosmic motifs, alien effects and spaceship sounds with some classy old school raps from Green over the top for extra attitude. After this great early work, Green never went on to the success height have had after a failed single then burnout from touring meant he never got round to writing an album. ON the flip is the freaky vocal workout 'The Pure' which is a real b-boy gem.
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 in stock $13.85
Dramatic Underscores
Cat: FMG 1972. Rel: 23 Jun 22
The Evil That Men Do (2:11)
The Squirter (2:14)
The Bronx Is Burning (2:28)
Savage Nomads (2:03)
 in stock $14.12
I Give You Everything You Want
Cat: FMG 007. Rel: 05 Aug 16
I Give You Everything You Want (3:21)
Why Don't You Stop Bugging Me (4:59)
 in stock $13.08
Can't Stop Dancin'
Cat: FMG 357. Rel: 28 Oct 22
Can't Stop Dancin' (5:38)
Can't Stop Dancin' (instrumental) (5:40)
Review: This production from boogie-era soul specialist Clark Jay has long been a sought-after item amongst collectors, with original copies of the 1981 Peach Tree Records 12" changing hands for significant sums online. Even if you're unfamiliar with it - and outside of record collecting circles, most people are - we'd recommend checking the sound clips of this first ever seven-inch reissue. 'Can't Stop Dancing' is particularly sweet and summery, with Jonnie 'Vibes' Lambert singing about his love of shaking his stuff atop spacey synthesizer lines and a relaxed, laidback disco-boogie groove. That tidy groove can be enjoyed further on the flipside instrumental mix, which makes excellent use of the original's female backing vocals and the aforementioned synthesizer melodies.
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 in stock $9.94
Get Out Of My Life Woman
Cat: F 5428. Rel: 25 Jan 19
Get Out Of My Life Woman (main mix) (3:39)
Get Out Of My Life Woman (instrumental) (3:40)
 in stock $13.08
Girl's Act Stupid-aly/I Gotta Good Thing
Cat: MM 120 -2. Rel: 26 Jan 24
Hip Hop/R&B
Girl's Act Stupid-aly
I Gotta Good Thing
coming soon $10.20
Stone Fox Chase 2009
Cat: F 5438. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Stone Fox Chase (UB 7' edit) (4:53)
Delirium (UB 7' edit) (4:30)
Review: The UB's bring their particular brand of funk to this steamy and fiery new 7" on the Fraternity label. It finds them in edit mode and first up reworking 'Stone Fox Chase'. It has some country-style harmonica built into the raw beats and plenty of psyched-out guitar lines that bring Americana vibes to the percolating rhythms. On the flip is their edit of 'Delirium' which is a totally different proposition - smooth funk grooves with busy chords and icy hi-hats. It's one that looks to the stars and crushes there on a feelgood vibe you hope never ends.
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 in stock $13.08
Funk I Tus
Cat: F 5419. Rel: 28 Jun 17
Funk I Tus (3:19)
Let The Music Take Your Mind (2:45)
Review: Jaded ex-rapper, author and terminal realist J-Zone unleashes his new funk project The Zone Identity where more of his fizzy, frazzled outsider beats are melted down with no care for convention, or crossover. Rawness in every direction; "Funk I Tus" hits and tickles like a Booker T demo (complete with some ace percussion rolls) while "Let The Music Take Your Mind" steps back on the easy beat with more emphasis on freeform synth blasts. Undiluted funk in its purist form; get in the zone today.
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 in stock $13.85
Knight Rider: Japan Sleeve Edition
Cat: C 4000JAPAN. Rel: 11 Jul 23
The Zone Identity - "Knight Rider" (3:27)
J Zone - "9 Breaks" (The Warm Up) (2:36)
Review: .Back in 2021 when he first dropped this one, The Zone Identity had been away for two years. It was a fine return though that now comes with a special Japanese Edition sleeve. The project is an anonymous one but they excel at soul-jazz grooves and tasteful covers of classic material and that this one is led by drummer Jay Mumford. 'Knight Rider' is a super cover of the title tune of the iconic 80s show. It's replayed with heavy drums snapping beneath the classic synth phrasing and some extra late night vibes. J-Zone then offers a slow motion workout with '9 Breaks (The Warm Up).' Still fresh.
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 in stock $13.85
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