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Flame Automix 3-Channel Audio & CV Mixer Module
Flame Automix 3-Channel Audio & CV Mixer Module (mixer/utility/CV modulation/external eurorack module)
Cat: 744601 Rel: 23 Sep 19
Compact three-channel mixer - 6HP
Notes: The "AUTOMIX" module is a compact three-channel mixer for audio or CV sources in the voltage range +-5v (audio modular level).

The mix level of each track can be adjusted and recorded with the track control. The recording time per track is more than one minute. The playback speed is also adjustable.

The recorded track is played back once when the Play button is pressed briefly (one shot) or when the Loop button is pressed a little longer.

In addition, the 3 inputs can be switched separately to +6db audio (for external line level sources) using the slide switch on the rear panel.

All three tracks have a common reset input. The track data remains permanently stored (battery buffered memory).
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Flame Chord Machine 2 Chord Generator Arpeggiator Quantizer Module
Cat: 650235 Rel: 12 May 17
Chord generator, arpeggiator & quantizer module in Eurorack format - 12HP
Notes: The Chord Machine 2 is composed of a chord generator, an arpeggiator and a quantizer. The module creates up to five voices out of one incoming CV signal. They can be spread over a range of eight octaves. 42 preset plus 16 user chords with up to four voices are available for musical experiments. Additionally, they can be switched between first, second and third inversion. All in all, users get access to 232 chords, which are playable within 54 preset and 15 user scales. Transpositions can be done via a CV input.

The fifth voice of the Chord Machine 2 is meant for arpeggios, which can run in several directions and octave ranges. Alternatively, this channel is usable as a quantizer. Setups can be saved in extensive song lists.

Current consumption: ca. + 140mA / - 20mA
Size: Euro rack format 3U / 12HP 60,2x128,5mm
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Flame Curves Analogue Moving Resonance Filter Bank Module
Cat: 690788 Rel: 05 Jun 18
Analogue filter bank with integrated modulation sequencer - 31HP
Notes: Flame Curves is an analogue moving resonance filter bank. It includes a twelve-channel analogue filterbank and a pattern player which can be programmed with a software editor. You can use a freeware "Curves editor software" (Win/Mac) for setup and user pattern editing. The module needs a clock to run in pattern-mode. It also features a reset input to set the sequence back to the first step. The memory in the module can save up to 99 patterns. The active pattern can be seen on the display and selected thanks to two buttons.

If Curves is in sequencer mode, the Envelope potentiometer controls the AR envelope, the Variation knob adds random velocity and release, and the Fill potentiometer controls the level of all the channels.

In manual mode, when the sequencer is off, you can select different filter-types with the Variation potentiometer: allpass, lowpass, bandpass 1-3 and highpass. Thanks to the Fill knob it is possible to sweep through the twelve filter bands. The Envelope knob smooths the sweep by activating a second band next to the selected filter band. Thus, the change from one band to another is not so abrupt.

It is also possible to play the twelve filters via MIDI like a drum module, thanks to the supplied MIDI to minijack cable. It even reacts to velocity.

The twelve bands are subdivided in odd and even bands, which you can feed or tap out separately thanks to the various inputs and outputs. Try patching the odd outputs on one side and even outputs on the other side and you will get an amazing stereo effect! ALL output features a Dry/Wet and a Level potentiometer.

Additionally, the module features also a direct audio output and direct VCA input of each filter channel. Thus, it is possible to feed gate, triggers or envelopes to the VCA of various filterbands and play them independently.

Furthermore, there are several CV inputs for controlling Envelope, Variation and Fill parameters as well as the pattern number.
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Flame Joyrec Joystick Recorder Module
Cat: 731957 Rel: 03 Jul 19
Small compact joystick module with recording function - 8HP
Notes: The module can record the joystick movement up to a length of over a minute. The sequence remains stored in the battery-backed RAM after switching off. When playing the sequence, it can be manipulated in speed and playback direction.

There is a FREEZE function to hold the current joystick position plus an external reset input. In addition, a GATE is set during movement and a CV voltage is output as a function of the joystick movement. The ranges of the X / Y output voltages are bipolar +/- 5v or unipolar from 0 to + 10v. Both channels X and Y have a passive attenuator potentiometer, so that the voltage range can also be set lower.
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Flame Maander Analogue Filter Bank, Synthesiser & Live Sequencer Desktop Module
Cat: 725951 Rel: 26 Jun 19
analogue live sequencer
Notes: Create live sequences with in-depth modulation. The Flame Maander Synthesizer & Sequencer is a four voice synthesizer featuring an onboard sequencer and analog filter bank.

The Flame Maander is a highly versatile desktop synth featuring wavetable sound synthesis including 4OX wavetables and individual filter/amp envelopes. This allows you to get in-depth with your sound design. Create real-time patterns and sequences on the fly using the live sequencer and take your performances to the next level.

The Maander Synthesizer also features USB/MIDI connectivity so you can use it in music production in your favourite DAW. You can even morph between filter types for unique sonic results.
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Flame Memory Joystick Module With Recording & Saving Capabilities
Cat: 680747 Rel: 08 Mar 18
Compact joystick module with 8 memory slots & sequencer functionality - 10HP
Notes: With the Memory Joystick, you can control your modular system like an old video game console. Movements of the stick are recordable. Eight positions can be stored and recalled via buttons. Alternatively, it is possible to jump from one to the next value. The feel is then similar to a step sequencer. You can even vary the playback behaviour.

The Memory Joystick will always start in MANUAL MODE:

Moving the joystick generates CV at the X and Y outputs. Pressing HOLD will freeze the current position. The joystick movements are always being recorded in the background while the SAVE button is blinking. By pushing the SAVE button, now lit permanently, the playback of your movements will start. A RESET impulse resets the loop. Easy and enjoyable!

A little more complex, but not less enjoyable, is the second mode of operation. By pushing MEMORY, you enter the MEMORY MODE:

In this mode, you can use the eight buttons to save eight different joystick positions. This means you have a memory of eight values for the X and Y CV-outputs. You can then play these eight memory slots manually with the respective eight buttons, or sequentially with a CV at CV-MEM or with triggers at the TRIGGER input. While being clocked you can choose nine playback PATTERNS by the position of the joystick. So this module is also a joystick-playable eight-step sequencer!

The memory in MEMORY MODE is non-volatile, meaning you can power off your module and return to the exact setting.

Another nice feature of the Memory Joystick: The orientation can be varied by 180 degrees! This way, you can decide whether you want the buttons and jacks on the top or bottom of the module. When using the module upside-down, there is a nice little trick: Push a little switch on the back of the module to invert the X & Y outputs and also shift the starting position of the sequencer by four steps.
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Flame Memoslider 8 Stage CV Scan Programmable Analogue Slider Module
Cat: 650242 Rel: 12 May 17
Programmable slider step-sequencer CV source
Notes: MemoSlider is a modulation sequencer with eight stages. Users can switch between steps via the module's fader or the CV input. Depending on the mode of operation chosen, it is possible to do so freely or synchronized to an external clock signal. Additionally, there are trigger and reset connectors for working with the sequencer in a traditional fashion. In this case, the slider can be utilized to alter the playback direction and the number of steps used. - A very cool feature for jam sessions. The step values are adjustable via potentiometers. Two CV outputs emit voltages is the range of 0 V to +10 V and -5 V to +5 V. Glide options make it possible to create soft transitions between steps. While changing between values, the module generates trigger signals. Thanks to a corresponding CV output, the fader is also usable to control other modules.

Current consumption: ca. + 40mA / - 5mA
Size: Euro rack format 3U / 10HP 50.5 x 128.5mm
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Flame uMGT MIDI To Gate/Velocity Module
Cat: 757294 Rel: 20 Apr 20
Gate module
Notes: The FLAME uMGT converts 12 Midi notes (one octave) to gates or velocity outputs.


1 octave MIDI keyboard to 12 gate or velocity outputs
global Velocity CV output
global GATE output
programmable via Learn function or SYSEX
MIDI input and THRU (TRS MIDI B standard)
HP : 5
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Flame Unipolarinverter CV Processor Module
Cat: 810269 Rel: 08 Feb 21
Control voltage controller eurorack module
Notes: The module inverts an applied positive voltage so that the maximum value becomes zero and zero becomes the maximum value.

The input voltage is not inverted into the negative voltage range (mirror axis 0v) but mirrors a positive voltage around an adjustable axis within a fixed positive voltage range starting at 0v.

There are 10 ranges, adjustable in 1V steps.

The mirror axis is always at half of the set range.

If no cable is plugged into the input socket, the output voltages can be regulated manually with the "Manualy" potentiometer.

The module has two similar function groups.

Applications are for example the inversion within positive voltage ranges, GATE inversions (0/+5v to +5v/0v), or opposite melody lines.

HP : 6
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Flame X4 Quad Envelope VCA Module
Cat: 731213 Rel: 08 May 19
Quad VC/Envelope - 10HP
Notes: The FLAME "X-4" is a compact multifunctional 4x Envelope/VCA module, which combines in a very small space (10HP) 4 AR envelopes and 4 separate VCAs.

The module complements quad VCOs (eg the FLAME "4VOX") to control 4 VCAs per envelope generator in a small space.

Each channel can be used separately as an AR envelope generator with VCA, or even as a VCA.

There are 3 modes:

AR: 4 CV controllable separate Attack/Release envelopes on 4 VCA channels (per gate)
AD: 4 CV controllable separate Attack/Decay envelopes on 4 VCA channels (one shot per trigger)
VCA: 4 CV controllable separate VCAs

There is available a three-level switch for three different envelope rates from extremely short to long.

The envelope shape is set with the sliders (also adjustable via CV inputs).

In addition, the envelope can be looped (gated AD envelope loop).
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