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Vinkelvolten II
Cat: FS 014. Rel: 29 Oct 18
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Brainfog (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: FS 012. Rel: 04 Apr 18
  1. Sleep Gives Freedom (5:49)
  2. Statuesque (5:14)
  3. Memories Of You (4:26)
  4. Cracked Reality (3:37)
  5. Degenerator (4:54)
  6. Oracle Unleashed (5:06)
  7. Squad Free Force (4:39)
  8. First Degree Anguish (3:26)
  9. Infinity Engine (5:45)
  10. Binary Breakdown (4:11)
  11. Takedown (5:02)
  12. Hand In Hand (6:05)
Review: Despite boasting a bulging solo discography that stretches right back to the turn of the '90s, B12 man Steve Rutter has never before released an album under his given name. BrainFog, then, is something of a surprise treat. What's less of a surprise, though, is the quality of the collected material, which is every bit as melodious, atmospheric and finely crafted as Rutter's B12 work. While the album does contain a few forays into darker, murkier electro territory, for the most part Rutter explores laidback IDM and intelligent techno territory, flitting between chiming, deep space electronica, rolling deep techno, horizontal ambient and fluid, melody-rich analogue workouts. In other words, it's a fantastic album from a true pioneer of British techno.
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 in stock $24.94
Step Into The Light (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: FS 015. Rel: 15 Aug 18
  1. Broken Spell (6:03)
  2. Skywards (5:29)
  3. A New Day (5:38)
  4. Disjointed Route (5:01)
Review: Rising star and all round nice guy John Shima has gone on record as saying it was a dream to work with B12 man Steven Rutter, whose work from the early 1990s onwards has been a constant source of inspiration. Predictably, the duo's first collaborative EP is something of a far-sighted, intergalactic treat. Opener "Skywards" sets the tone, wrapping melancholic chords, poignant melodies, rumbling bass and deep space electronics around a soft-focus IDM beat. There's a classic "Artificial Intelligence"-era deep electro feel about the similarly beautiful and melodious "Broken Spell", while "A New Day" pulses and throbs impressively via the use of a stabbing but spacey bassline and shimmering chords. Closer "Disjointed Route", a slow motion but intensely picturesque affair, is also sublime.
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 in stock $11.51
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


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