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West & East Vol 1
West & East Vol 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAUVEPWE 001. Rel: 15 Nov 21
  1. Mameen 3 - "Dada Glitter" (6:37)
  2. Mameen 3 - "Dada Glitter" (Dea rework) (4:23)
  3. Dea - "Mesopotamia" (5:35)
  4. Dea - "Mesopotamia" (Mameen 3 Rai Not Raimix) (5:11)
Review: "Music is a borderless language"
This is our gargantuan motto at Fauve Records.

With this mission statement arose a new project called WEST & EAST,
born from the desire to link the world of the West & the East. The idea was to ask two artists/bands to collaborate on a split EP - with one original track each, and finally to remix each others' work.

For Volume 1, it is with a humble esteem that we present Mameen 3: the duo DJ soFa & Cheb Runner - from Belgium & Morocco - face to face with Indonesian future legend Dea. We are extremely happy to launch the new series with this extraordinary collection of retro-futuristic club music, filled with treasury oddities.

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$11.54 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.66
West & East Vol 2
Cat: FAUVEPWE 002. Rel: 30 May 22
  1. Radial Gaze - "Focal Savor" (6:44)
  2. Radial Gaze - "Focal Savor" (Que Sakamoto+NT remix) (7:24)
  3. Que Sakamoto+NT - "Ninja Wa Sugoi" (6:09)
  4. Que Sakamoto+NT - "Ninjya Wa Sugoi" (Radial Gaze remix) (7:30)
Review: Saint-Petersburg based duo Andrey Redkov and Stas Redkov have been hugely prolific since first pairing up in 2019. They have already served up seven EPs and now arrive on Fauve with another new one. It is a second volume of their West & East series and kick off with the jittery analogue grooves and post-disco wonkiness of 'Focal Savor' which is a writhing mass of detuned synths and chattery percussion. Que Sakamoto+NT's remix is a little more smooth and groove based but still sounds unhinged. The same outfit then serve up an original, 'Ninja Wa Sugoi', which is all tense and drawn out electronics that become more techno at the hands of the Radial Gaze remix.
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$11.54 SAVE 35%
 in stock $7.50
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