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FKJ Vinyl & CDs

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Ylang Ylang EP
Cat: FKJ 004V. Rel: 27 Aug 20
Earthquake (2:44)
Risk (with Bas) (3:57)
Ylang Ylang (3:28)
Brother (3:28)
100 Roses (4:09)
10 Years Ago (3:20)
Review: Vincent Fenton's FKJ project has been a delight to melt away in since first appearing some time back in 2013. His body of work has been measured but meaningful since then, with just his self-titled album to his name aside from a scattered selection of singles. The last we heard from the French artist was the Ylang Ylang EP, released in 2019 digitally on Mom + Pop. Given the EP's warm reception, FKJ has decided to put out a vinyl edition himself, and truth be told his smoky, soulful blend is perfectly suited to wax.
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 in stock $14.00
Just Piano
Just Piano (gatefold LP)
Cat: MP 593. Rel: 26 May 22
Sundays (3:24)
Last Hour (5:24)
Anthem (3:00)
GF (2:59)
Cashew (2:49)
Meeting Again In The Void (3:02)
Fee (1:53)
Pe (3:20)
Review: Acclaimed French DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist with FKJ has long been a favourite amongst lovers of jazz, soul and broken beat. His first album French Kiwi Juice from back in 2017 took us deeper than ever into his unique world and along the way he paid homages to his inspirations with a real sense of musical maturity. It is a warm, sensuous place to be even now with elements of contemporary jazz, synth-pop, nu-disco, funk and more all taken in and churned out. This limited edition reissue is well worth picking up.
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 in stock $23.34
VINCENT (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: FKJ 007LP. Rel: 07 Jul 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Way Out (3:20)
Greener (feat Santana) (3:53)
Us (3:59)
The Mission (3:17)
Can't Stop (feat Little Dragon) (3:52)
IHM (3:23)
Brass Necklace (feat ((( O )))) (3:03)
Different Masks For Different Days (4:18)
A Moment Of Mystery (feat Toro Y Moi) (3:24)
Let's Live (3:40)
Once Again I Close My Eyes (2:52)
New Life (2:49)
Does It Exist (0:53)
Stay A Child (4:13)
Review: FKJ's glossy brand of instrumental funk and soul has reached many a great height, so now it's high time we looked back on the artist's roots. 'French Kiwi Juice' was his first album, showing off the artist's incredible multi-instrumental chops. Super-sweet yet also tart sonic juices from the Franco-New Zealander, returning to this exclusive vinyl pressing.
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! low stock $25.68
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1
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