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Exceleration Us

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Cat: XCL 006. Rel: 10 May 07
  1. Futureshock
  2. Amerika
  3. Last Train Out
  4. Last Train (dub)
Review: "Futureshock", on Exceleration, features all un-released (on vinyl) cuts that are vintage Exzakt. "Futureshock" is a deep, melody driven track, starting out a little mellow but increasing the pressure as it moves on.
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 in stock $13.64
Cat: XCL 004. Rel: 04 Oct 06
  1. The Darkside
  2. He's Waiting
  3. The Darkside (Exzakt remix)
  4. The Darkside (Exzakt bonus beat)
Review: Exceleration Records returns after a 4 year pause but they are back with a very strong 12" that combines the powers of Supreme.ja and Exzakt. Supreme.ja is a German electro veteran that has been releasing hot tracks since 1997. "The Darkside" is a driving very tightly fit electro number with solid beats, moving bassline, and smooth melodies. Next comes, "He's Waiting", which is a brilliant combination of old school breaks/progressive electro and hard electro beats. On Side B Exzakt takes things over with two remixes of "The Darkside". Signature Exzakt sounds all over this with parts of the original fit in just right. Bonus beats is an entire different track in a sense so lots of options on this 12".
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Cat: XCL 005. Rel: 23 Dec 06
  1. No Disgrace In The Bass
  2. Databass Code Encryption
  3. Dont Try This At Home
  4. It Seems To Me
Review: Veteran Excel teams up with rookie Test to output four smooth yet beat driven tracks that bridge the gap between the genres. Not one of the tracks will disappoint. This 12" is a breath of fresh air for breaks and electro alike.
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 in stock $10.69
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


Exceleration Us
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