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Erogenous Tones

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Cat: 644214 Rel: 06 Apr 17
3 inch patch cables - orange, 8-pack
Notes: Custom patch cables made to reduce cable clutter.
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 2 in stock $15.15
Cat: 659944 Rel: 27 Sep 17
Expander module for Radar - 8HP
Notes: BLIP is an expander for RADAR adding a whole host of new features, such as; envelope inversion, ignore triggers, envelope sequencing, envelope delay, envelope roll, level, shape and attack, decay or both swapping, equal/opposite swapping, 8 preset locations, CV recall, and a full suite of random functions!

The BLIP expander provides an extreme variety of extra controls and outputs, making the Radar more powerful than it already is.
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 2 in stock $138.58
Cat: 644211 Rel: 06 Apr 17
Expansion module for the Moog Mother-32 - 10HP
Notes: Mother's Little Helper is a companion module intended to be used with the Moog Mother32 semi-modular synthesizer. The MIDI out port allows CV/Gate control of Bank and Patch, changing the assign output, and allows turning on/off the MIDI controlled sustain ability of the Mother32. In addition, a Sample & Hold circuit has been added that is designed to be gate driven.
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 2 in stock $257.67
Erogenous Tones Structure Visual Synthesis Module
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coming soon $898.60
Cat: 644208 Rel: 06 Apr 17
High density octal linear VCA module - 18HP
Notes: VC8 is a high density VCA module designed to give you a large number of VCAs with CV level and OFFSET control, along with optional VCA controlled dual sub-mix capability.

The VC8 combines eight high-class VCAs with linear characteristics in one module. Each channel offers a modulation input plus attenuator, a bipolar offset potentiometer and a level LED. Routing options enable the user to create sub-mixes of four channels.
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 2 in stock $280.41
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Erogenous Tones
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