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Equator Audio Research

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Cat: 457891 Rel: 12 Jul 12
Pair of 2 way direct field active coaxial studio monitors
Notes: The new D5's (Direct 5) studio monitors are geared for the recording professional seeking a small (9.75" x 7" x 8.5"), affordable, accurate, well-voiced, reference studio monitor solution. Focused attention was paid to the development details to ensure that they deliver professional sonic performance. These monitors feature an expensive coaxially designed transducer with a 5.25" woofer and a 1" silk tweeter. The frequency response is 53Hz to 20 kHz. A new cutting edge digital amplifier with breakthrough performance was designed specifically for the D5. The internal DSP allows for intricate factory adjustments.

The D5 also has pro features such as balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced TRS inputs as well as a boundary selection switch to select the appropriate monitor response for their placement (in a corner, in front of a wall, free standing). No plastic front baffle here. The D5 features an all wood cabinet, including a wood front baffle for optimum performance. No simple air releasing cutout on the front baffle or cut-out hole in the back. The D5 features a fully extended 1.75" perfectly tuned front port, providing superior and accurate extended low-end response. And because the port is on the front baffle, the D5's can be positioned close to a wall with no fear of the low-end being choked.

The coaxial transducer design combined with a steep 4th order crossover delivers a detailed mid-range that allows for clarity in that complex 900Hz - 3 kHz range. Guitars, voices, strings, horns, & reverb trails are very clearly and accurately portrayed and any mid-range anomalies that might exist in the source material can be easily determined and addressed. Because of our matched transducer output, mid-range mix elements can be positioned in the stereo field without the fear of being misplaced. The D5's are optimally pre-set and voiced for ideal instrument translation.

The D5 also features Equator's Zero-Point Reference custom designed coaxial Digitally-Controlled Transducers, along with internal DSP to provide a matched output curve for every unit. This allows for accurate no-shift imaging. The DSP allowed pin-point accurate adjusting during the voicing process. The voicing was aided by award-winning recording engineers that referenced their hit mixes for voicing considerations. The final D5 pre-set voicing curve is optimal for mid-range detail. With high-quality components, internal DSP, 100W of power and 103 dB of SPL the D5 deliver a huge bang for a little buck.

It is a well known fact and a matter of physics that sonic reflections off of walls, ceilings and other reflective surfaces, when combined with directly received audio information, will result in a distorted representation of the original audio at any given space.

The farther the listening position from the speakers, the larger the percentage of combined reflective information, the greater the distorted results. Room reflective problems can be relieved through digital software manipulation, as in the Equator Q Series Room Analysis software, or by building a room with non parallel walls and strategically positioned absorption panels or by working in the direct field.

In a normal room, the farther from the speakers, the greater the room effect. Conversely: the closer to the speakers the less the room effect. The direct field monitoring is where the clear majority of the audio information is received directly from the speakers with minimal reflective interference. By working in the direct field, the negative distortion effect caused by the combining of reflected information with direct information is dramatically reduced.

Many speaker systems are designed to deliver their optimum low frequency and high frequency combined audio results when monitoring from a certain distance away from the speakers. In the case of traditional tweeter over woofer designs, that distance would generally be greater than that of a coaxial design where the audio develops and is delivered from a single source.

The D5 works perfectly in the near field or the direct field.

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Equator Audio Research
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