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Eowave 3.5mm Male Mono Modular Patch Cable (black, 2m)
Cat: 695373 Rel: 10 Jul 18
Single modular patch cable
Notes: 3.5mm-3.5mm black mono plug cable - 200cm length.
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Eowave 3U 40HP Mini Eurorack Synth Module Case
Cat: 725949 Rel: 15 Apr 19
3U 40HP compact skiff case including PSU
Notes: The Mini Case offers 40 HP for mounting modules. A power supply is built-in.

208 mm long x 45mm deep.

PLEASE NOTE: Comes with EU 2 pin plug only - UK adapter may be required.
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Eowave 3U 84HP Powered Eurorack Module Case (black)
Cat: 614712 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack synth module case, with built-in power supply - 84HP wide
Notes: Desktop Eurorack moduile case 3U - 84HP with power supply on the left side.

Plexiglas side panels 5mm thick.

Aluminium chassis.

6cm deep, but only 4cm deep all along the 5HP of the power supply. Check your modules before!

Tech specs:
- Width : 84HP
- Depth : 6cm
- Depth all along the 5HP of the power supply : 4cm
- Current Consumption : +12V : 2.4A ; -12V : 1.2A ; +5V : 0.5A
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Eowave 7U 104HP Eurorack Module Case With Foldable Steps & Power Supply (black)
Cat: 738778 Rel: 29 Jul 19
7U 104HP black Eurorack case with foldable steps
Notes: Supplied with an incorporated power supply fixed on the left side of the box.

Two foldable steps and 3 bus boards inside the case.

The sides are made of 5mm thick Plexiglas.

The frame is made of aluminium with a sanded black finish for less scratches.

Rails are black.

It has two rows 3U 104 HP and one row 1U 104 HP.

Intellijel format.

- 104HP
- Depth of the box: 6cm
- Depth of the box along the 5HP of the power supply: 4cm
- Power consumption: +12V : 1.5A ; -12V : 1A ; +5V : 0.5A
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Eowave MIDI To 3.5mm Stereo Jack Cable
Cat: 695374 Rel: 10 Jul 18
Male 3.5mm TRS to Female 5 pin DIN
Notes: The MIDI adapter has a male 3.5mm TRS minijack at one end, and a female 5 pin DIN MIDI connector on the other, and is 22 cm/8.5" long.
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Eowave Silky 200 Black Braided Patch Cable (single)
Cat: 802497 Rel: 28 Feb 21
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Eowave Silky 50 Angular Braided Patch Cables (50cm, pack of 5)
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Eowave Source D'Energie Mk2 Power Supply Module
Cat: 784016 Rel: 14 Jul 20
Power supply module
Notes: The Source D'Energie is a power supply module designed to power up to a 6U case with +/-12v and 5v rails. Wall wart plugs can be used for a skiff or case with few modules, but for anything more than that, a 4A power supply such as this one is recommended. The Source D'Energie has two 16 pin headers, perfect for powering two rows of your system. LED's on the panel indicate the health of each rail at a glance.

Tech Specs:
- 5hp Eurorack
- 13.5-15 VDC Input
- +12 @ 1.5A / -12 @ 1A / 5v @ 500ma
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Eowave Titan Discrete Oscillator Module (black edition)
Cat: 553623 Rel: 19 Nov 14
Discrete oscillator synth module
Notes: TITAN modules are elements from the Titan Capsule. They are sound generators built to recreate the sound of Titan haze. These transistors made oscillators have a wide range and a very particular sound. 2 TITAN modules will create deep and vibrant basses.

With the knob « densite des brumes », the sound will be shaped through Titan's haze from deep basses to high pitches. The titan transistors generate a very particular sound with a base frequency of +/-15 semi-tones from 1Hz a 6kHz.

Switch -2>0 : multiplies the density of the haze by -2. This will have a direct impact on the sound and make it 2 octaves lower.

Mod2 0>10 is the amount of frequency modulation of mod2 input
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