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Endorphin.es Airstreamer Envelope Generator Module
Cat: 734888 Rel: 22 Oct 19
6HP function generator
Notes: Airstreamer is a function generator with AD, ASR and loop mode. The curves can be altered in shape. A 1V/octave input makes it possible to play the module like an oscillator.

- Fast and effective envelope generator with variable slope curves and three modes: looping, attack-sustain-release (ASR) and attack-decay (AD)
- 320 khz samplerate, zero aliasing CV generation
- 1v/oct input, bipolar and unipolar outputs, selectable end of cycle outputs
- Thru-zero VCA input that inverts the envelope when CV goes to negative voltages
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Endorphin.es BLCK Cockpit 4 Stereo Channel Performance Mixer Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 714521 Rel: 22 Jan 19
4 stereo channels performance mixer - 6HP wide
Notes: More than just a mixer - The Cockpit can not only be used to sum up mono and stereo signals with modular or line level, but as an effect insert for smartphones and tablets as well. Additionally, the module offers a ducking compressor plus sidechain input. Several Cockpits can be daisy-chained to form a large mixing setup. The audio paths feature a completely analog design to guarantee high-class sound.
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Endorphin.es BLCK Furthrrrr Generator Dual VCO Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 714522 Rel: 22 Jan 19
Dual voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) synth module - 30HP
Notes: The Furthrrrr Generator has a main oscillator (carrier) with an extensive and fully voltage controllable wave multiplier and a modulation oscillator (modulator) that can cross-modulate the carrier. Each oscillator has hard and soft sync and also features an integrated tuner: if both LEDs are lit the VCO is at note A. Left LED is lit at note Ab and right LED at A#. Frequency potentiometers are ten-turn models and thus allow for easy tuning. Frequency range of the VCOs is 10Hz-10kHz (and much lower in modulator's LFO mode). Both VCOs feature 2 frequency CV inputs (1x with bipolar attenuator, 1x with 1V/octave), one FM input (jumper selectable between linear and exponential FM) as well as separate input for hard and soft sync. The voltage characteristic can be selected between 1V/octave and 1.2V/octave (Buchla norm).

The main oscillator (carrier) outputs the waveforms sine, saw, square and white noise. The two outputs marked with the magic eye are outputs of the "harmonic section" that generates very complex sounds by the wave multiplier and its parameters symmetry, order and Furthrrrr in the module's right-hand section. Symmetry lowers the level of even harmonics and amplifies the odd harmonics (this affects the pulse wave's width as well). Order adds saturation to the high order harmonics and resembles a low pass filter. Furthrrrr alters the level of harmonics set by the other parameters and produces very interesting, partly brute sounds with lots of harmonics by clipping and folding the wave. All three parameters can be voltage controlled. The carrier oscillator also has inputs for hard and soft sync, the sync-switch can synch directly to the modulator.

The modulation oscillator (modulator) has three wave forms with direct outputs: sine, saw and square. Using the internal modulation via the "mood section" the waveform is selected with a button; an additional staircase wave form is available here, but it can be overridden by inserting a signal into the external input socket. A switch activates the LFO mode.

The Mood section is responsible for the internal modulation of the carrier by the modulator. Switches determine the modulation destination(s) that can be activated simultaneously. These are the Furthrrrr parameter of the harmonic section, the amplitude and the frequency of the carrier oscillator. The "balanced" switch activates the ring modulation between both VCOs. intensity of modulation is controlled by the "mood index" potentiometer and the according CV input with bipolar attenuator.
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Endorphin.es BLCK Shuttle Control USB To MIDI To CV Converter Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 714525 Rel: 22 Jan 19
USB to MIDI to CV converter synth module - 12HP
Notes: Shuttle Control is a 16-channel MIDI/CV interface which can receive USB-MIDI at a number of inputs simultaneously. For instance control signals from a tablet/PC/Mac at the "to device socket" or USB-MIDI-Keyboard or controllers via the "to host" sockets.

As the sockets provide for a +5V voltage you can use them for example for a LED lamp. An editor allows you to create and save up to 16 different mappings which can be recalled directly at the module. Those mappings can be for example 8-voice polyphonic setups with different CV scales (1V/oct, 1.2V/oct ot Hz/V). This makes it possible to use VCOs with different CV scales simultaneously to integrate them in a polyphonic setup. Besides this you can assign LFOs, triggers, Control Changes and random to the outputs.

Additionally the module can be used as a power solution for a small modular system and has an input for an external laptop brick power supply (12-20V). Also it can pass the Eurorack operational voltages via a long ribbon cable with a number of Euro connectors, both male and female sockets.

The note CV and gate signals generated by the MIDI/CV interface can be sent to other modules internally via Doepfer's internal bus. Endorphin.es' own Terminal and Furthrrrr can read their signals so you can create an entire Endorphin.es system easily.
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Endorphin.es BLCK Shuttle Mate MIDI Merger Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 714527 Rel: 22 Jan 19
MIDI merger synth module for merging MIDI and USB-MIDI streams into one MIDI/USB MIDI flow - 6HP
Notes: The Shuttle Mate merges MIDI streams from DIN and USB sockets into one MIDI flow which is available simultaneously at a USB and a DIN output socket, making it a perfect companion to Endorphines' Shuttle Control module.

However it can also operate on its own. Since the module is USB powered it can be used totally independently as a standalone device from the Eurorack-power. With the Shuttle Mate you can connect more than one device that delivers clock and MIDI signals with the Shuttle Control. The inbound and outbound USB connectors are both bi-directional I/Os.
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Endorphin.es Blck_Noir 7 Channel Hybrid Drum Generator Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 688859 Rel: 10 Sep 18
Modular drum synthesiser with seven voices 30 HP
Notes: It's black, it's loud, it's dark.

BLCK_Noir is an amazing 30 HP modular drum synth with a very flexible sound-engine inspired by the Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm. Unlike other modules from Endorphin.es, this one is black, thus the name: Blck_Noir.

It includes seven drum voices: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hat, cymbal and metal beat. It uses hybrid sound generation: digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analogue circuits. The analogue generation part is fully discrete, using inductor coils instead of op-amps, giving a raw and powerful sound. Thanks to this special design Black_Noir will sound good in every setting.

Several CV inputs will let you control various parameters for lively drum sounds.

On top of that, the module has an on-board effect processor with eight effects: hall, shimmer, room, plate, spring reverb types, tap and tape delay types as well as a new freezer effect with additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio.

With this module you will be able to create drums that have character! It will fit all styles of music, from Darkwave to Techno.
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Endorphin.es Decksaver Cover For Shuttle System
Cat: 680765 Rel: 08 Mar 18
Protective dust cover, custom moulded to fit the Endorphin.es Shuttle System
Notes: The Endorphin.es cover protects the sockets and control elements of your Shuttle Systems on the road. The lid is deep enough to transport the modular instrument with patch cables plugged in. A self-adhesive strip (included) holds the cover in place.
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Endorphin.es Grand Terminal Digital Multipurpose Module
Cat: 638010 Rel: 30 Jan 17
Digital multi-purpose module with dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope & dual gates
Notes: The Grand Terminal is a digital multipurpose module. Its two function generators can be used as envelopes, LFOs or VCOs. The 2 filter channels individually offer 8 modes of operation, and combined with its mixing and routing capabilities and a multi effects unit, it is not only a complete back end of a synth voice, but can also be used as a synthesizer voice, stereo filter bank or general purpose sound effects processor.

The Grand Terminal is based on an ARM M4 DSP, audio resolution 48 kHz/16Bit. Its two filter channels can be used in parallel or serial, and there is a link mode for stereo operation. The Audio inputs have individual trimmable gain stages to integrate the Grand Terminal into different production environments. There's a soft clipping feature in order to prevent unwanted distortion. Gate A is normalized to Gate B for easy parallel processing.

Each of the filters can be set to any of 8 filter types, which are: Transistor Ladder Filter (Low Pass), Diode Ladder Filter (Low Pass), Vactrol Low-Pass Gate, Resonant Vactrol Low-Pass Gate, State Variable Low-Pass Filter, State Variable High-Pass Filter, State Variable Band-Pass Filter, Comb Filter. The filter can be controlled in 2 parameters manually as well as via CV. The outputs of this section can also be controlled in Volume and Pan position. At this stage, the unit is designed to distort in the upper third of the gain control setting.

The built-in multi effects processor features eight algorithms which can be altered in 2 crucial parameters and a possibility to crossfade between the dry and the effected signal. Its algorithms are: Hall Reverb, Shimmer Reverb, Room Reverb, Spring Reverb, Ping-Pong Delay, Tape Delay and Chorus. At the end of the audio path, there's a Master Volume Control as well as one Mono and one Stereo output.

The two function generators can operate as AD or AR envelopes. All time parameters can be set between 1 ms and 10 seconds, manually as well as via CV. The envelopes can be individually set to loop and then act as LFOs or VCOs (following V/Oct for about 6,5 octaves). They also feature End-of-Stage Outputs.

When used in connection to the Gateway, all controls which are normally set by jumpers on the back of the module are accessible from the Gateway's front panel.
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Endorphin.es Ground Control Eurorack Modular Performance Sequencer
Cat: 821991 Rel: 07 Apr 21
42HP Eurorack MIDI/performance sequencer/power module
Notes: Long-awaited sequencer module from Endorphin.es, offering four tracks (three melody CV/gate, one for drum triggers) with lots of live performance options and MIDI support.

Supplier's Notes:
Ground Control is a 42 hp Eurorack performance sequencer announced at Superbooth 2019.

The sequencer has 4 tracks: three melodic tracks and a drum track consisting of 8 drum triggers and modulation/accent output. There are also dedicated mute buttons for each track, MIDI and USB-MIDI I/O, external CV and a 2-octave piano-style keyboard.

The keyboard serves for playing the melodies as well as entering the menus - in that method the module eliminates tedious menu diving.

Each track can contain 24 patterns, which can be played separately or chained together in any order. All those tracks are organized into 24 projects. The number 24 is associated to the 24 letters of the Latin alphabet.

Ground Control features a very stable internal analog and MIDI clocks preserving low jitter operation, which is crucial for tight sequencing.

The patterns are entered either in 101-style step input or live recording and can be adjusted using the 303-style editor.

The drum sections features a X0X-style sequencer.

Depth: 25 mm (with ribbon cable connected)
HP : 42
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Endorphin.es Milky Way Stereo FX Module
Cat: 734890 Rel: 15 Oct 19
Multi effects module - 6HP
Notes: Milky Way is a multi effects module with stereo signal flow. Its algorithms are already known from the Blck_Noir and the Grand Terminal.

- Simple and effective 6hp stereo* FX module
- Comes with "T.F.D" firmware installed: 16 types of effects are available, sorted in two banks
- Meta CV effects scanning
- Volume control with VCA

*depending on the effect type
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Endorphin.es Power Module
Cat: 734891 Rel: 15 Oct 19
Portable 2HP power module for compact skiff cases with dual passive mults
Notes: The power module from Endorphin.es is a module for the power supply of smaller modular systems such as skiff cases up to 104 TE width. The module consumes DC power between 12 and 20 volts from an external power supply unit. Voltages of up to +1000 mA and -700 mA are output, also depending on how strong the connected power supply is. In addition, there are two passive multiples.
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Endorphin.es Running Order Compact 2-Channel Trigger Generator Module
Cat: 793964 Rel: 07 Oct 20
2-channel trigger generator module
Notes: Compact and versatile two-channel trigger module with built-in master clock for precise timing, SH-101-style sequencer, Euclidean mode, divider options, pattern storage and lots more.

Supplier's Notes:
Running Order is a super compact two track trigger generator: it can be a precise master clock or manipulate an incoming clock and thus works great as a sub-sequencer/divider in your eurorack environment.

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Endorphin.es Squawk Dirty To Me VCF Module
Cat: 734886 Rel: 15 Oct 19
Stereo filter with voltage controlled resonance - 6HP
Notes: Versatile stereo digital filter based on Endorphin's Grand Terminal module. CV-controlled cutoff, resonance and separate high-pass filter. Simple but effective.

Supplier notes:
The Squawk Dirty To Me is a stereo filter with voltage controlled resonance. It features eight filter modes and zero-delay feedback.

- Simple and effective 6hp stereo VCF
- 8 filter modes available with meta CV scanning, famous zero-delay feedback Grand Terminal filters
- Additional hi-pass filter in series quickly cuts the boomy low end
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Endorphin.es Trippy Cables Set Of 13 Patch Cables
Cat: 805633 Rel: 14 Dec 20
Set of 13 patch cables
Notes: Small set of 3.5 mm patch cables (mono). Shielded, gold plated pins, TPE isolation.

4x 15 cm red

3x 30 cm black

3x 50 cm red

3x 50 cm black

Comes with 1 extra green 80cm cable
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Endorphin.es Trippy Cables Set Of 6 Patch Cables
Cat: 805637 Rel: 14 Dec 20
Set of 6 patch cables
Notes: Pack of 6 patchcables (mono). Shielded, gold plated pins, TPE isolation.

15 cm Red x 2

30 cm Black x 2

50 cm Red x 1

50 cm Black x 1

Comes with 1 extra green 80cm cable
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Endrophin.es Golden Master Module
Cat: 821995 Rel: 31 Jul 21
Multiband dynamics/equalizer/utility module/processor module in Eurorack format
Notes: Golden Master is a multiband processor module in Eurorack format. Inspired from the studio mastering and radio loudness units from the 90's, this tool is a game changer for everyone who performs live with a Eurorack synthesizer.

The whole magic of Eurorack lies in its raw sound and simple analog mixes - processing through the Golden Master brings instant punch and sound pressure, as well as controlling the overall volume.

Power consumption: 135mA at +12V and 25mA at -12V
Depth: 30 mm (with ribbon cable connected)
HP : 6
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