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Emphasis US

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Cat: EMP 016. Rel: 16 Oct 15
  1. Empty Pattern 10 (5:11)
  2. Empty Pattern 40 (5:13)
  3. It Dont Work (5:05)
  4. Empty Pattern 31 (6:18)
out of stock $12.03
Life Form (12")
Cat: EMP 009. Rel: 23 Apr 09
  1. Life Form
  2. Air
  3. Blue Pyramid
out of stock $7.31
Cat: EMP 005. Rel: 25 Jan 07
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Dream Express
  2. Tachyon
Review: A Chicago native, Parrish Adams aka Intrinsic, provides two dubbed out minimal tunes on this artist's debut 12" single. "Dream Express" starts off with a sparse bass lick and strings drowning in reverb and delay effects. A live drum sample supports the track with little variation, but it works. Repeating a very infectious groove that leaves you wanting more of the deep! On the flip is "Tachyon", a percussive number that beats a little like "Percussion Electrique" by Dwarf. The difference here is that the bass lick and synth stab gives it a fuller sound. Dancefloor ready!
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out of stock $7.31
Firewalls (12")
Cat: EMP 019. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Firewalls (10:01)
  2. Firewalls (bonus beats) (4:35)
  3. Falling (7:19)
Played by: Ricardo Miranda
 in stock $11.76
Junk Habit (12")
Cat: EMP 018. Rel: 02 Dec 16
  1. Junk Habit (7:49)
  2. Mental Filter (7:39)
  3. Stark (6:20)
Played by: Philippe Petit, D'julz
out of stock $13.07
Cat: EMP 012. Rel: 30 Nov 12
  1. Since The Accident (original mix)
  2. Since The Accident (bonus beat)
  3. Descending
  4. Since The Accident (Specter mix)
Review: Continuing a sterling run of form of late, Steven Tang's OMT moniker has been testing the fringes of classically rooted house and techno with a style that comes on somewhat malevolent without ever needing to resort to aggression. Indeed the original mix of "Since The Accident" is overtly creepy with its atonal acid lines and horror film strings, but the beats fall with a clean precision and there's not a touch of overdrive or unnecessary volume in sight. The bonus beats allow further clarity on this idea as well, while Specter's mix seems intent on opiating the entire jam into a mellifluous blur of strangeness. "Descending" is less uneasy in its demeanour, but still occupies an otherworldly space thus making it a worthy addition to the EP.
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out of stock $9.93
Incite (12")
Cat: EMP 013. Rel: 28 Oct 13
Deep House
  1. Incite (Another mix)
  2. Slight
  3. Incite (Dubbyman remix)
Review: Although Steven Tang's Obsolete Music Technology alias has been going since 2007, it's been the past two years where things have started to take off, in fact, more-so than the productions of his namesake.. This latest EP on Tang's own Emphasis label continues OMT's scuffed take on house that the Chicagoan has long pushed. "Insight (Another Mix)" sounds like something that would fit perfectly in a Tama Sumo DJ set or Steffi Panorama Bar mix CD, while sharing the A-side is a moist sounding "Slight", a track that invokes the mental imagery of sped-up time lapses of blooming flowers you see in a nature documentaries. The EP's emphasis (excuse the pun) on sound design makes way for the prominent use of keys (and additional vocals) Dubbyman employs in his remix to "Incite". What a pleasant EP this is.
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out of stock $10.20
Mmmmmusic (12")
Cat: EMP 011. Rel: 02 Feb 12
  1. Mmmmmusic
  2. Mmmmmusic (reprise)
  3. Distance
  4. Mmmmmusic (Chicago Skyway Pay Toll mix)
Review: ** Repress for the Tang fans ** Obsolete Music Technology aka Steven Tang has had another great year, nurturing his personal take on Chicago-filtered house music. "Mmmmmusic" is just sublime, taking us on a journey through rugged, drum machine terrains, swaying pads and crafty vocals; whilst the reprise version unearths those synths to create a majestic soundscape which develops into a semi-groove thanks to its smart melodies. Over to the B-side, "Distance" is as deep as one can go, aligning sharp slabs of percussion to more tranquil pads and woozy synth chimes. We even get a boisterous Chicago Skyway refix of the title track, rendering almost unrecognisable thanks to a truly mesmerising bundle of hi-hats and toms. Beautiful.
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out of stock $9.40
out of stock $9.40
Cat: EMP 006. Rel: 12 Jan 07
Minimal/Tech House
  1. My Neurosis (original)
  2. My Neurosis (326 mix)
  3. Reminiscence
  4. Pulsating Through
Review: Tang returns with Jamal from Mathematics fame for some Chi-Detroit techno fireworks.
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out of stock $7.31
Ominous (12")
Cat: EMP 007. Rel: 31 Oct 07
  1. Ominous (original version)
  2. Ominous (Arne Weinberg remix)
  3. Translucence
  4. Early Sines
Review: Tang's "Ominous" gets a proper 12" vinyl release out on Emphasis! Here you get the original 9 minute version, plus a remix by Arne Weinberg of AW Recordings.
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out of stock $9.15
Cat: EMP 004. Rel: 21 Jun 06
Funky/Club House
  1. Horizons
  2. Space Dance
  3. Throbbin
out of stock $12.54
Infinitesimal (yellow vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: EMP 017C. Rel: 10 Jun 16
  1. Approaching Zero (6:08)
  2. Escaping Thoughts (6:13)
  3. Verged (Obsolete mix) (7:08)
  4. Infinitesimal (5:38)
out of stock $13.07
Windy City (12")
Cat: EMP 001. Rel: 12 Dec 08
Deep House
  1. Windy City
  2. Devout
  3. Cadence
out of stock $6.54
out of stock $9.67
Cat: EMP 017. Rel: 10 Jun 16
  1. Approaching Zero (6:13)
  2. Escaping Thoughts (6:09)
  3. Verged (Obsolete mix) (7:09)
  4. Infinitesimal (5:38)
Review: Surprisingly, this is Steven Tang's first 12" in some two years, and marks his first appearance on Emphasis Recordings (an imprint he founded way back in 1998) since 2011. Happily, it was worth the wait, because Infintesimal is amongst the Chicagoan's best worth to date. Heavily influenced by vintage Detroit techno, its' four tracks take in rolling creepiness ("Approaching Theory"), shimmering blends of Larry Heard style deep house and Motor City futurism ("Escaping Thoughts"), deep and spacey dancefloor bliss ("Verged (Obsolete Mix)"), and retro-futurist techno sweatiness (the undulating chords and hissing cymbals of title track "Infintesimal"). In other words, it's a fine EP packed full of floor-friendly gems.
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out of stock $12.03
Cat: EMP 014. Rel: 28 Nov 14
  1. Enlightenment
  2. What Do You Recon
  3. Had To Walk Away Girl
  4. Specific Epithet
out of stock $9.93
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Emphasis US
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