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Egyptian Empire US

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1984 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DMSR 1984. Rel: 19 Feb 16
  1. Into The Future (6:26)
  2. Killin' It (4:12)
  3. Seduced (4:13)
  4. Belly Dance (4:37)
  5. She's So Freaky (4:47)
  6. Dance 2 My Beat (6:11)
  7. Popper's Anthem (5:02)
  8. Got To Get It (3:46)
  9. PELF (6:59)
  10. Freaky Deaky Machine (5:23)
  11. Zombies (3:31)
  12. Perfection (4:05)
Review: We knew that Egyptian Lover had had a revival of sorts over the last five or so years, but we really weren't expecting an album of new material from the man, and as soon as this dropped onto our laps, we just had to throw it onto the HQ turntable. More than thirty years might have passed, but Greg Broussard is still doing what he does best, that is to release gnarly, off-the-chain electro with a Far-Eastern edge. Featuring twelve tracks of instant dance delight, the Lover develops his '80s sound further by stripping the grooves back further, and letting the beats do the majority of the talking. There are, of course, the inevitable bursts of vocoder voices, but unlike other artists, Broussard manages to make them sound fresh and compelling, utterly fun and cutting-edge. Highly recommended!
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I Need A Freak (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DMSR 841. Rel: 30 Aug 17
  1. I Need A Freak (4:53)
  2. My House (On The Nile) (long version) (10:27)
Review: Anyone who has seen one of Egyptian Lover's riotous live shows will confirm the role that classic cut "I Need a Freak" plays in proceedings. During performances, he attempts to get female members of the audience going by altering the lyrics to suit the occasion - a tactic that usually gets a rapturous response. Despite being recorded in the '80s (and eventually released in 1994), the track has lost none of its energy or appeal; it should be in the collection of any genuine electro enthusiast. There's another treat on the flip in the shape of the rarely seen extended version of 1984 cut "My House (On The Nile)", which is every bit as essential as the A.
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Cat: DMSR 00844. Rel: 12 Jan 19
  1. Future Beats (3:49)
  2. Mother Of All Beats (4:36)
  3. This Beat Electro (3:55)
  4. After Party (2:01)
  5. Egyptian Lover Live On The 808 (15:09)
Review: Already a Classic.
808 Beats Vol.1

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1985 (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: DMSR 19861. Rel: 22 Nov 18
  1. To 1985 (4:56)
  2. International Freak (5:06)
  3. Everything She Wants (4:34)
  4. -3 (7:03)
  5. Beyond The Galaxy (4:34)
  6. Tryin To Tell Ya (3:35)
  7. The World Keeps Turning (5:11)
  8. Future Tech (4:57)
  9. Freakin On Friday (4:53)
  10. 5 Cent Camel Ride (1:34)
  11. Electrohiphopfunkoldschoolpartyjam (4:18)
  12. Problems Of The World (5:17)
  13. Come On (4:28)
Review: new album from the west coast godfather of electro.
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The Lover (12")
Cat: DMSR 771. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Lover (long version)
  2. X-tra Beats
  3. The Lover (radio edit)
  4. I Want To Make Love
  5. I Want To Make Love (bonus beats)
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Party (12")
Cat: DMSR 2221. Rel: 12 Feb 05
  1. Party
  2. Party (bonus beats)
  3. Dance Floor
 in stock $11.28
Cat: DMSR 331. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Bounce That Booty (vocal)
  2. Bounce That Booty (instrumental)
  3. Gotta Have Ya
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Cat: DMSR 1987. Rel: 20 May 19
  1. Beyond The Galaxy (feat DJ Qbert) (7:25)
  2. Beyond The Beat (Scratch Tool) (3:26)
  3. 5 Cent Camel Ride (long version) (8:30)
Review: Sex-obsessed electro legend The Egyptian Lover rarely makes a duff record, serving up spacey and intergalactic cuts that tiptoe the fine line between dancefloor sensuality and all-out sleaziness. On his latest record he's joined forces with turntablist hero Q-Bert, who adds tight, on-point cuts and scratches to the Los Angeles' producer's punchy beats and starry-eyed synths on A-side club cut "Beyond The Galaxy". Fittingly, the A-side also boasts a "Scratch Tool" version - an early '80s style stripped-back beat track over which you can add your own crabs, flares and baby scratches. Turn to the flipside for the previously unheard extended version of "5 Cent Camel Ride", a squelchy, acid-flecked electro slammer smothered in snake charmer solos and bleeping electronics.
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  1. Sexy Style (Greatest Hits dub mix)
  2. My House On The Nile (Greatest Hits mix)
  3. Freak A Holic (12" dub mix)
  4. You're So Fine (Greatest Hits edit)
  5. Egypt Egypt (12" original mix)
  6. The Alezby Inn (Remodeled vocal version)
  7. The Lover (12" long mix)
  8. Girls (dub mix)
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Cat: DMSR 223LP. Rel: 23 Feb 06
  1. Party
  2. Dance Floor
  3. Keep It Hot
  4. Soiree At The Shindig
  5. Sintropolis
  6. Dance Erotic
  7. Throw It Back
  8. Picturesque
  9. Move Your Body
  10. The 808
  11. Do Your Thang
  12. Ooo Baby Dance
Review: Guess who's back to drop the original flavour of his west coast electro styles. 'Platinum Pyramids' will entice the ears of new & old fans of Egyptian Lover. It's been over 10 years since this great has dropped a full length record.
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Egyptian Empire US
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