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Duro Mexico

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THXTASY (Paulor, DYOR, the Chica mixes)
Cat: DURO 018.
  2. THXTASY (Paulor remix)
  3. THXTASY (DYOR remix)
  4. THXTASY (The Chica remix)
Review: "Mijo aka Alec Sander is a legend and you must know this by now. The Mexican born, Japanese raised and taco lover producer makes his solo EP debut with Duro. 'THXTASY' is one of those many forgotten gems you can find inside Alec's dusty laptop hard drive, charged with plenty of rawness and humor; two of the main Mijo ingredients.

The single is splendidly accompanied: on the A-side we have the upcoming rising superstar Paulor (whose career is currently being endorsed by Rebolledo and Pachanga Boys) with a strong, guitar driven mix. B-side goes more eclectic: D.Y.O.R. aka Dig Your Own Rave, from Spain, delivers an epic madchester style acid odyssey, while The Chica, from Argentina, delivers an edgier punk house mix. Enjoy!

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Erotic Polymorphic Experience
  1. Erotic Polymorphic Experience (original mix)
  2. Erotic Polymorphic Experience (Jamie Paton mix)
  3. Erotic Polymorphic Experience (Cabizbajo mix)
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Cat: DURO 017. Rel: 10 Sep 18
  1. Inertials (original mix) (5:15)
  2. Inertials (Inigo Vontier mix) (6:44)
  3. Inertials (Jamie Paton mix) (6:57)
Review: As well as manning his own label Duro, Theus Mago can be found slinging out heat on Turbo, Kill The DJ and more recently Ombra. The Mexican producer returns to home turf for his latest transmission, serving up one original track with two killer remixes. "Inertials" is a rowdy beast in its original form, tapping up a breakbeat roll, dirty wave synth stabs and plenty more sonic debris for a cut that spans a whole lot of styles and makes them gel together seamlessly. Inigo Vontier takes the original and makes it into a bone-rattling drum track to batter the crowd into submission very late on in the dance. Jamie Paton takes a different approach on the B-side, weaving a little tenderness into the mix with some elegant synth lines that offset the raw bite of the drums beautifully.
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Duro Mexico
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