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Drumpoet Community Switzerland Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Drumpoet Community Switzerland
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LaSalle EP
Cat: DPC 0751. Rel: 19 Nov 20
Deep House
LaSalle (5:42)
Godin (6:46)
Boards Of Verdun (6:15)
LaSalle (Rhythm track) (4:10)
Isolation (4:50)
 in stock $10.90
Focus EP
Focus EP (12")
Cat: DPC 0891. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Minimal/Tech House
It's Alright (5:47)
Focus (5:24)
Gyal (4:06)
Don't Want (4:45)
Into The Chamber (6:39)
Will Fade (3:36)
Review: Tal Fussman's new EP 'Focus' is a dazzling experimental techno gem. Following up releases on the likes of Survival Tactics and Innervisions, Fussman this time crops up on Drumpoet Community's catalogue for a stylistically fragmentary, but still somehow unified, five-tracker. It's hard to put our fingers on the je ne sais qoui of this EP's charm, though one thing we can nod to is its overarching glassy feel, whether evoked by the brittle front cover or refractive synthwork throughout. The arc of the EP is dub techno-ish, then IDM and breaksy, and back again, reflecting a stylistic unpretentiousness despite the producer's clearly, unusually cogent talents.
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Played by: Evan Michael
 in stock $18.16
15 Years Drumpoet
15 Years Drumpoet (limited 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + bandana)
Cat: DPC 07613. Rel: 10 Oct 22
Deep House
Roman Flugel & Frank Wiedemann - "Karmadonut" (7:42)
Manuel Tur - "Bubble Wrap" (5:19)
Herbert - "Air" (7:16)
Lauer - "Dimmo" (6:04)
Kalabrese - "Last Drive" (with Lapcat - long version) (9:02)
All Is Well - "Sajkvfighosgo" (Lost Heroes Redux) (6:09)
Jimi Jules - "Too Young For Me" (feat Jaw - Ripperton Neptunians Marathon mix) (9:08)
Fred Everything - "Dreampoet" (5:58)
N4E - "Closure" (6:11)
John Daly - "Slide" (6:11)
CCO - "Molecular Cloud" (3:56)
Manuel Fischer - "Bingus" (3:35)
Nicola Kazimir - "RNB" (3:47)
Review: Swiss label Drumpoet has been one of those super reliable outlets that serves up good quality deep house. It has now been doing so for 15 years and marks the occasion with a bumper triple vinyl collection featuring 13 cuts from all the label's finest associates. There is brilliantly left-of-centre minimal from Roman Flugel and Frank Weidermann to kick off, then melody-rich deep house from Bubble Wrap, and an absolute classic from the one and only Herbert who supplies 'Air.' Plenty more lushness comes from the likes of Fred Everything and Ripperton to make this a fine collection.
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 in stock $58.12
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1
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