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Cat: LIN 078. Rel: 05 Jun 18
  1. Silent Notes (5:35)
  2. Fascination Sustain (4:30)
  3. Propagates Of Desire (feat Aaron Turner) (6:23)
  4. Actuality Repeats (4:38)
Review: Just when we thought that Samuel Kerridge had released his final EP for Regis' mythical Downwards imprint, here he is once again with a fresh batch of hyper-real techno infusions for the post-post-modern ear. The I Is Nothing comes as a breath of fresh air in a moment where regular 4/4 techno has reached considerable sterility and, instead, Kerridge's sonic constructions are constantly surprising in different ways. "Silent Notes" blasts out sporadic kicks alongside angelic background drones in a ying/yang sort of scenario, while "Fascination Sustain" opts for a more reductive, more dubwise concoction of industrial flavours in what is a stunning piece of lo-fi craftsmanship. On the flip, Aaron Turner's evocative vocals give the already chilling ambience of "Propagates Of Desire" yet more tenebrous charm, and "Actuality Repeats" meanders its rolling bass and drums over a sleek and shape-shifting collection of industrial mechanics. Sick.
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Auferstehung (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DN 064. Rel: 15 Dec 14
  1. Vorwort: Umiha Sien
  2. Kapitel Eins: Edunien Edreue
  3. Erstes Buch: Desterieh l'Remm
  4. Zweites Buch: Var Genstien
  5. Drittes Buch: Graevann Grewen
  6. Kapitel Zwei: Brachem Dest
  7. Viertes Buch: Mortre Wrid
  8. Fuenftes Buch: Dreloi Wechd
  9. Kapitel Drei: Rechs Zegon
  10. Sechstes Buch: Rehmin Sicht
  11. Siebtes Buch: Drestan Sened
Review: Brandishing a dark sound that draws from electronics and string based instruments and adds a touch of the crepuscular to finish, the Lupine fancying OAKE have become a most suitable act for the current iteration of Karl O'Connor's Downwards label. First emerging on DNS early last year with the Offenbarung EP, the Berlin duo have subsequently committed another EP of claustrophobic electronics to the label as well as contributing to the rather fine Halha compilation. One of the final Downwards acts of 2014 is to issue Auferstehung, an 11 track debut album from OAKE which offers the pair more of a canvas to work with. With a title that translates as "resurrection" and a rather opaque theme that apparently "marks an end and a beginning at the same time," there is plenty that is open to interpretation about Auferstehung, and the album is largely free of any techno aspirations. Instead OAKE elect to coax you deeper into their web of sonic paranoia, which at times is a joyously crushing experience.
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Cat: DNLP 12. Rel: 29 May 18
Post Rock/Experimental
  1. No Fish (5:45)
  2. Deep Fix (2:53)
  3. Dead Riot (4:46)
  4. Keep Your Boot On (3:39)
  5. Pour It On Me (3:03)
  6. Digital Crutch (5:45)
  7. From The Hallway To The Door (3:44)
  8. Skipped & Completed (1:26)
  9. Have I Gone Too Far? (1:39)
  10. Pleasure Bites (4:06)
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Dial B For Beauty (limited blue vinyl 12")
Cat: DNAM 001. Rel: 03 Oct 14
  1. Call 1
  2. Call 2
  3. Call 3
  4. Call 4
Review: Dominic Fernow dons his Prurient hat for this split release with Karl O'Connor as Ugandan Methods. As you might expect, it's not for the light-hearted; "Call 1" features the Downwards boss' dense, grainy broken beats mixed with Fernow's wounded screeches amid bursts of white noise. "Call 2" is built on a similar approach, but this time the churning noise and dense drums are interspersed with dramatic, dark synths that spiral and twist. The third "Call" provides a surprise, heading back to the loopy techno of early Downwards, but it's only a temporary deviation and the fourth and final "Call" sees the duo deliver a drum-led, droning rhythm.
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From Here
From Here (12")
Cat: LINO 80. Rel: 02 Nov 18
e-mail me when released
coming soon $TBA
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